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Sound quality not crystal clear


Jun 11, 2006 by kingsbridge77

-Reception everywhere
-Looks elegant
-Not flimsy
-Decent camera

-The sound and call quality of the person I'm talking to could be better. It's not horrible, just not what I expecting. It is not crystal clear. I rried an old Nokia phone from T-mobile yesterday that sounded more crisp than my Moto.
This may be due to CDMA technology offering less clear sound quality than GSM networks used by T-mobile and Cingular.

The How To on the E-815


Mar 2, 2006 by cmccrary10

For many people that are not sure on how to get the ringtones and pictures on there telephone....there is a way without paying. A way to do this is to convert one of your songs into a MP3. After this you may use a a music editor such as acoustica to shoren the length of the song, just to make it fit. once u have down that, there is an option to convert it from the quality it already is...AM qality, FM quality, Then studio Quality...choosing AM would be the best becuz it still sounds like FM and is about half of the size. Email the MP3 to your verizon phone... your number @vzwpix.com . As soon as you recieve it, save it and PRESTO!!! you got urself your favorite song as a ringtone!

if you have anymore questions on tips and tricks, email anythinig u would like to say...


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Looking for info about cracking displays


Mar 2, 2006 by mustangken


I'm interested in this phone over the RAZR because I currently have the V60S and I can utilize all my chargers, etc on this phone.

My concern is that I want to make sure that this phone doesn't have the cracking problem along the hinge at the base of the display like the V60 does.

Anyone who has owed one for more than six months should look closely at their phone along the hinged area to see if there are any hairline cracks.

Please let me know!

E815 not impressed. Returning.


Oct 4, 2005 by WaterDog

Well, the trusty TM-510 (with safe battery) finally broke. Replaced under NE2 with a LG 4650. Nice phone, low volume on earpiece, too low. Return for LG-6100. Nice phone, better volume, lousy clarity. Choppy and tinny. Return after reading the usual forums and get the new wonder child, e815. Great phone in all aspects except for the user, when listening on the handset or any headphone, earbud, etc. Chops ends of words off, volume fades ever so slightly mostly, sometimes completley drops, even when a strong volume is stable, its still tinny/metalic sounding and choppy. People on the other end say I sound like I'm on a landline, except I keep saying "what"?, "sorry", "could you repeat that", "one more time, I didn't hear what your last word was", etc. Might as well go back to a walkie -talkie, its about as annoying. It also droppped my call going through the tunnel here, 510 never did that. All the other stuff on the phone is useless if calls are not first rate. Nothing left to try at VZW but a V60s with a extendeable antenna. Does anyone know if thats any better?

A great phone, except ...


Mar 1, 2006 by heyrut

I've had the E815 a couple of days, have gone through the features, etc, and love it ... except. It's a fabulous phone unless you use 'vibrate', in which case it is unusable. I read some of the other reviews that said the vibration was a joke but thought it couldn't be that bad. In reality it's even worse.

So, if you use an audible ringer this is a great phone, but if you need the vibrate feature don't even consider it.

Good for lite use Lemon for Average Use


Feb 12, 2006 by magellann


If you plan on using the alarm clock on the cell phone....do not get this phone.

Reason: Miss a call or miss a text message, the alarm will shut it's self off and not go off untill you clear the alert screen.
Example: Set alarm before bed for 8:00 am , friend sends a text message in the middle of the night...you wake up at 9:00 am late for work, wondering why the alarm does not go off, see that there is a text message, clear the text message, then the alarm goes off and the screen says 8:00 am alarm.

I would love to know what Motorola was thinking when they programmed the phone :(

Also, the phone has a program glitch in that you can be in the middle of a text message or recording a video and it will shut it's self off.

Again, what was Motorola thinking.

Verizon has stopped stocking the phone because of the problem.

Terrible Battery Life


Nov 1, 2005 by angtort

Nice features but the battery life is by far the worst I've ever seen on a cell phone. With very minimal use (1 or 2 short calls), battery runs out after 1 day. To make matters worse, the phone alerts you via a beep, about every minute, when the battery is running low. This is VERY annoying, especially when you forget to recharge it and you hear it beeping throughout the night. I can't seem to find how to turn this feature off, if at all.

If I had the chance, I'd exchange this phone for something else in a heartbeat.



Oct 2, 2005 by omnicom

Wonderful phone but the main problem is the Bluetooth function. The person on the other end hears a loop back sound.

Great Phone


Aug 3, 2005 by merc669

I have had this phone for about three weeks and have been very impressed with it. Overall there is lot going for this phone (Bluetooth, Battery Life, etc). Here is a list I feel of Pro and Cons of the E-815

Good Size
Great Battery Life
Good Audio Volume Using Headset
Pretty Fair Camera with Illumination Light
Very Good Reception
Boot-up is quick compared with my LG-4100

Speaker-phone is Weak
Side Switches are easy to depress by accident

I mainly bought this phone for just what it is, a phone. I do not really care about DUN or really interfacing it with my computer at the moment but that could change in the future. I figured out through others how to send MP3s and Midi Songs to use as Ring-tones and avoid paying VZ more than what I feel I should. But if anybody asks me about a decent phone especially if they are in the window for the Upgrade every two years then I would highly recommend this phone!



Aug 2, 2005 by Kopeke

this phone is DA SHIT!!!!
LOUD ringers
speaker phone
BRIGHT flash
good keypad
VERY NICE internal and external screens
speaker phone with phone closed

even though it is big, it should be for all the features it has!!

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