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Jun 14, 2005 by darc

Igot this phone from tmobile a week ago it is the first highend cell phone I have owned. I think it is a awesome phone.I live in D.C.Pro Voice clarity.call quality,ease of use,durability and battery life. I think the camera is really good takes great pictures the browser is easy to use. I love the blue covering it is different really cool. Cons I havent found any yet. I highly recomend this phone Tmovile finally got a really good phone in their lineup

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Jun 6, 2005 by foneguy

This is an awesome phone. I've had it for about 3 days now, no problems yet, at all. That is something that I haven't been able to say about my last few Moto's(V600, good, but flawed). The screen is outstanding, best on a phone so far when it somes to crispness and clarity. Battery life is awesome so far, I"ve charged this phone once, and it still has three bars. RF is amazing. T-Mobile has defintely come up since I last had them, I now have great reception in my house. The fact that you can customize everything is starting to sway me away from Ericsson, no small feat, I assure you. I still have one gripe, the outside of this phone still looks plain. It looks just like the V300, I would have hoped that it would have been updated with the new release. Oh, well, the V635 will eventually show up...I hope it's this good.

Great menus
Great battery(so far)
Great RF
Bluetooth is far improved over V600
Increased memory capacity
Amazing screen
Speakers are improved over V600
Keypad doesn't feel cheap anymore and has real buttons

Still a little bland on the outside(growing on me though)
Not a mega pixel camera...but hey, I've got a 4mp camera at the house.


One of the best phones that I've owened. I recomend this phone to anyone looking for a phone with all the bells and whistles.

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great job motorola finally!!


Nov 17, 2004 by OCCfan

I have had the the v600 and the v400,and motorola did a great job fixing all of the little problems the had with those two phone.The v551 is a solid phone. The rubbery cover is helpful so the phone doesnt slide out of your hand.Ialso like how you can chnage the way you view your phonebook entries,so you dont see every # for every contact!
PROS:bluetooth,screen, mp3 ringtones,rf,battery life,sound quality,edge,camera is decent compared to other camera phones.
CONS;wish motorola gave you mpt when you purchase a phone !!

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The Motorola v551


Dec 28, 2005 by Jwarzy72

For My Complete Review Visit


You Want Sleek. You Want Entertaining. You want the Motorola v551! After using this phone for over a year I found out that this trendy flip phone will have everyone talking. There are so many different things that this phone can do. Here is my complete, full review about the Motorola v551.

Design- My favorite things about the looks of the v551 looks amazing while shut, with its bold blue and silver look it is too desirable. Then this phone comes to life when you flip it open. A Brilliant 65000 color TFT 176 x 220px screen rimmed by a shining silver outline. There is also a camera key, and a voice record key on the side. I can fit this phone in tight spaces with its 89 x 49 x 25 mm design and weighing in at only 114g.

Text Messages- I have tons of fun using this feature on my v551. I can easily send messages, pictures, videos, animations, voice records and more with SMS, EMS and MMS options. Then Receive reply’s back in a matter of seconds!

Battery Life- Talk away without worrying about a dead phone with your 820 mAh Li-Ion battery. Talk for up to 3.75 hours and keep your phone on for days with a 225hr. standby time. It usually takes about 5-6 hours to get a good charge and last another couple days.

Call Quality- I Think that this phone has had better quality that the previous phones I have had. I can hear a crisp, strong sound when I have over 3 bars and when I have less it is still very clear. The speaker-phone is very clear and easy to hear and I have dropped very few calls while using my v551 and am extremely happy with the quality of my calls

My Personal Opinion- After using this phone for over a year I have found that this is one of the best Motorola phones available, and is the best phone that I have used in the past years with Cingular. I am very picky and I need to have a small phone with lots of features and this phone is so loaded with features that its incredible.

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What a surprise?


May 12, 2005 by frenchcreme

I have had this phone for a few weeks...i actually wanted the Samsung P207. And I looked and looked and looked and finally settled on the forbidden Motorola. (Heard nothing but bad things) I figured I would give it a try. My phone before this was the Siemens ct56 which in my open was really good for the time i had it which was 2 years. Back to the Motorola...and i figured if i would get one get the best one offered. I am very surprised at how this phone has been pretty descent! Hopefully this will help some else make a decision. Oh and i live in NC.

-Its not that heavy really.
-Screen is awesome.
-MP3 ringtones sound good and are loud.
-Camera is pretty good i have never had a camera phone but the pictures are clear.
-Changed the case on mine so its cool now.
-Battery life is good i probably charge it every 3-4 days.
-Speaker phone is awesome.
-Not a hard phone to navigate except for the calculator and things are in an odd spot.
-Vibrate and ring
-Edge and Bluetooth
--That's all i can think of for now. Overall i have not had any major issues but no phone is perfect..
About the phonebook i haven't had any problems with it i put everyones 2nd numbers in as separate entries. Like dad, dad2.

