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Favorite phone of all time


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

This started me off getting online and doing the SMS texting, Mobile office everything I use to now for all my phones.

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Feb 24, 2007 by motoman12345

This Phone is pretty cool it has the cool screen neat LED backlit keypad and something about MEdia Net is better than the other phones for some reason but it is nothing to wet your pants about :S or to jump off a bridge for it is pretty big and bulky very thick the camera is pretty annoying (all you have to do is push the cover down and it opens the app.) and if you accidentally push the lens cover down it unlocks the phone (I think I have called 911 once or twice with it in my pocket) and also most of the apps. are only demos even the classic snake is a demo on this phone the phone itself is pretty good

Overall: decent phone wouldn't sped $200 for it though and BTW: make sure you don't accidentally wash it!!!

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Wonderful Phone


Jan 30, 2007 by claudiaisa5

One of the best phones out there. So wish I had acted sooner. They are still available from the nokia website for free w/contract on Cingular. Not one bad thing to say except a little large but you get used to it and a small price to pay for how great it is at everything else. Reception is beyond compare with ANY phone. I have had phones for 20 years, since the brick phone days and have never been so impressed with a phone. Get one now why you can.

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This phone is awesome


Jan 26, 2007 by may3rd77

I had this phone and I don't it in water - it fell out of my pocket - I could have just cried - well I did for a min. then I remember I had insurance - they would send me a new one - they didn't - I got a totally different phone - I have not been happy at all. now my phone service will not carry this phone any longer. NUTS!

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So far, the best I've ever owned


Jan 6, 2007 by Krane9

I've owned the 6682 for almost a year now and I must say that this is, by far the best mobile phone I've ever owned!

1) Very, very nice camera! The special lense makes the photo quality as nice as, in some cases, better than some popular digital cameras.

2) The flash works like a camera flash ought to

3) Overall sound quality is superior, i.e. mp3, ringer alerts and voice, which brings me to...

4) Signal strength: When none of my friends can get a signal on their phone, they use mine! 'nuff said.

5) Total web browsing is a breeze on this phone

6) Fully loaded with tons of usefull applications, especially for when it comes to imaging!

7) Multi-tasking bluetooth function has made me very spoiled.

8) Sturdy and durable; accidentally spilled liquid on it and still works like nothing happened

9) Although the look and feel of the plastic sliding camera lense cover worried me at first, over time, I've come to appreciate it's durability. Since there's no real camera button on the phone, simply slide the cover down; when you're done, slide it back up. It will stay put. Do buy a case to protect your device and it will take care of you.

10) Opens email attachments and supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files!

1) Had to buy reduced size memory cards and phone case online from a European company. At least now, the reduced-size memory cards are available inn the U.S. now.

2) Phone does freeze up and reboots itself, but not often enough to get my feathers ruffled

In conclusion, It's a great smartphone that can do as much as a PDA (I got rid of my Treo). If you go out somewhere and realize you forgot your camera, the 6682 is an excellent stand-in. The video capture and playback is also great. By now there are newer models out on the market, but the 6682 is still a strong contender. It is supported by Cingular, but they discontinued it (you'd have to purchase it through Nokia). Worth the investment.

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best nokia phone ever


Oct 26, 2005 by cellboy

Ive been using this phone for a couple of weeks and i think its great. battery life is pretty good. not quite what my smt5600 was but good enough. the user interface is great i enjoy the icon menu much uch more than the list menu that the MS smartphones have. i think that the rf is the best of any GSM phone ive used. i can actually get service at my house. I like the camera alot but is it just me or did my smt5600 take better pics? the form factor takes some getting used to. i liked how the 6620 felt in my hands but this doesnt have the rounded edges so it takes a little getting used to.

overall i dont really have any cons on this phone except the form factor but thats small compared to other things. i think this is well worth the money and would say to anyone that has the means to check it out.

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Awesome phone


Oct 20, 2005 by Icyhot

As stated by many, this is the best phone currently available on the U. S. market. It's the closest thing to perfection that I have yet to own (especially with my 32k sim card). Read my posts on the forum and you will know that I truly love this phone.

Quickly -

Pros: greatest RF I have ever found on a phone.

Superb Camera for a cellphone.

Superb audio.

Numerous 3rd party apps.

Cons: Absolutely positively NONE

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6681 photos better than on n90 (check for yourself)


Sep 14, 2005 by mike78nycc

Nokia 6681/6682 is simply brilliant as a phone, as well as a camera. To my surprise the photos taken by 6681 (1.3 mp ) are much sharper and more color-truthful than the photos taken by Nokia n90 (so-called Carl Zeiss, hmmmm, without vibration bytheway!).

I don't know what is the matter up here?
Maybe there is a fake Carl in n90? Or maybe Carl and Nokia don't get alone?

COMPARE THE PHOTOS taken by both phone:
1) http://www.gsmarena.com/review.php3?idReview=38&idPage=4
(photos taken by 6681-
simply brilliant , truly 1.3 mp !)

2) http://www.gsmarena.com/review.php3?idReview=45&idPage=3
(here the photos of the same places but only taken by Carl from n90, and ewwww, what a horrible color , and photos not sharp at all)

Nokia 6681/6682
-Excellent screen
-Good sound quality
-Excellent 1.3 mp CMOS camera

-key pad buttons are too close to each other
(ones again: we need a phone of a normal size!)
-Volume on the ear piece is not loud
(again: here is your small phone! for you kids)

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Love this phone!


Jun 26, 2006 by twoclones

It sure hurt to order a phone for $250 [minus $50 mail in rebate] AND a 2 year contract but Cingular cannot have this one back if they double my money! I love this phone!

I have poor hearing and live in a rural area. The Nokia 6102i was useless for me in this area... The 6682 is easy for me to hear with and has great signal strength. The sound over the external speaker and the screen resolution both are impressive too.

Nokia PC Suite was great for transferring all of my contacts from Outlook but terribly slow for mp3 files. In spite of that, I have ordered a 1GB memory card to get the most from this phone.

Cons: I don't care for the included headset, because of the abides, but the jack is proprietary so I'm stuck with it. It occasionally says it's out of memory when it has plenty but recovers in a couple of seconds.

Part with the money and you'll not regret it.

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Excellent Phone


Apr 30, 2006 by diesel828

I haven't owned this phone for very long and it's my first smart phone. My other phone is a RAZR (which is a half-way decent phone).


-Great reception and call quality

-Predictive text input is a snap

-Nice camera (1.3 mp w/flash)

-Not too bulky

-Excellent organizational tool

-Can sync w/computer

-Plays music


-The battery life could be better

-Proprietary headset

-It will freeze (rarely) when running too many programs

I can't think of too many cons right now. If you use phones primarily for calling and sending texts, this phone is great for that. For data and internet use, it's also a good phone. And if you use a lot of organizational tools for business or just everyday errands, this phone handles it with ease.

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