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Aug 22, 2005 by Magnus6153

This is the best phone ever made! I ahve had it 6 months and WOW, I have never seen a better phone then this one. Anyone that asks me what phone to buy I tell them the Sanyo MM5600, why wouldn't I? Like I said before the best phone ever. The screen is awesome, the net is fast and the MP3 player is the best. With the memory card you can't go wrong! Let me say it again the Sanyo MM5600 is the best phone!!!!!

Overall GREAT phone!


Aug 6, 2005 by MissDesi

This phone is just awesome.


*Crisp, clear color screen.

*Phone has a great look

*Mini SD card, that can be upgraded to up to 1Gb, or maybe more. It's like having a MP3 player, phone, and web all in one!

*Ringtones are super clear! CD quality!

*The games for this phone rock, the quality is awesome.


*The camera only takes good pictures if the right lighting is available. Flash doesn't help at all.

*Same for the camcorder, and if you try to get a close-up, it looks all pixelated.

*Signal is ok...nothing great, could be better for the price this phone is!

*This phone looks great, but it is a little big, kinda long and thick.

*Phone is overpriced.

Overall, it is a great phone. I've upgraded my MiniSD card and when I go walking I clip to my belt or put it in my pocket and just jam to my music, the headset has a neat little button, so when I get a call, I can easily switch to the call, then back to my music. I can check my email, check my ebay, go on AIM. It's great.
I love this phone :]

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Jul 22, 2005 by macking301

The Sanyo MM-5600 is so good that you may never realize just how good it is.
The phone is slim but not too small and ultra refined. It feels like a fine instrument and works that way.
The flip works smoothly and the screen is the best I have ever seen!
The speakerphone is both loud and incredibly clear. Having owned the Sanyo RL-2500, I am very familiar with why J.D. Powers rates Sanyo the #1 cell phone brand.

But the MM-5600 takes quality to a new level and provides the best signal and features I have seen in a cell phone. If Sprint would tune their network a little more the entire user experience would rank 5 solid points!

Speakerphone is loud and clear
Phone has great sound -voice-music-ring tones rock
Screen quality is perfect
Strong signal and hold calls even in fringe area's
Camera works flawlessly and renders great quality images
Voice dial is perfect-say the name and it dials it
Easy to use interface that works faultlessly
Superb build quality-made in Japan and not China-this is important!

This phone is pricey so when you get one, bug Sprint to give you a discount!

In this age of mediocre products the Sanyo MM-5600 stands out above the rest. You simply cannot find this kind of wide-ranging quality anywhere else or in any other cell phone except maybe the other high-end Sanyo models. And no I don’t work for Sanyo or Sprint! This one should be purchased and admired! WOW !!!

Sanyo 5600 Whats not to like


Jul 11, 2005 by sprintboy42

I really have had no problem with my 5600 and i have had it for over a month. the screen is so beautiful and colorful, i also love the pic quality and the MP3 player. the sound is so clean and awesome. Only problem is the video is a little choppy and take bad pics in low light

Awesome Phone


Jul 2, 2005 by Samsungman

This is hands down the best phone I've ever owned. I've owned it for three months.

The Main & outside LCD screens are both great. You can put any picture on there and it comes out really clear. Best screen I've ever seen.

Camera is great for taking pictures of your contacts.

Speaker phone is loud & clear. You can hear this even in a noisy place. Once you have a speaker phone it is a must after that. I make my own ringers and they sound great.

The mini sd card is great for movies and mp3's. You can get a 512 card for not too much money. You can record a entire movie if you want. The voice recorder also lets you record for as long as you need to. Not the old 30 second for Sanyo's.

Ear piece sounds really good

The battery life is also better than average

I like the design of the phone.

It can be used as a drive when you connect it to your computer. I personally would rather use a card reader but this is a nice feature for those who don't have a card reader. It is included along with a headset.

Those guys are all in jail.

Night shots are really not all that great.

Over all this phone is the best there is. The Samsung A800 should have been my first choice but NO SPEAKERPHONE. I have a digital camera so why buy a 2MP camera when I already have a 5 MP one. I wanted a phone with a camera not a camera with a phone. This is hands down the best their is.

I am in Love With My Sanyo 5600!! SupaDupa!!


Jul 1, 2005 by harrisk5721

I bought this phone off of ebay new for $369.00
They are less now. I love this phone.
It has the loudest , clearest speaker I have ever heard on any cellphone. I have sold nextel,sprint,verizon,cellularone,and tmobile. This phone is the best phone I have ever owned so far.
It has no bugs at all. I love the mp3 player because it is so easy to use. you just plug it in to your USB port and put it on SYNC. Download your songs via itunes or windows media player and your done.
I love how I can watch TV on the phone and it looks almost as real as regular TV.
The Ready Link Two way radio is wonderful.
The battery life is great!
I have had the phone for two months and I think I will keep it for a long time!!!

The phone has a limited internal memory for downloading AAC ringers...I had a toshiba 4050 before this and it had a huge memory for ringers and downloads.
The phone has a black backside. I would have preferred it to be all one silver color.

This phone is worth the money. Buy it and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Sanyo phone owned yet


Jun 24, 2005 by jbaer15

Sturdy phone
Loud and clear ringers
Great quality screen
Holds signal longer then previous Sanyo's
Good quality camera
Many features that I am still diving into
poor quality photo in low lighting even with flash
side buttons smaller then these fat fingers can handle!

Five Star phone


Jun 22, 2005 by nextgen_x

Sanyo mm 5600 is just plain perfect....Hands down. I think people expect to much all at once from a cell phone, remember this is not Japan, slowly but surely phones will get better.



Jun 20, 2005 by tjm182

this fone rocks, it has everything i want in it.This fone needs a longer battery but it has viedeo massage's in video/ camera everything.

Sanyo 5600


Jun 18, 2005 by wells2269

I have had quite a few Sprint phones over the past 2 yrs. And I must say, I'm not quite sure about this phone yet. It does feel cheap compared to my MM7400, I can squeeze my 7400 as hard as I can and not be afraid of crushing it, I can't do that with the 5600 I think I'm going to break it. The spring hinge that the 7400 has in absent from the 5600, and as stated in a previous review, it crackles when held up to the ear, which makes it fell and sound cheap. The 7400 doe not do that. Also, the size is a bit...well, big. The 7400 has a cool look to it. The camera is better with the 5600, not knocking the 7400 though. I have not used the mp3 player yet, so I cant say I would miss it. The screen is nice and bright. I also miss the meeting mode on the 7400, I got used to using that alot.

Im holding onto my 7400, Im not sure if this phone is as great as everyone hyped it to be.

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