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$550 worth of garbage.. :-(


Jul 13, 2006 by a99tandem

I had really high hopes for this phone, as I am an avid Nokia and SE fan. They both make stellar products. First off let me say that I am fortunate enough to not own this phone, but I am a T-Mobile employee and have been using this phone for about 2 weeks. Heres what I think:

- A+ Build quality.
- Great display even in sunlight.
- Wonderfully aesthetic design - catches peoples eyes.
- Menu response is FAST

- Keys are tiny and uncomforatable.
- New menu layout requires you to use both the shoulder keys and the middle button (Like all new Nokias) This layout just doesn't feel logical, they should have left menu navigation at 2 shoulder buttons. With select on the right and cancel on the left.
- 800*600 camera?!?!? This is a $550 phone, I'd settle for no less than 2MP. My SE w800 has a kick@** cam and that phone only cost me $250!
- 64MB fixed memory, for all your pics, music, etc. My w800i came with 32mb on board and a 512mb card for the Walkman mp3 player. Again- at less than half the price!
- Audio quality is the MOST important part of a phone, thats why you get a phone- to mke calls. This phone sounds AWFUL- like you're trapped in a tunnel, one that just happens to have great reception. Calls are hollow and echoed. Ring sounds are terrible tinny as well; the treble makes my ears want to bleed!

Just my 2 cents!

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All looks, no substance


Jul 10, 2006 by martini2k

I have been a Nokia fan for the last 10 years, mainly based on 2 aspects:
1. The best OS in the industry (simple and fast)
2. I already have many of their chargers, which i keep everywhere (cars, summer homes, kitchen)
Yet for the last 2-3 years it seems that they have just been lagging behind in most aspects. I waited 6 months to buy this phone, it was about $850 and i recently bought it for $600. The phone looks really cool...as far as I can see, that is the only positive thing (and Nokia's OS of course) I can say about it.
The Cons:
*Talking volume EXTREMELY low, so low that unless you are in a quiet room, you cannot talk to anybody. Forget calling someone from a restaurant or a car. And checking messages is even worse, for some reason the volume is even lower when you call voicemail.
*Battery life is just a joke, not even a full day after being fully charged. Should I continue?
*Texting is a disaster with this phone. The buttons are so tiny (and i like small phones) that you have to be very slow when punching them, specially the three lower buttons, those are almost impossible to hit with your finger, you need a pen or something.
*Phone is extremely heavy, forget putting it on your shirt's pocket or suit. Alas, the phone looks very fragile as well, so I would guess that when you drop it (which eventually WILL happen) the phone will probably crack.
*No other advantage over any other NOKIA besides it looks, I can't see why this phone is so expensive, it is more of the same with cool (not better) design.

I am puting this phone on Ebay for sale today, I gave it 2 weeks to get used to it, and it is not going to happen.

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Simply perfect


Jul 3, 2006 by jaysinferno

Nokia comes through again delivering a fantastic phone. The 8801 has just about everything you could want, with the exception of removable memory. Which with as easy as it is to connect it via bluetooth to the computer is of no consequence. The screen is beautiful and the battery suffers a little for it but the flipside of the coin from dead to a full charge takes only an hour and it comes with 2 batteries anyway. You can charge the extra battery via the desktop charger which is included. The ringtones that come on the phone though nokia spent a lot on them are a little quiet and since we live in the trendy world we do who cares you aren't going to use them anyway. The phone can play realtones that is what most people use anyway.

I had a samsung t809 i switched to that from my nokia 6600. The bluetooth on the samsung was terrible, where nokia has the best of any phone I have used. Nokia is also the only one that lets you use your ringers and hear them thru the bluetooth. motorola defaults to one ringtone and samsung plays really quite beeps. If your like me and use seperate ringers to breakdown your phone book this is a must to hear each ringtone even with the phone in your pocket.

It has been about 2 weeks since I got this phone and I plan on using it for quite awhile cause this phones hard to beat.

