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Wonderful Phone


Jan 31, 2007 by toots333

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this phone. I love it! Well, I should say I loved it. I recently switched cell companies and no longer am able to use this phone. I wish I could have taken it with me though. I really, really liked it! It got great reception even out in the middle of nowhere (trust me, I tried it), nice camera, great battery life, both LCD screen are nice and bright, great call quality, and awesome speaker phone. If you ever get the chance to purchase this phone, do it! You won't regret it, I promise.

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This phone sucks!


Dec 6, 2006 by stuartkresge

One of the worst phones I have ever had! I have had four seperate phones of this model in the last year. The phone never gets a signal! It flys through a battery! The battery will not hold a charge, it freezes all the time, and Verizon will come up with every excuse to not cover the phone under warranty! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE IT SUCKS!

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Well...its great when it gets signal


Oct 27, 2006 by jeepneyturbo88

This phone was an upgrade from my previous LG vx4500, and I always believed that my constant dropped calls was the fault of the phone, and believed the salesperson at Verizon that buying the vx8100 would give me superior call quality. Um...no, especially when Verizon has only one tower in the suburbs when other carriers have several, but thats not a problem with this phone, since it worked perfectly when I was close to a tower, even picking up signal in my old high school where others did not.
When I was in range of evdo, the music downloads were quick and easy to figure out, as well as the internet browsing. Texting is well layed out and music play back on the stereo speakers sound good. Verizon's boring and glitchy software also hindered the phone, with frequent freezes and random power cycles. In my opinion, Verizon's fault again, well atleast they have great customer service, allowing my family to leave our two year agreement early since they were not planning to build another tower. Great phone with useful features, but whats the point when you can't use it to talk on.

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Lives Up To The Expectations


Oct 18, 2006 by csinger28

I recently switch to the Lg 8100 from the Samsung a840. I figured I might as well get a phone with mp3 capabilities instead of buying a new phone AND an iPod. Running a 128mb card (waiting for A 1GB) does kind of lose the whole essence of the mp3 and not having the usb reader means I can't download songs from my computer I've gotta buy them off the Telus website. But all in all reception is very good, the screen are both vibrant and easy to read. The text messaging works awesome with the phone. Reading on the outside screen is so good.

Bright Screen
Big Buttons
Good Camera
Easy To Use
Great Sounding Speakers
3D Gaming Is A Huge Step Up From The A840

Battery Life Is Dismal If You're Using The Features
I've had it turn off a few times during use (Has this happened to anyone else)

and yeah....that's about it.....

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Verizon Store Owner


Oct 11, 2006 by BRUMZIS

You dont need to keep reading - I'll save you the suspense. This is STILL hands down the best phone Verizon has ever offered! (barring the need for internet or pda function, but that is a relatively small percentage of cell phone users)

I have owned and operated 3 verizon stores for 2 years now, and have used and tested almost every single model, and to date, even with the KRAZR and Chocolate out there, 8100 is still the king!

Now if you're in a more rural area and reception is the sole factor in your decision, than its either the E815 or V325 for you.(if you don't want charging problems a few months down the road, than I would suggest the V325)

Just a few more words of wisdom, stay with the big guys; Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia. Manufacterers such as Kyocera, Audiovox, and Pantech will let you down....

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What was i thinking?!


Oct 7, 2006 by chocolateman85006

I left my E815 for this phone. WTF??? The pros and cons will speak for themselves

Clear camera
Good text message memory.
Takes mini SD (sadly, the 8300 does not).

Only 15 second videos.
Software not able to accept mp3s (which was my primary reason for getting the ****** phone {Commercials shouldn't advertise falsely. Not good. It made me leave Verizon because I was pissed}).

I did go back to verizon in august and got the 8300 (it's precessor)and the Q. Praise God for the 8300. It restored my faith in Verizon and LG. The 8300 was everything that the 8100 failed to be. Get the 8300.

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I love my phone


Sep 23, 2006 by cellplusmt

I have had my 8100 for over a year, I live in an area of sometimes limited service (western MT, lots of mountains to get in the way of signal) I love it and refuse to upgrade to the 8300.

-very durable ( I dropped it in a lake!)
-great reception and call quality
-Mp3 player is loud and clear, I use it when I go camping and on the boat (did I mention its been at the bottom of a lake) because we can't get radio and don't have a CD player
-you can read text on the outside screen (this was a BIG selling point, too bad the 8300 lacks it)
-great battery life, after a year and before the lake I still got 3 days with normal talk time and lots of texts
-good camera for a phone (I use the pics I take on my phone on-line)
- Solid Feel

-very fat and feels bulky in my pocket
-I wish the flash was better quality. (it takes good outdoor pics, but inside its dark or washed out)
-have to be careful playing songs to loud, its not uncommon to blow a speaker
-I wish it had a micro slot instead of a miniSD. (micro's are generally cheaper and more common)
thats about it, I love my 8100 and in my opinion its the best phone Verizon has released so far

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Becoming upset


Sep 15, 2006 by aceheid

I have had my 8100 for a little over a year now and have been extremely pleased with it. That is until recently. I had to switch out my phone for another one which my phone was still under warranty so there was no problem. My phone started malfunctioning to where people could to hear me or it sounded as if "i was an alien" when i was trying to speak to people. I could understand others most of the time but at other times it sounded as if i was talking to Charlie Brown's parents. I have had this refurbished 8100 now for a little over one month or two months and the same problem is happening again. I really enjoy the 8100 and all the features and really do not want to give it up for the 8300 but if i have to i will. Also my best friends 8100 spent the past 2 weeks searching for service even though i would make a call on my 8100 right in front of him. I do not know why the phones all of a sudden started acting up but am beginning to become disappointed. Other than that 8100 is the best phone i have every had.

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Wore my LG 8100 out!


Sep 3, 2006 by tosainu1

Pros: Great 1.3 megapixel Camera and video, lots of fun, Vcast works very well, easy to check my stocks and email, pretty pricy at $150 and gets no service in boonies where i hunt.

Cons: After paying $150 for this phone, I was expecting to hold on for it for more than 9 months. The problem was the base where you plug in wore out from charging the battery so much and it would no longer accept a charge and the battery was GONE. When i first got it, i left it out overnight on a hunting trip. Amazingly, my friend found it the next day. However, you could see by the green strip that water got into the phone. So i can't blame the phone, but disappointed nonetheless and I'm replacing it with the samsung 990 since i'm in the wireless industry and get a 30% discount.

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color change


Aug 26, 2006 by Lg man

is there any way you can change the color of the menu and contacts bar instead of having it purple

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