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Fucked up!


May 8, 2005 by KASSIE247

This phone service sucks! I got this phone 2 days ago. It took forever to accivate it because virgin mobile kept telling me that i had to wait 24 hours to accivate my phone because i supposedly typed in the wrong pin number doohicky thing. And i know i didnt. Finally i think it accivated. Today i just got a topup card and i tried to get it onto my phone through the phone but it didnt work. So i got online to do it. It worked just fine and they said they'd send me a text message when i get my minutes. I never got that text message and ive been waiting for hours to get them! Is there a certain time im supposed to get it or are they just ripping me off?

Great phone


Jun 29, 2007 by fm mom

I really love this phone. I've had it for about 2 1/2 years & it's still going strong. The menus & buttons are very easy to use. This poor thing has been dropped several times & keeps on working. I wish it had a longer battery life & the ringer is getting harder to hear.

Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use & very dependable

Cons: Short battery life, ringer not loud enough

ehh... wasnt impressed


Sep 3, 2006 by jackson5

this phone is a good starter phone i had a plan from vergin wireless and i hated the service. this phone was my 5th phone after switching from verizon thinking this would be less complicated then a plan..but yeah anyway i came along this phone it was cheap so i thought i would just pick it up. when i got it home it worked like anyphone should but the i tlk on the phone for hours a day so i needed a long battery life which this phone did not have, i didnt like the screen cuz it seemed small and it didnt have a color screen and i also hated the fact that it wasnt a flip phone.

i do like the flashlight it does come in handy if the power goes out..and i dropped the phone in the pool and after lettin it dry out it worked fine..

the service from vergin is horrible i hated it! i never had serivice any where i went..never had a problem with verizon! so like i was sayin i realized after about a week that i missed my old plan but didnt feel like going back to verizon.. so i looked around a did some research on cingular! i switched about a 3 months ago and love it!!!!!! all the min. i dont use get rolled over so i have more the next month! i got a motorola razr lil more expensive then your average phone but worth everypenny! but like i said good for a first phone or a emergency but dont trust it for lonng conversations!

Stop The B.S. Please! (go buy Sony 750 crap phone)


Jan 31, 2006 by mike78nycc

Don't believe the stupid kid's reviews of this phone. I personally bought this phone for my nephew (since he is only 12 years old).

THIS PHONE IS SIMPLE , and does what the phone must do (making and receiving calls)
with outstanding quality. And if you don't believe me then go to Duane Reade drug store
and buy it FOR $20!!!!! Yes, $20 !!!!
And if you find out that I'm wrong (but I can asure you 98% that you wil not), then you can return it with a full refund!!!!

-Amazing loud and very smooth (with enough of buss) sound quality (which is a very rare thing on CDMA network!)
-Loud ringers (not the best ones, but much better than on cheap Samsung or on cheap Nokia phones)
-Cool monochrome screen! (finally a phone without a bullshit color screen)
-Decent batterry life (thanks to monochrome screen as well-duh!)
-Reception is normal (Sprint's reception, since virgin works on Sprint's 1900 NETWORK)

-When on Vibr+Ring MODE , the phone will vibrate first for about 5-7 sec and then ring ( bad habbit that Kyosera took from Samsung, LOL)

FOR $20 YOU get a normal quality phone, and not overpriced toys (Nokia N90, Sony 750, and other crap).

don't buy, if you did, don't loose your receipts


Jul 1, 2005 by dsamedra

this phone is not good, has very poor design,virgin mobile srvice is poor, virgin programmed it wrong a couple of times and still have same problems. Virgin mobile support is also the worst in the planet, you cannot even reach someone to help when this phone stops working.
Moreover, it just froze whenever you used it, and reprogrammed itself.

I advise do not buy this phone, if you did, do not buy anymore recharge and do not loose your packaging and receipts and be prepared to return it.

to avoid hassle, do not even try to buy it. forget it, its a waste of money and time.


I like it just fine


May 27, 2005 by JENJEN41179

I quite like my little k9. i think it is good for what you pay for it. I like the real music ringtones and the handy flashlight. It's also a durable little thing. The first day I had it I spilled coke all over it. I freaked out but dried it off and left it sitting for 2 days. i put it back together and it glitched once but was good as new! I was happy. I work for a wireless company and ALL phones have their issues. There is no such thing as a perfect cellular phone or perfect cellular phone service. This phone is a good deal



Jan 29, 2005 by davidalexander97


Come on, be real!


Dec 10, 2004 by johnbkim1

This is not the worst phone on the planet (and I've had one of those, the Motorola c331g, a Satanic piece of crap), but nor is the K9 the best thing since sliced bread, as some of the reviewers would have you believe -- these guys must work for Kyocera or Virgin, or are dealers. I mean, come on! If it's so great, would Best Buy give them away for free after rebate? (That's how I got mine).

The phone is fine -- it has fair reception, fair battery life, fair features. The best part of the phone is its price ($0 - $39 at discount stores) and the airtime rates Virgin charges. The worst parts are that it has a bug with its ringtone and the buttons are not very ergonomic. I urge you to go down to a store and handle one of these in your palm before you buy one.

Ringtones does not work


Dec 6, 2004 by johnbkim

It has a ringtone called "Telephone" which is the only traditional-sounding ringtone, but it does not work. This is a bug that has been verified by many users. See discussion here:
(Note the link to another discussion at Howard's forum).

Yet Virgin Mobile and Kyocera are not willing to do anything about it. All of the other ringtones are stupid snippets of music that are useless in noisy places -- you can't hear them.

Compare and Contrast


Nov 25, 2004 by JINNAH

The reason I give this phone a 3/5 is because of the latest technology. And when I compared the Kyocera to my brothers phone his had a much better overall. ALSO, we bought ours about 1 month apart, which makes them in the same period.
NOW, his had a color screen, internet acess and shopping features, which mine did not.
I do not know his price, but I got mine as a gift. But when we compared, I felt and mine was from a couple years ago. It had no color, no real pictures. (ofcourse digital ones)
That is the negative side. But ofcourse, it is great besides the missing features.
Let this be a guide to your shopping.

-A updated concerned customer.

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