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Not what it's cracked up to be!


Apr 17, 2006 by esidus

I have had many pda devices and this by far is the most sub par phone to date. It boasts some heavy hitting features like GPS navigation (the program costs 130 dollars not to mention the maps), EDGE network speeds (still as slow as the GPRS) and that it is the PDA of all PDA's. Well, I have had this phone for two months and here recently the phone shuts off for no reason. It simply powers off and remains off until you power it back on and it resets itself. The audio quality is sub par as well. To actually hear you need to use the Bluetooth headset. The only good thing about this phone is the camera and the extra expansion slots. Other than that stick with your own phone of choice and hopefully it isn't this one. I am so disappointed that I am going to take my back and get something that actually works.

Is all That


Jan 6, 2006 by Pastorumc

OK, I have read all 15 reviews (as of this posting). I do disagree with some of them, but hey, to each his own.

If you are reading this then you have read the others which means you probably already read the other reviews. Below are my reviews. Again, to each his own.

I have owned a Palmone Treo, I loved it, but it had bugs. "That's me." I do now own a Siemens SX-66, I like the different apps alloted for windows mobile devices. I bought the Blackberry 8700c kept it for 2 days and took it back. I got the HP Ipaq 6515a for it's camera feature. I can switch between this and the Siemens if I choose. The Siemens did lock up on me occasionally, but it's battery life was pretty good for a PDA. I would charge it and it would stay that way for at least 3 days (great for a PDA).

Camera- 1.3 mega pixel, it is very nice, though I have not figured out how to change the way the design is, or even how to flip the on screen camera, so I do not have to turn the phone sideways.

Carry case- Love it, wish the Siemens or Palm could have had one like this.

Screen flip cover- who ever said this guy should be fired is wrong, he needs a raise.

Two memory slots- great since phone does not have much memory, SD and Mini SD.

Cradle- excellent design.

Volume- Great sound.

Speaker phone- is excellent, louder than the Siemens SX66.

Ring tones- better than the Siemens SX66, www.ringingphone.com has some great tones for the PDA.

Windows Media Player- It plays louder than the Siemens as well.

Keypad- keys are a bit small, but I do like them separated, almost has the same feel as a Blackberry.

Voice Command (purchased)- A must, Push a button and tell it what you want. Open contacts - click, contacts opened. Dial Mom at home, PDA asks "dial mom at home, right?" yes!...starts dialing.

Battery- separate from cover, Siemens battery cover is also the battery.

Size- Hey, it's a PDA give it a rest.

Memory- not enough.

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Better Overall Than Treo 650


Dec 20, 2005 by tmac74

I had the Treo 650 for almost a year with Sprint, and then switched to Cingular. I got the HW6515 and couldn't be happier. Although it isn't perfect, it is much more useful than my Treo. I like the form factor of the Treo a bit better, but there are so many things that make up for it in the HW6515.

1.Almost never locks up or resets
2.Get Microsoft Voice Command! It works almost perfectly and makes this phone soo much better.
3.Much more functional and polished than Treo 650.
4.SD and miniSD slots
5 Bluetooth works much better than Treo 650.

1.Needs more memory
2.I wish it was a bit narrower

Excellent phone


Dec 3, 2005 by saa001

Excellent phone. Had a chance over the holidays to put it to its fullest test.

Excellent reception
Above excellent for handling email and web surfing
Keypad is great
Screen easy to see and use
Loved the GPS (even though I had to buy software to use it)

Earpieces volume can sometimes be low (repositioning phone solved majority of problems).

Love the phone. I was on vacation and they only had dial up for INTERNET so I used my phone daily for email and INTERNET. A real life saver.

To top it off, the cheap flights that I took did not have any movies or music. I had bought some movies online that I was able to put on my unit and played them with the windows media player. Kept me sane for the 3 1/2 flights (so I would not have to talk to the person next to me, also got to see a couple of movies I have been wanting to see).

I am very happy with my 6515 as a phone/PDA/pocketpc. If the newer version of operating system is a LOT better, I will upgrade, otherwise I will wait a year or so but I will definitely get another unit like this one.

Very good phone overall


Nov 24, 2005 by fortuitious

I was a Smartphone user (MPX200 & MPX220) before I bought this PDA. What a difference. It goes without saying that the Pocket PC 2003 interface is far superior then that of the Smartphone interface. Touch screen functionality rules.

Pertaining to the unit as a phone- it does not drop calls. Ever. Reception was excellent for me (Los Angeles area.) The ear speaker could be a little louder, but with a good headset this is a non-issue. The keyboard is too small for practical use…I find myself using the on-screen menus instead. Which brings up two shortcomings with this phone – a sliding keyboard would be advantageous so not to hit the keys on the keyboard inadvertently. And the flip-cover can be a royal pain. The cover is easily removed, but I choose to leave it on to protect the screen (and curse myself whenever I have to flip it open to use the touch-screen.) Another gripe is that I am a lefty. While using the stylus my hand covers the screen while scrolling through the menus. Why can’t MS add a feature that allows the user to move the scroll bars to the left side of the screen?

