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Nokia 2115i / 2116i / Shorty


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Excellent phone one of the best for Metro


Jan 29, 2006 by dacarter107

I purchased this phone just today with Metro but I'm very familiar with it.This phone seems to be very popular among parents and kids just looking for a cheap affordable phone without all the gimmicks.First off this phone is a cheap 99 dollars which is great for first time phone buyers or someone who just wants a phone,the battery life is the best out of any metro phone new or old.Also the phone contains no color display but that conserves battery life as well,its small compact and has a flashlight to.This phone gets amazing reception.I was afraid it wouldn't because of my notorious trouble with Metro but i found out the LG phone i had doesn't get good repcetion.This phone is great has a excellent clear speaker which i thought would be kinda distorted because my previous Nokia 6015i didn't sound the best in the world but this sounds clear.If your looking for a cheap afforadbable phone with excellent battery(talk time almost 5 hours) and a phone without all the gimmicks this is the phone to choose.

Great Speaker
Battery Life is amazing
Compact Design
Easy to use Nokia Style Menus
Excellent reception even with Metro
Internal Antenna
No color display(Not a biggie saves battery life)
No Great gimmicks(Camera,etc for all you flashy phone buyers)
Phone is rather on the ugly side(But hey you can always buy Xpress Covers for your phone)

As you can see almost every con has a way to resolve or fix the problem because theres about nothing wrong with this phone.How can you go wrong with a cheap,affordable,get reception phone?

The best Nokia CDMA Phone for $30!!!!!!


May 9, 2006 by leny

For those who are not aware Virgin Mobile is using SPRINT'S CDMA 1900 network. This phone has an amazing quality comparing to all others CDMA Virgin or Sprint phones.

-The cheapest and the best !
(especially in sound quality)
-Great battery life(thanks to blk/wh screen!)
-Amazingly clear and loud speaker phone!
-Amazingly smooth and loud general sound!
-Great non-colorful screen
-Great quality loud ringers

Nokia has done it again. The simplicity, quality and style!

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Great Little Phone


Dec 21, 2005 by Bandu

I bought this phone as an emergency during a trip and I am glad I did. Forget colors, cameras, and all other fancy gadgets, you know what you are getting into when you buy this. The first thing I noticed was how visually pleasing this phone was. I turned on this phone and made calls in Big Spring, Tx. I had no problems making calls, after I made my calls, I decided to check out the features. For its limitations, it has some solid features like personalized ring tones, alarm, calender etc. The factory ringers are cool and the speaker on this phone sounds great. I must say this is the best sounding phone I have owned. I have had this phone for 2 months now and It still functions like new. The battery life on this phone is insane. I went two weeks with the phone powered on and I still had charge. Had I not already had another carrier, this would be my phone of choice. In a nutshell:

: Small, great sounding speaker, outstanding battery life, customizable features, great signal reception.

Cons: No colors or fancy gadgets

This phone is great!


Jun 18, 2005 by mutulu

I purchased this phone from Metro PCS and let me tell you something this phone is great. Sure it doesn't have a color display or camera but this phone is just as good! This phone will last for hours with crisp clear sound if you buy it from Metro PCS. It has good signal strength for both talking and surfing the mini-browser. I highly recommend this phone to people who like to conversate on the phone but who want something simpler.

Withstanding an 11 year old boy.


Apr 30, 2006 by ladyvirtue

Great little phone for him to use in emergencies and such.

Very basic phone, no flairs and that's just what you sometimes need. Was only $30. He gets great reception too.

It has held up to an 11 year old boy, so far....

2115i has the Bare-Bones Basics


Sep 7, 2005 by garnet_ignus

If you are looking for a so-called "cool" phone rich in features and goodies, then choose another one. The 2115i is simple phone that is good for non-techies and first-time users. This recent addition to the Nokia family uses CDMA and is available via Virgin Mobile. I bought it as a Father's Day gift for emergency use and occasional quick calls. I also chose it because my past experience with Nokia has been very positive.