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High style.....even higher price


Jun 22, 2006 by bhicks247

I've been using this handset for a couple of weeks now, and I am very pleased with the overall performance of the handset. This phone takes me back to the days when I paid the same $500 price for the Nokia 8890. While it is lacking in the "cool features" department, it is one of the most well manufactured units I've ever used. I didn't buy this unit to be a "multi-tasker." I carry a wide selection of wireless toys, and the rest handle all of the other features I need. This phone is strictly for style, not substance. If you buy this phone to use it like you would a smartphone....dissapointment is assured.

- Size, style, and quality.

- Price, camera, lack of accessories.

The only issue I take with the handset is the camera. It isn't a major negative, but for this kind of money it should at least be in the 1.5+ mega-pixel range.

All said, I highly recommend this handset.

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SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 17, 2006 by peterk10

Just got this phone,and it's worth of every penny. It's very solid,and very sharp display,and takes great pics. This makes Razer look like a cheap piece of cheap plastic.

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just for looks...


Dec 12, 2005 by bighandsjohn

i am one of those fools that paid +800 for this phone...

-looks great
-heavy enough where you wont feel like you will drop it
-can store credit card information (i shop online a lot)
-ringer/vibrate mode are both pretty loud
-comes with 2 batteries

-nokia phones navigate awkwardly
-need to constantly wipe phone to get rid of fingerprints
-hard to hear people, even when volume is maximazed
-very hard buttoms (hurts the tip of my fingers when i text message)
-be careful when you close the phone so that you dont smash your fingers (hurts like hell)

i dont think this is a bad phone...just that its not worth the money. plus by the time the price goes down, the phone will probably be everywhere...which will make most of us want to get a different phone.

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Best of the 8800 Series


Dec 6, 2005 by viperltd

I have owned the first Nokia 8860 via ATT when it first came out, then moved on to Nokia 8890 and not the one i been waiting for Nokia 8801. This i have to say the best one of the 8800 series. If you have owned the 8800 like me YOU WILL be use to the small keys and all, th point of the phone is to be small and sleek. They did a great job on this phone. SO in conclusion if its your FIRST 8800 series phone, yea you need to get use to the keys, BUT if its your third one YOU WILL LOVE IT !!

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Super Solid Phone


Dec 4, 2005 by haile

Just received my phone yesterday. This phone is basically like the 6230 with better graphic and solid craftsmanship.

-solid steel frame
-awesome graphics

-Cheezy ring tones (I deleted all of them)
-keypad is too compact

Overall it is probably one of the best phones out in the market. Forget about the V3...it is not even worth comparing with 8801.

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Stainless Scrap


Dec 2, 2005 by deezmania

Lets be honest here since no one who left a review has been. I'll make this very simple with pros and cons.

-Fell of phone
-Loud Ringers

-Reception (Full Bars chopy voice quality)
-voice quality sucks always breaking up
-people complain i don't sound like myself
-battery is just horrible doesn't last a day without heavy usage.
-small buttons the 0 button is hard to get to

Just so you know i bought two phones one for myself and one i sent over seas to my dad. He complains about the same things i do. I live in NY and he is located in Moscow so i know there are lots of cell towers in both our locations.

Yes many of you who spent 700-1600 on this phone don't want to admit that you bought junk but this phone doesn't live up to the price tag stay away. If you still wanna buy you can find my phone on ebay i will be selling in the next few days.

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Great Phone


Nov 2, 2005 by millz88

Received the Nokia 8801 the last week of October from Ebay. Phone is excellent. Very sturdy feel and it definitely demands attention from onlookers. This phone is not as technologically advanced as many, but for my use it's fine. Bluetooth is included and a nice feature. Camera is much clearer than my previous Motorola v400. One thing worth pointing out is the battery life is longer than most of the websites are claiming. I personally don't use my phone non-stop all day long, but it definitely holds a charge for at least 2 full days with about an hour and a half of talk time per day. I would think that at the beginning, this phone is for people willing to spend the money to have a unique phone. You are not going to get anything, other than looks, that you can't get from competing phones.

Excellent looks
Built to last
Great reception with Cingular in Buffalo, NY
Perfect size
Screen is very clear and scratch resistant

Keypad is very small
Ringtones are all songs or chimes. no rings.

As I said previously, I had a Motorola before this phone, so it is taking some time to get adjusted to the Nokia menus. I don't find the menus to be as friendly as the Moto, but I think that will come with time.
If you have the $$$, it's worth checking out.

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