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For about a week


Jul 23, 2006 by Cingularmami

I was really feeling this phone, i thought about it for months before a i purchased it so i got it in the mail all willing and ready to try out my new phone and as the days went by..i found out this phone was boring..it was absolutely boring wasant nothing to do on it.

the keyboard its cute. thats about it
i dont need nothing sliding out while im trying to answer my phone, thats too much. this phone was too hyped and it was nothing and i think lg is an overall boring phone maker anyway, im not sure about their recent phones but the ones in the past have been boring as ever

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Jan 25, 2006 by ronnybaby

Come on! It doesn't even have a speaker phone!!

What good is it??

There are MANY other phones I prefer more if I were a regular IM'er. Like the Nokia 6800 or 6820. At least these messaging phones have several features you can use too!

I have had bad luck with every LG phone I've ever used. Except the VX 7000 used on the Verizon network. This is the ONLY phone I would recommend if you were to subscribe to Verizon. It's crystal clear and rarely did I ever drop a call.

I'm now on T-Mobile in Phoenix, AZ and I've had FIVE different phones and T-Mobile here is DROP CALL CITY!! If anyone has a good phone recommendation in my case, please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts.

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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them


Jan 20, 2006 by rickyg1974

OK folks, enough is enough. I almost didn't buy this phone based on some of misinformation/lies written in reviews about this phone. Here's the my experience with this phone after 4 months:

-Not ONCE has it slid open in my pocket.
-YES, you can lock the keyboard to avoid accidental dialing (and it doesn't unlock with a random keypunch)
-It printed VERY clearly on the phone, in Cingulars ads, in reviews on tech sites, and on LG's site that this is a TEXT MESSAGING phone. If you want a camera/camcorder/mp3 player/bluetooth/blender get another phone and quit your complaining.
-The pre-set volume of the ringer, earpiece and speaker can be increase (read your flippin manuals)
-As I never buy ANY tech hardware when it's first released, I can't speak to the complaints about having to reboot...but I've never had to with my phone (remember, got it 4 mnts ago, the model's been out almost a year now...plenty of time for initial bugs to have been fixed)
-The keyboard DOES have an "@" symbol (and all standard punctuation, for that matter)!!!
-The phone is not a brick. It weighs about as much as any Nokia bar-style phone I've owned in the past.

I've had 4 different LG's now. Was originally very PO'd at ATT/Cingular for hooking up with this company. This phone (and my rock steady G4011) have changed my mind. I use this phone to email co-workers when on the road (NOTE: sending text to an email is cheaper than data service with a blackberry or sidekick), text/IM with friends, record thoughts after client meetings, and have crystal clear phone calls with my friends and family.

I have an iPod and don't need a camera phone so this phone does EVERYTHING I need it to do. It's the first phone I've had that gets a strong signal in Chicago's subways.

The bottom line is this: make a list of what you need (and want) in a cell. Do your research (about.com has a wonderful tools that matches your needs to various phones).

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Dec 20, 2005 by WestPhilly

terrible phone, dont buy

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very happy


Sep 28, 2005 by djjohn919

I just want to put this to rest. So many bad things were said about this phone. Let me just say this, Ive owned a razor(too wide), a s710a(too heavy), a e317 and I still own a z500a. This phone is doing everything I want it to do. The main reason I bought this phone is for the keyboard. During the course of a day I send a lot of text to my wife at work so I needed this feature. Although this phone has no camera its a great phone. The screen is great, its easy to use, I have cingular in NJ and the reception is perfect.
I also have the data cable kit so Im sending all kinds of goodies to the phone. Anyway overall its a great phone if your not looking for a camera or video features. Ive had it for a month now and Im happy:)

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Sep 18, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

The phone is just like a motorola A636 the design is just like it the qwerty pad but the LG model slides out which makes it more stylish looking. The motorola flips which doesn't look really good at all. The LG model used better color and the size is good to. The ringer is loud and screen is great. Even though LG copied motorola they made it a lot better then motorola could ever make. In the end LG beats motorola at F9100/a636

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LG F9100 on Cingular


Aug 14, 2005 by WirelessWorld

The phone audio is good. The text keyboard is good, better with smaller thumbs. The only negative thing I find is the keyboard lock. When I lock it and set it down, after 30 minutes or so, with the screen blank, I can hit the C button (Clear) and the phone will become unlocked. This happens at random, and is only mildly predictable. Cingular did replace the phone, but the replacement does the same thing too.

Text messaging works well with AIM and Yahoo. ICQ works, but I haven't used it in conversation yet.

I have yet to use the Cingular CW chat, so I cannot speak for it.

I cannot locate the software version on the phone in the menus, nor on the label under the battery so I cannot note the version. When the box is handy, I will see if it is on there.

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Not bad, Not bad


Feb 4, 2005 by brk72923

Ok well I had the mpx220 and went to this cause I wanted the keyboard... cool phone, I like it alot but missing some features. I could be wrong though... I can't get ringtones for each person on my list. That sucks, I like to know who is calling before I look at the screen. The Slider part of the phone works great for me, and it's very tight. The download rate is faster then what I had on the mpx220... This phone though would be amazing if they put bluetooth into it. I work at bestbuy so I'll buy a bluetooth adapter I guess... But overall I like the phone alot, the only reason I rate it low is cause of the ringtones not being able to go to a contact, and the bluetooth, I could careless about no camera. So if they had those two features it would be a 5 for me! Great phone if you dont need those features...

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LG slide


Feb 3, 2005 by Morena66

I have loved this phone since I saw it in it's plastic form. I have been using it for about a week and am missing some of my comfort features from my Nokia 6800. Even though it doesn't have a radio or speaker, it works really well. I have had no problems with dropped calls or reception issues with my Cingular service in the Atlanta area. The down side is, the ring tones sound like they are being played in a tunnel and the slide isn't very tight so it can slide when you don't want it to. Overall, I am satisfied with the phone and it's user friendliness. The headset port is Universal so no need to purchase extra accessories for it. I have also downloaded some songs and the Internet connection seems to be fairly quick. I rate it a good buy, especially if you text, I LOVE the keyboard!

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Feb 24, 2005 by missthang

someone switched to cingular from t-mobile, when the sidekick is 300 times better than this? 8-| I just switched from cingular to t-mobile and am very, very happy.

the keyboard of the f9100 is awkward and kind of dumb to have the original keys somewhat useless when the other keyboard slides out. the screen is strange. services aren't as reliable as you think.

plus I use data more than I use my phone. I get unlimited data with the sidekick and can stay in touch with AOL, YAHOO IM (including for 2 accounts, one via sms and other directly from mobile application).

I was paying 49.99 (50.00) with cingular w/out data, but with t-mobile, am just paying 59.99 (60.00) with 900 anytime minutes with family plan and elderly dad who rarely uses phone, and unlimited data and a full color web browser, which makes being out and about convenient for work.

with t-mobile, I also love having my callers hear a more profesional phone system with caller tunes. callers think they're calling an actual company's phone system. because you can program a message that says "Please hold (name) will be with you shortly", then the hold music, while you hear a ring on your end.

kind of sucks that t-mobile is getting bad press from paris hilton's braindead mistake. because I can't see a hacker breaking into t-mobile just to post her information, esp. given all her ex's seems to do her wrong (release sex video, beat her, break into her house, dog disappears, etc., etc.). if a hacker really broke in, rest assured more than paris' info would have been released.

overall the f9100 wasn't enough to make me stay with cingular, and I love the "makes sense" features of the sidekick and t-mobile's costs. right now the f9100 is kind of like the poor man's sidekick. oh well...

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