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This is the best phone i have ever had....I love it


Sep 13, 2006 by Hill

I would like to tell anyone who wants to get a phone to go for the blackberry 7105t. Ive had this phone for about three weeks and i still cant get over how great it is. I don't really talk on my phone i mostly do taxing but this phone is so great u cant instant message your friends on messenger aim and yahoo. wow you can even send emails ok let me tell you i went out of state for labor day weekend i was able to use my phone at all time without havin to worry about roaming charges or long distance charges too and we forgot to book a hotel so yes i used my phone to get a hotel i used the unlimited data service that has internet axcess and looked for hotels, and received the confrimation email back to my phone.my friends couldnt belive there eyes. so as soon as that happend the started asking asking where i had gotten the phone and i let them know that i purchased it online at "ushopwireless.com" the best price i had found anywhere. Plus i even got a free bluetooth headset with the phone with the promo code of AF-LM and the toll free # was 877-373-7100 they can answer your questions like they did for me.
so like i told my friends i want to tell anyone who wants to get a new phone to get the 7105t. i believe if u find something at a great price that you'll love you should tell everybody else and share the great news. so go check this phone out you will not regret it! :-)

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great at times... frustrating at times....


Jul 30, 2006 by canes96

love so many features but talking as a handset is so frustrating... if the volume is turned up noone understands me. With the volume turned down people can hear me fine but I have trouble hearing them.

does work great with bluetooth earpiece or other earpieces.

blackberry works well, two letters per key text is difficult to get used to, but with practice works well.

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Good PDA, Bad Phone


Jun 15, 2006 by adv4500

I had this phone for eight months now, and is currently sitting in a desk drawer turned OFF. I had to get my old Nokia 6600 back online. Reason? I live in an area with poor reception (according to T-mobile 2-3 bars), and the other parties could hardly understand what I was saying. It never dropped a call, but the voice quality was horribly degraded by the week signal. My Nokia on the other hand does drop calls due to the week signal, but the voice quality on the other end is still almost perfect to the end.

Being able to turn off the wireless feature.
USB for data transfer and charging
Lotus Notes Email
International Capabilities

Poor RF and voice quality.
Screen is still hard to see outdoors
Can't attach device as another drive on the PC
No Memory card
Battery life

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Apr 13, 2006 by Damon42

it crashes more then acceptable

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Awesome internet surfing phone....


Feb 26, 2006 by MXmorale

I have no complaints with this phone, the internet is great you can basically get on most internet pages you try to get on as long as they are not too large. I only have one complaint and that is the part that this phone does not play Real Music Tones, but then again I never did stress it because I understood this phone is more of a business phone than for phone. But in conclusion the phone is great for internet access, instant messaging, calendar, and much more.

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Great Features, Weak Battery


Sep 22, 2005 by Calendel

I'm a Rogers dealer who uses the 7100r on a daily basis for work purposes. We need this little guy to be available and usable full-time. Previously I was using a BB 750 (older mobitex unit) then was upgraded to a 7280. Big step up with the easier to look at screen and much (MUCH) improved coverage area and stronger signal. Love gsm! Our particular area has incredible service throughout the areas we needed it, and seeing how alot of the reviews are for American users, i wont comment on the unit's actual signal strength and reliability. That is, after all, dependent on carrier, 850 MHz, and your coverage areas. Here are my pros and cons, which just happen to be the same as spoken of so far:


Nice looking screen indoors for reading our email/pins, web browsing and graphics

Sure-type is great, it has one heck of a learning curve, but once you pick it up you won't have any issues typing as fast on this as a full keyboard model

It's nice to use a unit that feels like a phone. i didn't really like the calculator sized versions, too clunky and big.

The interface is straightforward, as it has been on all BB units. f you haven't used a BB before it's about as user friendly as a nokia. :)


I think almost every post has mentioned the battery life on this guy. Even with light use we recharge the unit once every 3 to 4 days. Heavy users beware.

