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Great phone, mp3 player, web browser!


May 31, 2005 by pmorcos

I really just wanted a great phone... and this is definitely it. I love the fact that I can play my music on it without headphones and still enjoy it. I find the external speaker to be hands down the best available and I waited for the Sam sph-a800 before making my final call. The speakerphone works flawlessly and people on the other end don't even know they're on a speaker phone.

And this isn't brought up enough, analog roaming is awesome. In central oregon, I find I have a signal everywhere with Sprint...and the quality in analog, as some of you may know, is actually much higher than digital as it is un-compressed. Battery life has been phenomenal even when browsing or playing mp3s. I installed a 1GB sandisk mini-SD ($72) and it stores more than enough for many albums worth of quality music. The camera takes great pictures and even though the zoom is all digital it is nice to be able to zoom in 20x.

Watching a movie on the phone is not really doable however, as the fps is really limited to about 15 and the screen (while extremely bright and beautiful) is just too small to enjoy a film. A clie' or other handheld with resolution of 480x320 or better with fps of 18 or better is really required to enjoy video.

thank you Sanyo.

Amazing phone!!


Apr 26, 2005 by Dondeazy


-Awesome Media Player
-mega pixel camera
-ready link
-mobi tv capable
-speaker phone
-INCLUDES a 16MB mini disk (for 90min of video and TONS of storage)
-60 min voice recording...
-voice recognition (idependent of the Sprint Premium Service)
-Super fast text messaging that is independent of the Internet service
-Stores all ingoing, outing, and draft messages on your phone! (not on the internet as with previous Sanyo models)
-Print pictures directly from phone (using a special USB cord)
-Great graphics on the internet

-Getting good MP3 ringers on the phone is troublesome but WELL WORTH IT!
-EXPENSIVE (But well worth it...)
-No Blue tooth :(
-Wimpy camera flash

Overall, this phone is excellent. I couldn't be more happy about spending almost 500 dollars for it! It has EVERYTHING on it, (except blue tooth.... )

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Everything all good except....


Apr 20, 2005 by jeffokada

Everyone has read what the phone has and the common problems or lack of's but... Does the typical mm-5600 owner aware are the picture mail problem it has with one other phone. When the 5600 is sending a picture to a Sanyo 8200, when saving to the Sanyo 8200, it saved but does NOT open within the phone when sent from a mm-5600! If you hear of a fix for the problem please let me know. Other than that phone seems to be worth the money!

100% honest Review Great Phone


Apr 18, 2005 by dondizel

What makes me a good reviewer..

1 I have owned every single flip Sanyo phone made after the Sanyo 5300. So I know a good phone when I see one.


MP3/Media Player is awesome..

Sounds/Ringers are the loudest of any Sanyo phone I have owned.

Video Caller ID

internal/external Screen is very vivid in color
wow is all I can say
for those who owned the Toshiba it looks better than that screen

Mini Sd card allows to have so much more fun with your phone.

ex. more pictures, 90 min video camera, longer voice recored.

by the way the phone already comes with a built in 60 min voice recorder

Sanyo added a couple of features to the phone like Call hold, some ready link features, some message features.

The phone has Sprint TV.

The down-loadable Video Ringers are so cool, plus it's not choppy at all...


Yes, there are some cons to the phone..

The camera needs lots of light to take a good picture.

The TV is still very choppy.

Can't set the music on SD card as ringers.

All I can say is that this would have to be one of Sanyo's best creations thus far. I would love to see what they do to out do this phone....

If your thinking of buying the phone BUY IT!!

Best Sprint Phone but WAY Over-Priced


Apr 16, 2005 by Stunner4Life

This phone has a lot of great features (MP3/4, Mega-pixel Cam, Mini SD card, Pretty clear half-duplex speaker) but this phone is simply over-priced. If I were to price this phone, I would make it $350 not $430! This phone is missing too much. Features such as actually putting the ringtones and videos in the card, Bluetooth, EV-DO capable, better camera, could have included a bigger card, the speaker is only half-duplex(don't like waiting to talk and sometimes other person can't hear me, but it is clear). The Sony Ericson s710a has all of the features that the 5600 has and the missing features that I named above. The s710a is $400! Sprint needs to stop over-pricing their phones because it is really aggrovating to pay $100 or $150 extra compared to what other phone companies put out. Cingular has by-far much cheaper phones that are good for $90 compared to a good Sprint phone which goes for $230!

