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Paving The Way


Sep 29, 2005 by AustinTylerDean

Software Version a970-YF24

RF gain gets a B+.
!Speakerphone as good as Moto.
3D games way cool.
!Verizon EVDO menu designers need to be fired, right now.
OS delay impedes fast button pressing.
Moving multimedia has no tag option for group transport.
Answer while closed needs to auto-enable speaker option.
Phone doesn't auto-format needed folders on SD.
Speed dial 1 cannot be changed. (voicemail only)
Schedule symbol always on if future event is scheduled.
Outside LCD could use more resolution/smaller writing while viewing texts.
Can't clear "missed call" or "new voicemail" screen on outside LCD while phone is closed.

2x optical zoom.
2MP camera.
!Camera options.
No limit video.
Very good flash.
Camera autostarts when screen is twisted.
!Shudder time same as an old 2MP camera from Samsung
Autofocus could use some work. B- rating.
Video garbles too easily.
Video zoom must be set before recording begins.
3GP aweful to work with compared to MPEG4.
!Taking pics/vids while phone closed would have MADE this phone, period.

!Text can be read on outside screen.
!Voice texting very nifty. (Driving!)
!No EMS viewing on outside LCD.
!Cannot send multi-text for 1 long text. Limits to 160 chars.
Texting process takes too many steps to setup.
"Word" text format doesn't learn at all. I have to "next" my girlfriend's name 4 times, EVERY time. (Cara)
No clear inbox/outbox setting for texts.

MP3 Player
MP3 player!
Buttons on outside!
Samsung supported 2.5->3.5mm jack (sold separately).
Hassle to make playlists. (windows explorer)
New Moto ROKR includes SD chip, stereo headset with mic.
Multi formats are supported (txt,pdf,excel)
Resolution/support for files could be better.

Ringtone Etc
Very loud if need be.
No ringing profiles to change while phone is closed (unlike Moto phones).
Can't make your own ringtones.



May 11, 2006 by paigeroo

This phone has got it ALL. Speakerphone, MP3 player, Expandable media card which allows you to record hours of movie footage and add hundreds of MP3s. The camera has an unheard of 2.0 megapixel resolution which delivers crystal clear images. The voice dialing, and voice text input features are really nice especially when you're driving and can't punch in the characters manually.

It's really difficult to say anything bad about this phone. If I absoultely had to nit pick on something I'd have to say that the photos will look distorted when you store them in your phone. You have to transfer them onto your computer using a media card to understand why the 2.0 megapixel resolution is THAT good. Also, the front display scratches a bit easily if you're not careful.

Other than that I'd give it a 10/10. Beautiful phone with beautiful features.

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Wonderful Phone


Feb 16, 2006 by heechy77

I got this phone last week and thus far, it's great. I was in the market for PDA phone for a long time and I was very very close to getting the new Treo 700w but I decided not to because I didn't think that for the price of the phone (i.e. ~$500), it was not reliable enough. So I decided to get a phone that worked well as a phone, of course, and a MP3 player and just reliable phone. This phone was that phone...

I guess one area that it fell short was the fact that it does not sync with my outlook. But that was not expected because it's a feature only in a PDA phones anyways. While getting this phone, I also changed my provider from T-mobile to Verizon. Simply because Verizon had better coverage area than T-mobile. So just to list out the good and the bad...

1) Good connection: Probably has to do with the provider but also the phone had very clear sound.
2) MP3 player: I highly recommend getting Trans Flash card to expand the memory of the phone.
3) Customizable: This phone lets you customize bunch things that I still haven't figured out. Things like ringer, pictures for each contact and stuff like that....
4) Long battery life
5) Camera/camcorder: It's 2 Mega pixel so it was nice...but little dark in-doors. The video is not too bad. I guess you can't expect the phone to have a image quality as a digital camera. It even has a flash but I'm not too sure if it effective enough.

1) Size: It's little on the bulky side.
2) Location of the camera lense: It's always exposed so there might be a chance that it could be damage from everyday use.
3) Price: $280

Overall Comment: The phone is excellent. If you are looking for a phone that has many little fun things, this is the phone for you. It's a little complicated but if you like that type of phone, I think you can't lose with this phone.

I will be giving more updates as I use this phone in the future.

Amazing phone!


Oct 10, 2005 by firephoenix

While I agree there are somethings that make operating this phone less than enjoyable the overall quality of this phone is awsome! The delay when switching between menus is irritating at times, but the signal this draws in and the sound quality of the phone, and the voice recognition software is great. This is the first Phone I have owned that I cannot find a reason to look for another phone. If you purchase this phone enjoy!

Media center phone


May 30, 2006 by mhgillum

My husband and I each just bought these phones from Verizon. Overall, we are completely impressed with this phone.

1. GREAT design. I like the swivel feature for the camera/camcorder.
2. Good screen size, that is very clear.
3. Controls on the front for music-play/pause, fast foward/skip foward, rewind/skip back, and stop.
4. Great selection of games
External memory
5. Only limit to recording time is memory space.
6. Camera takes GREAT pictures outdoors that are crisp , clear, and colorful

1. Not crazy about the speaker phone feature. You can hear EVERYTHING on each end, including the things others across the street are saying.
2. Camera doesn't take the greatest pictures inside; but it's a PHONE.
3. Camcorder is o.k. as long as you and the object do NOT move, otherwise, it is overly pixelated; then again...it is still a PHONE.
4. A lot of little things that were fixed when I read the manual.
5. No camera lens cover, but we got insurance to cover things like that.

