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Sanyo is the Best!!!!


Mar 21, 2005 by Greatone

-camera requires bright light to take good pictures. My opinion on that is they should have keep the same camcorder settings as the 7400.
-You cant use the mp3 as ring tones from the mini SD
-The meeting mode feature has change where as the 7400 had it as a shortcut and in your setting and 5600 has neither

-bright QVGA screen is crystal clear
-the media player is excellent!! mp3 sound good through the external speaker and even better through the supplied stereo headphones + you can upload movies and TV shows to the mini SD card and watch them using the media player.
-voice recognition works great
-good Speaker-phone for half-duplex
-good color scheme with silver to metallic gray
-phone is not that heavy, but it has it own unique but weird look to it. This along with the weight distribution.
-battery seems to last much longer than I expected seeing all it new features.
-earpiece is clearer then any other phone I have ever used
-good signal strength.
-the multi-color LED is back again!!!
-The ring-tones you download are louder 2

Overall verdict:
Sanyo is the best I know it you all know it and every manufacture isn't perfect but there close 2 it. The phone has a few minor adjustments that need to be resolve but other than that the phone is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sprint Sanyo Flagship Phone has Arrived!!!


Mar 12, 2005 by msrandall

Okay here I go again buying another phone...Background I have used the 5500, 4050, 8200, Treo 600, Nokia 6225 and the Sanyo 7400 in the last year.

Screen: I love the screen. It is a little smaller than the Toshiba 4050 and in my opinion it is noticeable. Coming directly from the Sanyo 7400..it is defiantely an improvement. Rate 9

Feel and Looks: This phone feels well made and looks very professional. The front of the phone has a dark chrome border accent around the external speaker and screen-Very classy and definately screams FLAGSHIP phone.The 5600 looks the part so a CEO, manager, etc could wear it on their belt with pride. 8.75

Reception: Great so far no dropped calls...About 300 minutes on timer. 8.5

Earpiece: SUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE. This phone is clear compared to all other Sanyos I have owned. 8

Camera: I dont take very many pictures but when I do I want them to be good. The 5600 is very good but in a low light setting it struggles. It is an improvement over other phones I have used and it is a CELLPHONE first. 7

Menu: The icons are crisp and adult like not like Samsungs that sometimes reminds me of a toy. Very professional but no wow factor. 8

Browser: Vision is sooo fast on this phone.8

Others: Media player is good and the ability to use this phone as a mp3 player sold me on it. The phone has excellent sound quality coming from the external speaker.8

Overall: I really like the 5600. It is expensive at a price rag of $429.99 without a rebate. For someone who doesnt have all the other gadgets individually like an ipod, digital camera and a high end cellphone I would say this is the phone for you. For people with the 7400 I would say this phone although an upgrade still sacrifices some of the features that makes the 7400 unique: ie faceplates, and duragrips. So overall this phone is a strong 8.5....

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the best!!!


Mar 9, 2005 by jnavarro3pe

this phone is really amazing, i just had it for 2 days and i already crazy about this phone. the mp3 player quality is the best thing that this phone has. good sound, very clear earpiece, good signal, nice mini sd card slot, in one word "the best"

great phone worth the 500 i spent


Oct 22, 2007 by johouse05

First of all I bought this phone in early 05 as a gift to myself and the 500 dollars a I payed was a great deal

camera is clear
great speaker
I can watch tv clips
long battery life
expandable memory
solid phone
every feature you could want
I used it for 2.5 year without any problems

no bluetooth

It's a tough phone


Jul 26, 2006 by drake

I traded my brand new 8300 for this hoss and I do not regret it. Even though I loved my 8300, this phone took it to school. This phone does come with more goodies than other phones I have went through like mini-sd cards, multimedia, and powervision. But it does have a drawback due to it's size, and also there is no blue tooth available on this or the 9000 which really concerns me. But if you can get your hands on this you won't regret it.

Stop haten on Sanyo


Jan 27, 2006 by gods Gift

I love Sayno it's the best yet out. Samsung phone signal is not good with Sayno you can be on the Elevator and still talk on your phone Sayno is Clear and Louder Ringers this 5600 is the BEST out between all Companys i had T- Mobil, Nextel, they phones are garbage just try the 5600 and i know you will not go to another phone i had the A920, A900 MM535, mm9000 nothing can touch the 5600 i give it a 10 no problems. i going to get my whole family one we have 8 already so try if not that just get Sanyo Better Service.

5600 review


Jan 20, 2006 by racheybee

I had this phone for almost one year and have just replaced it with the Samsung A900. For anyone who may be getting a leftover of these phones or getting one off of ebay or somewhere else.. This is a good phone. Its packed with features. It has Ready Link, Camera and Camcorder, and MultiMedia services. I found this to be a good pro to the phone. And it has a beautiful screen. The main con is the camera. If its is just a little bit of low light-it sucks. Theres just no other way to say it. The size for me was too big also.

Why Sprint Why


Nov 15, 2005 by CingularRetail

Its official =( The 5600 has been discontinued. If you can find one GRAB IT, ITS AMAZING. Best phone I have seen out there and I work for Cingular. Only thing it lacked was bluetooth and I don't even like using headsets. The memory card you could hack and get free GPS Navigation, awesome video playback controls I had all 3 chappelle seasons and 6 South Park seasons on my memory card. WORTH EVERY PENNY

Sanyo MM5600 Great phone


Sep 13, 2005 by jecht

Just upgraded to this phone and i am very impressed. overall the phone works like a phone no dropped calls yet, it even works in my apartment where my previous models would not.

only one con for me, the lack of polyphonic ring tones i can get for it. other than that excellent phone.

Best Sanyo phone yet


Sep 3, 2005 by niktrek

I believe this has to be one of the best phones that Sanyo has put out. I have never had a phone with better signal strength retention and clearer calls. I bought it mostly for the camera and it high quality screen. The only thing I don't like is that they didn't wait and give the phone blue-tooth and EVDO. I am considering getting the MM-9000 when it comes out even though I just bought this phone.
When it comes to a phone is it almost perfect but when it comes to multimedia is leaves to a little to be desired. Thats why I gave it the rating I did. You cant beat the ability to use it like jump drive with its USB mass storage ability. The is the first phone I have seen with a link cable in the box and a stereo headset. Its expandable ram and other features make it a must have for phone gamers and those who want a darn good camera in a phone.
For those who have the 7400, WAIT for the 9000 and get that phone. Don't waste your time on this phone because the 9000 with beat the 5600 with blue-tooth and it should be Sprint's first EVDO clamshell. BUT remember that all these add-on like games and media player phone features will cost every one extra money so consider weather or not you will use these features before getting one of these phones.

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