Bottom-line: Sanyo MM5600=Over-Priced, but don't blame Sanyo for their pricing, it's Sprint's fault!



Apr 8, 2005 by marco1707

I was a faithful 5500 user for a long time, and I consider that phone to be the best phone that I have ever owned. Not any more! The Sanyo MM5600 is by far the phone that I have ever owned. This phone is just amazing!!

OVGA Screen is just awesome!
Ring tones loud and clear!
Reception is the best of any sanyo!
Ear piece and speaker are loud and clear!
Mp3 player is a great feature!
Mini SD used for mass storage!
Voice recognition requires no training!
Phone is well built!
Excellent battery life!
Vision is very fast!
Sprint Media player!

Poor pictures in low light!
Can't use Mp3 as ring tones!
Only 3 MB for downloads!



Apr 1, 2005 by Schlup

I have had this phone for over 2 weeks now so I am finally submitting my review of the phone.

First off I am super happy with it. This phone is truly a great handset in every aspect.

Great Camera
Great Speaker
Great MP3 Player
Awesome Screen
Faster Vision (Internet)
Expandable Memory
Media Player
Alarm Clock (Customizable)
Voice Recorder
You can send text messages while talking on the phone!
Ease of Use
Professional style
Ready Link Options are Awesome as well as the use of the feature.
Video Camera is twice as good as before.

Need to have decent lighting in order to take "clean" pictures.
Current lack of accessories. (This will change soon)

I cannot stress how impressed I am with this phone. With the exception of those picky cons. this phone is near perfect. My hat goes off to Sanyo on this one. I look forward to the next!

One word AWESOME!


Mar 7, 2005 by stephenl65

One word tells it all! I have owned many high end phones Sprint has sold. From Moto, to LG's to Samsung's to Sanyo's and Toshiba's. I happen to have found a keeper! I like the QVGA screen much better than Toshiba's I just think it is more crisp in color. The 1.3 megapixel camera takes great pictures. The mp3 player is awesome the music sounds great even coming through the speaker on the phone. I really like the looks it has a classy look and the 2 tone color makes it stand out. I have had so many compliments on this phone just since Wednesday it has been a true pleasure using it. The dreaded muffled ear piece is a thing of the past this ear piece sounds very clear a lot like the samsung phones.

My only con really for this phone is they didn't add a night mode for taking pictures in low light. You do need good lighting for the pictures to come out good.

Out of a scale of 1 to 5 I gave it a 4 just because of the missing night mode. Everything else about this phone is superb. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a new phone that can do so much more than just make calls!

Sanyo MM-5600, My perfect phone! *Does the Happy Dance*


Mar 22, 2005 by SL4

This phone is the most awesome CDMA phone to record. The 1.3 meg camera is great in the day, but does lack quality in night or low light shots. Ready Link is super fast and responsive like the SAMSUNG A760. Many customizing options to chose from granted it isn't like the 4050 customization that some think of, but dam near close. The phone has the flashlite feature that the 8200, 7400 has. The phone does use a miniSD and can use a 1 gb miniSD with no problem. Sandisk.com will be the only company that will make the 1 gb minisd. The phone has a built in MP3 player in it that is f'en awesome. What is an ipod? Hehe! The browser is a Netfront 3.1 browser that is very fast and includes new features, EVDO not needed here. Many have already reviewed the phone's good and bad points. But, this phone just takes my breath away! At $464 is cheap for this phone for what it offers. Anyone remember the Sanyo 5000 that cost $500? Anyways the phone is a great deal and personally am glad that bluetooth isn't part of the 5600.

great phone!!!!


Mar 18, 2005 by vdiesel

ive had the 5600 for a week now and i think its the best phone sprint came out with!!alot of people want to much from a phone and find somthin to complain about well i think this has it all great camera,mp3 player,mini sd slot, speaker is really clear and loud....i mean what else do you need from a phone!!also ive had the5300,4500/5500,a700,7400 and now 5600 and this beats all!!

pros- mp3 player is loud and clear.you can play it through the speaker or the headphones.
camera takes really clear shots in the day but at night not so good.
reception in my area is real good also holds all my calls and hasnt drop any.
screen is very bright and clear .easy to tread the numbers and text.
ringers are very loud!!
macro mode is nice also for taking close up pics.

cons- doesnt take the good pics at night!!
cant assign mp3s as ringers.
no bluetooth

overrall i would give it a 5 but this 3 cons is the reason i didnt but i really like this phone and im gonna keep it for a while!!!!!

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