When I read the manual, I realized if I held down the play key, I could access my mp3s. I realized if I pushed talk, I could access my recent calls. A lot of little, more convenient things can be discovered by simply reading your manual.

We wanted a phone we could see ourselves being happy with for 2 years. I think this is a great phone and a neat toy, that I don't think I'll get tired of for a VERY long time. I would absolutely recommend this phone.

Great, but not the best


Mar 23, 2006 by SamsungGuru11

I have had this phone for the better part of almost 3 months now. I love it, but a lot of features that are very stingy.

-Amazing camera, pics and video
-Mp3 is great
-Signal is always great
-speakerphone amazing
-Very easy to use

-Slow shutter
-No mp3 ringtones, must buy
-Rotating screen could be a problem
-MP3 squelches sometimes when playing on speakerphone
-have had instances where pics become corrupted, also videos.

Other than these things phone is great, but wish i got the V.

best phone I have owned...


Jun 3, 2007 by wyteboi

I have no complaints about this phone other than I wish I still had it. 2x optical zoom plus all of the other outstanding features make this my favorite phone to date. I currently use another Verizon exclusive Samsung with 3.2 megapixel camera. Still wish that I hadn't gave up my trusty SCH-970....
Cons: Only one con, though it seems and is rather durable, phone is not a beer opener and will malfunction after said use.

Great except for one teeny tiny problem


Oct 13, 2006 by Sandman

Had the phone for 3 months and took it in for an update. The teeny tiny problem I began to experience was that in reception, the 1st words were often cut off, at other times, mid sentence cuts were experienced necessitating having to have callers to repeat their sentence.
No drops at all.

Sooo, took it back to Verizon and they kindly replaced it with a new one saying this was the 1st a970 they'd had returned for THAT problem, after giving the new one the latest updates, etc.

By the end of two weeks, I took it back for the same reason. I waited that long because we had a run of bad overcast weather which interrupts transmissions in any cell.

However, when the weather cleared up, I expected better reception as driving 2 and from work I was on Interstate 40 in a "good" area, or on top of a parking garage at work with blue skies overhead.

Same problem.

Cannot compare other brands because this is the 1st Samsung I have had except for 10 yrs ago had a Moto 67 (or something like that). which was so tough that when I dropped it overboard in Percy Priest Lake in 30 feet of water and had to wait a month to save up for another cell, I'd call the drowned phone once in a while and it rang for a month right up to when I bought the new phone (an LG) and turned off the old service.
Back to LG's for the kid, (VX 8300) which I have never experienced bad reception in except for the usual dead zones or weak zones, or inside my building (which is wired for Sprint).

Other wise, the csamera was worth the money. Pics good, an improved and easier to use calculator. But if ya can't dechiper the caller, it just has to go back.

sucks phone


Oct 10, 2006 by jerry

i just got the phone today and i'm taking it back tomorrow will trade for a 930. i thought this phone will be perfect but it was not at all.
* earpiece volume is sucks
* mp3 won't play and the phone won't read the card
* tried to send about 10 picture messages and fail to download all the time
* over all text messages sucks on the phone
4 problems from the first day, what next i'm taking it back tomorrow

a good phone but pricy pictures fuzy


Dec 21, 2005 by blizzard22

got a samsung sch A940 as a update for verizon wireless i was looking at buying the lg 8100 or lg 9800 but then this came out vcast maybe OK for some but is annoying that it uses the monthly minutes plus the 15 a month gets costly using web or vcast during prime time burning up min's OK if your reading this heres the deal with this phone iv had it since it came out and I'm kind of a tech freak so

1)Bluetooth headset works great with the jabra bt200 do not have to keep re-syncing the headset
2) mp3 works good
3)voice number dial works good after trained
4)voice name dial works by just typing in name do not have to train every entry
5) 2x optical & 2mp camra
6)camcorder mode
7)90min record time w/512mb card
8)flash can be set to stay on during video mode
9)std batt ok w/phone use & larger Batt.is avl.
10)holds 100 songs w/ 512mb card
11)easy to add pictures to memory card and use or view on phone
12)Speaker phone
13)big address book
14)can use ringtone songs with words
15)sends photos fast

memory card does not fill up with just music saves room for video & pictures should give user choice how much room for each

1)mp3 works only with card & short song names may have to rename most songs
2)fuzzy picture at any setting better on lg vx8000
3)video & music can not always be transfered to computer email even using card directly in memory slot
4)Vcast & WEB 2.0 Use cell minutes
5)can not take pic with phone closed
6)no flip case or holder clip avl. for phone only pouch's making bluetooth headset a must
7)aftermarket sellers sell wrong chargers for it be careful
8)speaker cant be turned off w/closed
9)some names have to be spelled improper to use voice command to recognize them (karen to carin)
10)can only download ring tones cant use from memory card
11) 2mp pictures can not be seen on lower mp camera phones
12)still cannot send pictures to outside verizon mobile customers
13)COST high probably lower at Xmas

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