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Great phone to break in half and throw into a large body of water


Jul 30, 2008 by TheWolfman

I've had this phone for a year, Ever since I had my old phone mysteriously stop working (also a nokia rogers combo), and It seems like Rogers, Nokia, and Satan came together to think of the worst replacement phone possible

It's ugly.

Has the worst sound quality I've ever seen, or rather heard on a phone. I often have a friend ask if they can make a quick phone call, only to have them hand the phone back a second later and say "I can't hear anything, your phone's broken"
After which I always reply, "yes it is"
when in reality it was always like that.
I know what your thinking, turn up the volume. Well I can't Because satan made it so that there's no function to turn up volume.

There's no camera.

The phone comes with almost no preloaded ring tone's which made me the butt of many joke's when my phone started playing classics such as desk phone,nokia tune, jink, and coconut.

No record function

pretty poor battery life

Bad service

The phone's a joke

I haven't developed cancer from using it.. yet

In closing, avoid buying this at all cost, If rogers phones you and attempts to convince you to buy this, look them square in the phone, and say firmly "NO" and make sure it doesn't sound like yes. Roger's always thinks your saying yes

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Terrible Phone


Jul 19, 2008 by JillS

I got this phone last September (2007) because I just wanted a basic phone to have in case of emergency. The phone hasn't worked from the very beginning.

About 2 weeks after I got it, it suddenly went dead. I was told to take out the battery, put it back and it should work. OK that worked...about a month later, same thing.

In December it went dead and stayed dead! Took it back to the carrier who sent it in for repair. Got it back the middle of January.

It worked till around March (with messing with the battery every few days). Back for repair. Got it back sometime in April and with the same battery futzing, it worked till the end of May.

Sent back for repair AGAIN and got back the 1st week in July. Today, July 19, it's dead again!

I've contacted Nokia and was basically told "too bad." They won't replace a defective phone for any reason and if I want it repaired faster, then I can sent it...AT MY EXPENSE BOTH DIRECTIONS...and they'll put a rush on it. That still will take 10-14 days.

I will NEVER buy another Nokia!

Oh, yeah...the keypad doesn't always work, either. I thought at first it was me because it was my first cell phone. However, friends and family who have used phones for years have the same difficulty getting the keys to work.

I'm assuming it's just a bad phone, but what irritates me the most is that Nokia refuses to replace it! If I bought a defective product from practically anyplace else, after several repair attempts, it would be replaced, but "that's not our policy!"

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The Perfect Simple Phone!


Apr 28, 2008 by gridloke11

I needed a basic phone without the useless camera\mp3 battery guzzling accessories.

I bought this phone in Dec2006 and purchased an original Nokia leather case, and to this day the phone remains at my side, sturdy, reliable, loud and brand spanking new!

People have complained about the poor speaker output levels, I have not run into any problems attesting to this.

Users have also complained of a flimsy build, I'm not sure what kind of harsh wear and tear they put the phone through...however its had two light falls out of my hand and still works like I bought it yesterday.

Just like any electronic device, regular maintenance is required to keep the unit functioning in tip top condition.

Also, the network signal is top notch on this phone. I work in a basement level area, and my colleagues' phones have little or no signal on their new phones (ie. Moto Razr, Samsungs), my little 6061 on the other hand always sits at full signal every time.

After allot of research I recently purchased a rare data cable for this phone, although there is no reference to this through Nokia.
The cable allowed me to customize the phone through methods that the phone's menu does not allow. For people looking for this cable (Mybat NK-6030), use "Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia". Its the only software out there that detects the phone properly.

If you are looking for a simple, sleek yet reliable phone, this Nokia 6061 is definitely for you.

4/5 Stars from me due to listed cons.

Sleek keypad and back light
Battery Life is top notch! (1 charge lasts 2 weeks! Talk time is 8-10 calls, 4 TXT mssgs a week)
Reception is 10/10!(Toronto Fido)
Wickedly loud speaker
Friendly interface

Slow interface (the newer 6061 releases have a faster interface)
Wonky interface\graphics from time to time (happens rarely when calls go out with low signal quality)
Needs more shortcut menu\keys
Customizable interface (only through via after market data cable)
Hard to find accessories

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My 6061 served me well for many years


Mar 11, 2008 by Outpatient

In spite of what some others may say, the 6061 is a great little phone. It's got some quirks but they are not really a big deal. As a basic phone this device does the job well.

It's small, stylish, and to my surprise quite rugged. I work in construction and this phone has survived many years in an enviornment of dust, dirt, metal shavings, and fairly heavy physical abuse. I can't count the number of times this thing has fallen and bounced off the concrete. Once even from the top of an 8 foot ladder! This phone even has been submerged in water and survived. Well, it did die after getting wet, but I resurrected it. I had to take it all apart and allow for the components to completely dry for a day or so. But when I reassembled it, totally to my shock, it fired right up and still works to this day.

- Rugged,
- Good battery life,
- Stylish,
- Good keypad,
- Small/comfortable in pocket,
- Allows use of custom graphics and mp3 ringtones
- No outside buttons to get accidentally pushed (this is a pro and a con)
- Did I mention it's rugged?