Ring tones are very quiet, tough to hear that business call coming in if you need to. The vibrate feature works quite well and if you can find an aftermarket case for it that is a bit thinner or open you will be able to hear or fell this a little better.

The omission of edge was a bad move for the web browsing side, not to mention opening large attachments or graphics of 40k+. E-mail use can easily be supported with gprs minus attachments. A minor annoyance.

If you haven't tried Blackberry Messenger, do. Free program that is basically RIM's version of msn.

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Not that great


May 16, 2005 by mikey1

After all the hype about "push" e-mail technology and Bluetooth, I was sorely disappointed. First, the words "Bluetooth enabled" are misleading. The Bluetooth is strictly for a wireless earpiece. Nothing else can be used. That means no Bluetooth keyboard and no Bluetooth hotsyncing. This is ridiculous. I mean, even T-Mobile told me that it could use a keyboard. I called tech support and they said it wasn't supposed to work with a keyboard! You think T-Mobile would know its products. It's embarrassing seeing someone with a Sony or Palm PDA phone typing away at the airport with their Bluetooth keyboard and I can't use one on mine. The web browser runs at a measly 28k, useless in today's world of WiFi. The e-mail works great and the speakerphone is great. That is all that's good about it. The battery life is average. However, reliability and tech support get an F from me. My first Blackberry failed after only one month! I was infuriated when the replacement was a refurbished one. The screen was scratched on the other side and the instant messaging icon stopped working after a month. What a waste. I might keep this for another year but after that, I will never use T-Mobile again. Customer service was dishonest and deceptive. Take away their J.D. Power Associates award! As for RIM, forget them. I'll never buy another Blackberry from them again even if it allows for unlimited Bluetooth use in the future. I want my money back!

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typing couldn't be more of a pain-tmo


May 1, 2005 by goodfellancali

Now that I actually own the phone, the biggest problem is the predictive text. Yes, this phone shares the keys with anther and one big pain in the mind. Remember, most guys on here are trying to sell the phone.

It is pointless to try and type out a quick response and email drafting is like shooting in the dark.


1. Nice big bright screen
2. View pdf, jpeg, and documents from your phone ! yes, i can see attached pictures, very cool.
3. Bluetooth, easy to connect, just lost mine but enjoyed it while I did.


1. slow opening, (trying to respond to email/text takes like 5 seconds, really a pain when your busy waiting for your "new technology"
2. Speaker phone quality is absolutely horrible. People can't hear me at all.
3. reception is the worst I have ever seen. My old rim was way better. i show 3 bars and people can't hear me.
4. people complain constantly of a raspy sounding voice, that it is staticy.

all and all this phone gives me a headache when i need to depend on it because i can't relax and use my bluetooth/speakerphone and just talk, people wine that they can't hear me.

I should have just stuck with the last phone i had.

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Blackberry Addict


Oct 16, 2004 by dgoard

This is my second BB unit. I started with the 6710 about 3 months ago. All I can say is this unit rocks! All I need it to do is be my cell phone and be able to get to my e-mail. He have BES at my company which makes the experience all that much better. The screen is much better than the other color models I have seen. The keyboard is scary cool. It is very intuitive and has only messed up one word in one message so far. I don't browse much other than my company BB portal so I don't use it that much. i recommend the list theme rather than the default, it seems easier to navigate that way.

This phone is pretty solid and I am going to recommend it to my fellow BB users

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Nice Phone Great Price Awesome Service


Aug 24, 2006 by SprintTampaBay

Nice phone...best phone I've owned and I have had 16 in the last 10 years...I used Moto's Nokia Lg & Samsung, but this Blackberry is by far the best ever...a true workhorse for business and all around communication device...but as with all phones the network does make the major difference...I used Verizon for 7 1/2 years Sprint 2 years Alltel 15 days Nextel 6 mos and T-Mobile for last 3 mos...I find the best Blackberry service on T-Mobile and best prices...the coverage isn't quite as great as VZW, but is very equal too the others and growing, Customer Service is hands down the best...

Nice phone for work or play, a true communication device for all who seek staying in contact 24/7....

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