As a PDA – well, if you don’t already know the power and features behind a MS-based PDA, then you shouldn’t be reading this review. All in all – this is a great phone/PDA.

Excellent phone reception
Easy menu navigation with touch screen
Slim design (though bigger platform to hold to ear)

External keyboard
Battery requires daily charging

Good Results!


Nov 9, 2005 by mmyers9079

I have now had the phone 2 days. As the CIO of our company I try many phones for our company. This phone is the best Windows PDA phone I have used to date.

- Great Coverage
- Quick Data Responsiveness
- Good Size / Weight / Form factor
- Battery life good thus far
- Stable (No lock ups or slow response yet)
- Navigation is solid
- Bluetooth works great with my Acura TL

- GPS is likely overkill (adds cost)
- Missing 802.11
- Screen protector is clumsy

Overall - I am impressed with the unit and will likely adopt it.

The Best Phone I ever Had


Oct 29, 2005 by sameoldirty4

This phone is by far the best phone i ever had. i never drop calls and the internet on this phone is just amazing. i love it and i recommend that anyone who is should get this phone it has an awesome feat. touch screen. its like a palm pilot, phone, camera, and a home computer all in a tiny piece of plastic it is well worth the money.

Ipaq HW6515


May 28, 2006 by ashman

I had a Treo 600 in the past as well as a SE P800, so I am not new to PDA style phones. I had been using a blackberry 7290 which did its job well, but if your company is not using a BB enterprise server, you are only using a very small percentage of what your BB is capable of. I wanted to fully sync with our exchange server, and be able to open all attachments, and more. This Ipaq does it all for me and then some. Sure the battery life is brutal, but thats nothing new in the world of cell phones, get an extended battery or a car charger, deal with it. You have to learn to live with the idiosyncrasies because every device has them, nothing is perfect. I have read about the replacement for this model and frankly the built in wi fi, faster processor and WM 5 don't mean a lot to me. I would rather use WM 2003 SE which is stable rather then WM5 which is still relatively new and requires more horsepower to run. Do your research if you want a PDA phone, there are lot of them out there, and you have to know your needs first before finding the device thats right for you. For me, this has all I need. I am still getting used to it, but with Microsoft voice command you can voice dial contacts, blue tooth works like a charm and active sync makes this more valuable then my blackberry was.




Mar 22, 2006 by b_young86

It is a great PDA with phone capabilities. I was tossing between this one and the 8125, and i chose this one because of it's bigger screen, and GPS ability. Bluetooth works pretty good. My mpx220 had a better connection time, but this one has the A2DP feature that allows you to use stereo bluetooth headphones to listen to music. Battery life is awesome, and EDGE is great. I also love the fact that is has BOTH mini and regular SD slots in it. OVerall a great phone.

This is my opinion!


Jan 25, 2006 by Pastor_UMC

Here is what I think, this is me, no one else; I only hope I can help others.

I like this phone!

I have had it now for 20 days, enough time to leave a review.

If something should happen still have 11 days to return it, but I have not seen any glitches just yet.

I have had many others:

Nokia 6620, Nokia 6102, Nokia Rokr E1, Nokia 6800, Nokia 6820; Palm Treo 650; Siemens SX-66; Blackberry 7290, Blackberry 7100, Blackberry 8700c, Moto Razr, Moto v551, Moto v-120, Moto 720.


Carry case- Love it, feels really sturdy, snaps right in, and pulls right out, loop on bottom side allows belt clip to snap to belt and hold for security.

Screen flip cover- best thing since... cell phones. It really helps protect the screen, it keeps a lot of smudges off the screen, do not have to open it to talk on the phone, can just use the keypad to operate phone.

(thought I was gonna say sliced bread huh!)

Two memory slots- SD and Mini SD.

Cradle- Design, like the flat back design.

Volume- Great sound.

Speaker phone- is good.

Ring tones (I love this)- I can play my WMV songs as ring tones. Just like MP3 ring-tones...WOW!

Windows Media Player- It plays great and loud

Keypad- The same feel as a Blackberry. I Like the toggle switch in the center. Keys are evenly separated small, but enough room to type.

Voice Command (purchased)- A must, like Star Trek, talk to it and it talks back.

Battery- Good length for a PDA

Reception- Great, even indoors (metal building) where I normally would not have had service (Cingular, Mississippi).


Camera 1.3mp- Horrible, it takes good pictures sometimes, but for the most part...IT STINKS

Screen size- could have been a little bigger.

I would have given it a 5, but I bought it for the camera, and the camera stinks; I still like it though.

There are many great things that I am still finding and get happier every time I find something new.

Any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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