- No way to connect it to a computer except for a very specialized and hard to find cable (custom graphics/mp3s need to be sent to the phone via multimedia messages),
- No screen on outside of phone,
- The screen's backlight turns off to quickly (kinda of annoying),
- It seems to have a slow processor. I have a few pinball games loaded on it but they play too slow to enjoy.
- No outside buttons to control volume or anything else (this is a pro and a con)

Currently this phone is way outdated and I'm sure no one will ever need this review, but for what it's worth I would recommend this phone to a friend, especially if it were 5 years ago. 8^)

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What a piece.....and the customer service...PFFT!!!


Feb 17, 2008 by Santina_01

So...I also got this phone for free. I was with Rogers for a long time....They sent me a letter in the mail saying "valued cusomer...blahblahblah...free phone...$20 free airtime....blahblahblah" So I jumped. They sent me TWO phones!! I was thrilled. My experience with it started mostly okay....little glitches cause I didn't know what I was doing with it. (my previous phone was SUPER ghetto) Then the $#!+ hit the fan. Dropped calls, it would freeze in the middle of doing stuff....I got MAD!! The other phone I got I gave to my BF. His was fine for a while too....then the red light would constantly flash...or just stay on.
I HATE THIS PHONE!!! And do you think Rogers would do a damn thing?? HA!

Its small.
Now that I don't have it, my dad has a new toy to fiddle with.

Breaks easily (hinge broke, and was hanging by wires by the time i got rid of it)
Poor volume...even when I did figure out how to turn it up.
Just a CRAP phone in general.

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Mighty fine!


May 13, 2007 by tszefr

Have to admit I almost didn't try one of these because the reviews/ratings here were not exactly stellar. My candidate user cannot hear worth beans anymore so I was really doubtful the 6061 would cut the mustard.

Should also mention that candidate user is over 60. She doesn't care for fancy; just wants a phone to work and she is fussy. She put up with a 5165 and suffered thru an Abominovox 8500. When we moved to GSM the question was what to hand her.

First I tried a 6590i. Buttons too small.
Got her a 6340i. Ok buttons big enough but it sure is big and old...
Then I tried a 3220. Could not get along with the 5-way key. Yeah it is touchy. Reminiscent of the 8500 but usable.

Finally we come to the 6061. Darned if she doesn't like it! Whoo-hoo! She can hear it and she can hear it ring. Blinken light on front too when a call comes it.

There we have it. I don't care for it but if this user can get along with it, the phone rocks.

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not my favorite


Feb 17, 2007 by lexi1234

i have had this phone now for over a year, it was kinda like my back up phone but i had gone thru 5 in a year so i decided not to pay much for this one.

nice sound [ring tone]
good long lasting battery

no camera
cases tend to break or not stay on [especially the back case]
when i open it the screen is white for the first few seconds
bad internet

overall i really didn't like this phone although it might be appropriate for a first phone. Its lasted over a year but at this point the back case wont stay on and therefore my battery tends to fall out.
Lately I've been experiencing it cutting off during my calls. I wouldn't exactly recommend it.

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Very Disappointed with this phone


Dec 18, 2006 by kad051102

In February 2006, my husband and I need phones, because our previous Nokias had been stolen. They were dinasours that needed upgrading. We decided to try the phone because it was free. We should have known better, than to get the free phones.

The phones started out great, we were able to get calls in places that normally had no signal. They are light weight and had a speaker phone that works well.

About two months ago, the phones no longer held a long charge. The most they hold is a few hours. Even without being used. They are constantly plugged into chargers. My husband's phone picks up other people's conversations than hangs up. Whenever I call my mom's cellphone I get horrible feedback. She has the same phone, and is having similar problems. The red light on mine blinks on and off, regardless if I have a missed call. The internet connection is very slow. The keys on my phone do no work all the time. For example, one day I was answering my phone and the answer key would not work. I miss having the ability to change the volume, without having to be on the phone. I can't change my background in system tools, it tells me the folder is empty. I have to go into my user profile to change it.

Overall we have been very disappointed with the phones and will not be purchasing another Nokia phone.

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Quite a bad phone


Dec 9, 2006 by ctate

This phone was not worth the $20 I paid for it.

It's very bad at the most basic operation of a phone: letting you talk to other people. The maximum volume setting is still too quite to hear the other person unless you're in a quiet room. It's inaudibly soft if you are riding in a car or bus, in a mall, walking down the street, etc. It also suffers from audio dropouts much more than other brands of phone. I have Cingular/AT&T service in the SF Bay area, and have used three or four different models of phone recently. This is the only model that suffers from the audio volume problem -- and yes, i *do* know how to turn up the in-call volume, and I did turn off automatic volume adjustment! The store thought it might be a bad handset, but I've tried three different 6061s and they are almost unusably quiet.

In addition, the settings user interface is fairly bad. It scatters related settings around randomly through the configuration screens, and makes some ringtones and backgrounds inaccessible through some access paths, but usable through others. Very frustrating.

I loved a much-older Nokia that i carried for years, but was forced to stop using it when the local carrier converted to a new generation of cell towers. I picked the 6061 out of brand loyalty, but have been sorely disappointed. I doubt I'll get another Nokia again any time soon.

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Great Teen Phone


Sep 1, 2006 by texas_guru

This little GSM entry-level flip phone is a great option for a person not looking for all the bells and whistles or someone on a budget. The design of the phone declares, "I am a phone, I will call someone and thats it." And thats extactly what many people want; if you want more, look elsewhere.

*GREAT Battery life;
*good reception;
*nice colourful internal display;
*easy to press keys;
*sleek design.

*No bells or whistles

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