The 2115i, "Shorty," is a phone with general Nokia features. Here are some of them:

Basics: phone book, vibrating alert, alarm clock, calculator, currency converter, voicemail.
Organization: calendar, notes, reminders, business card sending.
Personalization: Xpress-on color covers, polyphonic MIDI ring tones.
Voice: speakerphone, voice commands, voice dialing, voice memo recorder.
Mobile Messaging: text messaging (VM charges $.10 to send and free to receive), e-mail over SMS.
Virgin Xtras: download games, ringtones, and applications (for extra fees, of course)

Things that the Nokia website claims are on the phone, but I haven't found: picture messaging, color screen, to-do list

It's worth noting that people in the contact list can be either placed in a caller group, or have a tone set to their name. My current 3220 and previous 3100 Nokias don't have that custom tone feature.

I tested the 2115i all around the Hampton Roads area and found the reception to be good. Whenever my dad calls home to Va Beach from Newport News, the reception has always been clear.

If you have large hands, the 2115i may not be for you. The phone is small. And I have small hands; I did not have a problem with it when I dialed numbers during my test run. Thus far, my dad has not said anything in reference to its size. However, he is not particularly thrilled with the choice of tones, but that is because Virgin Mobile is aimed more at the adolescent demographic.

Ringtones aside, my dad is generally satified with his Nokia 2115i. So am I.



Apr 24, 2006 by andrewli121

This is the simplest phone ever and one of the best!! Anyone who doesn't have alot of money should buy it. It has great features like text messaging and clear sounds!!

You Decide......


Nov 2, 2005 by phonexaddict

I have had this phone for 2 weeks now, and i feel i can now write a review about it. First off i just want to say i live in the middle of no where iowa, so no matter what i get HORRIBLE service. So i really cant say how good the reception on this phone is, not as good as my last phone (LG VX 6100).

DISCLAIMER: I am 15 and im wrting the pros and cond according to what I feel, and how I feel this phone have preformed so far. :D

good menues
Its a Nokia
very cuztomizable
white keypad
very good looking phone
very cheap (virgin mobile)
can change faceplate(s)
very easy to see in bright sunlight
I have to say out of the 9 prevous phones i have owned this one by far has the best battery life out of all of them, after using it all day i still have a full battry meter!
flash light (bright)
user friendly
intrenal entana(will never go back to stubs!)

NON COLOR SCREEN! (not that big of a deal, ive leaned to adjust)
phone is a lil slow when scroling threw menues
txt msgin is a BITCH!
no txt shortcut :(
easy to get lost in sub menues
the end, menue, contancts, and scroll up/down buttons are all on one lil pad thing and that can get very annoying because if u are typing a txt msg and mess up the clear button is right above the end key, and i accidenty hit the end key ALOT and it goes back to the main screen!
Ok, now i must say i txt ALOT (bout 150 a day) and with this phone the tips of my fingers get sore, and that never happend with my LG, Kyocera, Audiovox or my SE.
not a very manly phone :(
i carry my phone in my pocket and sum times lint can get beinh the screen thingy, but its that big of deal cuz u can easly remove the face plate.

So thats about all i have to say about this phone, its a good phone for first time buyers, but if you use your phone ALOT i dont feel this is the phone for you. I downgraded ALOT from my LG to this, i only have this phone till December. (thank god!)

Nokia Shorty!


Oct 2, 2005 by AlwayzTrouble

There is absolutly nothing wrong with the Nokia Shorty! i LOVE IT!
If you have any questions feal free to email me at SlimShady9490@hotmail.com

the name is mainly for its small size


Mar 1, 2008 by virginmobilefan00

The Nokia Shorty from Virgin Mobile may I say is far more capable than what it looks. The monochrome screen may send you away but here is what is onboard:

(+) strong structure: this phone is meant to last ( like a lot of Nokias I have seen)
(+) EXCELLENT battery life
(+) Downloable Real Music ringers from Virgin Xtras
(+) FAST menu system
(+) flashlight, nice feature if you need to see a keyhole at night.
(+) basic, easy to use
(+) voice dialing and shortcuts
(+) small

(+) menus are a little bit of a hassle, which requires lots of scrolling
(+) keypad layout is a little awkward
(+) memory for ringtones is very limited
(+) dust-magnet, attracts lots of dust

** Despite the cons, I believe this is one of the best handsets Virgin Mobile has put out.

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