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Panasonic Versio EB-TX320


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It's a phone...not a personal entertainer.


Oct 31, 2003 by Customeyezd

For all of you out there (several who reviewed this phone) who want a "cool" phone to entertain you with games and graphics and cutesy little ring tones that nobody will ever pay attention to...THIS PHONE IS NOT FOR YOU.

For anybody who wants a PHONE for the use of a PHONE, as in making and receiving calls without dropping 50 times and finally having to give up on the conversation and just text message the person...THIS PHONE IS FOR YOU.

I've owned 3 Versios for over 2 years. Two years without dropped calls, bad signals or mechanical problems. These phones ARE basic. They ARE simple. But most of all they are RELIABLE. I've had my share of Nokias, Ericssons, Sanyos and Motorolas and of all those phones, the Versio was the only phone that was able to withstand the beating I put it through and still keep ticking.

Bottom line, if you're looking for cute little faceplates, neat little graphics, cutesy ring tones...go buy a Nokia and waste money to your hearts content. If you're looking for a phone that won't fail you when you're on the side of the road with a flat tire, no spare and it's 20 degrees outside with 45 mile an hour winds and 2 miles to the nearest truck stop...this phone (or any other Panasonic phone) is it.

Versio is not the best...


Apr 21, 2002 by broddybounce

I agree with Keith -- this is good for VERY BASIC users. This is one of AT&T's entry-level phones and if you're a first-time user and just need a simple phone to make a few calls on, for emergency purposes, etc., it's ok.

However, for power users -- stay away! This is one of the most "un-fun" phones I've ever used. As I read on some other site, this phone feels like a toy phone! It just doesn't handle very well, and its menus are a little confusing -- you have to press too many things to get to what you want. Phonebook is not at all user-friendly.

Reception is ok, but call clarity is not -- it's tinny.

Also, this may sound strange, but its too small and light. For some people, that's fine. But I need a tad more weight on my phone to know it's in my pocket!

I must admit -- I was spoiled on my Sanyo 4500 -- a great phone. But that was a work phone, and Sprint, and now that I have to get my own personal service, I'll stay far away from Sprint (bad coverage IF you're a traveler like I am). Verizon is for me, and my choice is likely the Samsung T300.

Probably the best one I've ever had...


Dec 15, 2005 by ShadowScorpion

I had this puppy for many, many years (after my brother left to travel the world with my 3595), and bloody hell, what a reliable fella. Okay, many may call this phone boring, but hey, that's what it is - a *phone*. I definitively appreciated the choice of the color of the backlight (there's six available), and the overwhelming number of faceplates. Sadly, it phone died after falling from four stories. I have been offered a new phone, GSM this time, by my provider, but I don't like se(r)vice terms, so I grabbed another TDMA off eBay (a Nokia 5165). Yes, TDMA is doomed to a slow and grisly death, but I'm a die-hard puritan and I will use it until it's last day. Anyhoo, off to pros and cons.

-Choice of six backlight covers
-Overwhelming choice of faceplates
-Good reception (Rogers Wireless in Quebec, Canada)
-Respectable battery life

-TDMA is doomed...

To sum everything up, a reliable phone that was worth every single penny I spent on it.



Jan 26, 2005 by trini

I had this phone for a while until i finally lost it. I was so glad because it gave me a reason to buy a new one. At first it looked good because of the size but you finally get it you will see how boring it is. If you're looking for a fun phone DON'T BUY THIS!!!!

Worst phone ever.... .. .. or i may have just had a lemon for 2 yrs... -_-


Aug 25, 2004 by brightonman

MY FIRST CELL PHONE. I was happy with this phone for about the first month...where it allowed me to talk for nearly 1.5 hours. Then the battery life reduced drastically. I got at most 45mins at best thereafter on a full battery.

standby time on a full battery, if it didnt turn itself off, was close to 2 days, but as soon as u decided to make a call.. it'd give u a low battery signal.

pple never complained how i sounded, came across clear when i was able to use the phone.. .. never got disconnected in a strong signal area..

verdict: ..
well doesnt matter now b/c they dont make this phone anymore =-p..



Apr 23, 2003 by Adnnachiel

These phones are decent for just making/recieving simple calls. You do have the option for caller groups and spcifc ringtone/display colors, but other than just a plain jane. Good reception. Bad battery life.

Constant connectivity


Jul 17, 2003 by Peri Andree

I've had the Versio for 1 year and 7 months. I have been very impressed with the phone. I hear other people complain about having problems with connectivity issues, where I have never (knock on wood) had these issues. My Versio has the blue flip face on it which gives it a cool, streamline look. It doesn't do the internet, it doesn't do games, but for the function of the phone, it does exactly what I need it to do. It needs to be reliable, being that it's my only phone. I got rid of my home/land line. There's a very high chance that my next phone will be another Panasonic...I'm that impressed.



May 13, 2003 by tim mackerson

this fone revolutionized the way fones suck...i was so pleased to see such a strong failure in the cellular fone industry...these days, each company is trying to out-do one another with technology... the fancy ring tones and easy-to-use features just dont apply here...expect to spend countless hours infront of the display screaming...this fone leads the industry in defective purchases...your just gonna love going back to the store to return this one, and...it never lets u down...not once will you ever enjoy using this product...

this fone stands out in the crowd and says, "HELP ME!" My hats off to the people at panasonic for not trying to be different...



Dec 20, 2002 by Mimi Curtis

This phone overall is not that bad it has different color background lights you can choose from, and different face plates. I am a person who like you match completely and this phone makes it easier. The reception isn't that great in basements or brick wall places, but anything is better then a SPRINT phone.

Good phone


Mar 12, 2002 by Keith Rodgers

This phone has 16 ring tones for those interested. This is a great phone for those of you who simply want to use your cell as a device to make and receive calls. Its very simple but yet has some neat features like the 6 different display backlights. The reception on the phone is amazing as well. And on top of this AT&T just reduced the price of the phone from $129.99 to $49.99!

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