-Manuel sucks and the website doesn't help either.
-My signal is not as strong in some places as before.
-Text messing on this phone is a little weird compared to the past.

Some extra pointers
-You can turn the sound off on browser messages which is good so your phone doesnt go off all the time except for texts.
-You can set it so the phone has to be opened and then if you want to answer your call can hit the call button.

Well i hope this helps you and this is the first review i have done.

Overall, if you want a phone for everyday use that is not too hard to learn to use then this phone would not be a bad pick.

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best phone i've ever used


Apr 26, 2005 by Internetadam4657

This phone, as my title states, is the best phone I've ever used. The menus are typical motorola, which I'm used to as I've gone through many motos, and some other phones (audiovox, SE, nokia, etc.) Here is a short list of pros and cons.

+ good camera quality
+ speakerphone
+ good battery life
+ customizeable with skins, wallpaper, etc.
+ java
+ great signal anywhere in my area (cingular in ft wayne, IN)
+ EDGE high speed data
+ my phone software has vibe and ring at the same time, older software does not have it.
+ SMS and AIM, as I'm a big IM-er and texter, I love to use it to keep in contact with my friends from school (bishop dwenger high school in ft wayne, in (go saints) lol)
+ both displays viewable in any light
+ good size and weight

- can only activate speaker in call
- stub antenna (internal would have been awesome)
- video camera could definately be better
- can only store one number per phone book entry (typical motorola, in my experience anyway)
- cingular internet button too close to send button for me, as i have big hands
- only displays last 10 in and out calls and if a person calls multiple times, it only shows once

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Apr 12, 2005 by CoffeeBean330

I got this phone as a birthday present. My first phone was a tracfone, a nokia 1100. But I was sick of the prepay thing and went for a contract. I fell in love with this phone the moment I saw it. And I was in luck! Best Buy had it on sale for $49.99 after instant savings. I saved $100. It has been great for the two months so far.


Size-Some say it's too big. I like it.
Exterior: I love the blue and it feels great.
Key pad-Easy to use.
Menu-Not hard like so many say. I even figured out how to customize ringtones.


Battery life. I have to charge it every night. But it's worth it.

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Feb 25, 2005 by hydragnium

Another V600 look alike with the extra video clip recording feature. You can't blame Motorola for not going too far out with this model, because its relative the V600 was one of the best selling phones in the market.

-now you get EDGE data speeds
-now you get video clip recording capabilities
-slick design

-i am a fan of internal antennas, when will Motorola start picking up the trend?

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Awesome Phone


Feb 18, 2005 by quintani

I work at a Cingular store, and personally own this phone.


- Great Battery Life
- Bluetooth wireless Rocks for tranfering files from PC to phone, and using wireless headset
- Great reception
- MP3 ringtones
- Super high res display
- High quality camera, with short video

- You have to buy the mobile phonetools software from motorola its not free like with nokia phones.
- Had to try 1 other phone before getting one that had a battery life greater than 3 days. Cingular noted it as a defective batch. If your having this or any other problem send it back under warranty. There was a defective batch of phones back in December 2004.
- A little heavier than an average phone.
- Only 1 number per name.

Overall this is a great phone for anyone looking for high-end features at an affordable price. You won't be disappointed with this phone.

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Jan 20, 2005 by lilbeater0808

I just wanted a phone that would work down in Red Bud but my old one didn't so yeah I’m happy with this one!!

--First things first!!!! I absolutely love the ring tone hello moto! I was easily amazed by it!!! lol
--Screen & Menu
--Easy to access
--Can choose your own background
--the outside screen is really helpful tooJ
--Nice Quality
--Control Brightness
--It’s very nice…when I first saw it I was like OMG that is a cute flip
phone….can I get it?
--Screen Saver
--The blue outside covering is awesome and its very comfortable to hold on to. It also small but not to small and not heavy or to light its just perfect
--The buttons aren’t to small or too big
--MP3 ring tones are the best….I’m used to ones that have the da da da la la la with no words
--Speaker Phone
--Good Volume
--Useless when driving or trying to do something else
--Phone Book
--it’s a bit confusing at first but I got used to it!
--Its very good but I have to charge mine a lot b/c I use it a lot and use the camera a lot so I guess it depends on how much u use the camera and call ppl
--It’s nice to actually have an antenna

--Only one thing it doesn’t have is games on it except a demo for bejeweled and playing that demo gets old after a while
--Another thing is that the menu it gets confusing like tools shouldn’t be under settings it should be under TOOLS lol
--When u enter a name in the phone book and then u have a cell phone number and a house number it doesn’t put it as one person it puts it as 2 different numbers under 2 names of the same person like
EX: Katie Robinson 555-6963 (cell)
Katie Robinson 334-5658 (house)

Over all I would definitely recommend it to all my friends if they need a new phone! Actually my friend might be getting it and im like u copy catter! Lol but he kjnows im just joking…but it is a GREAT phone and A LOT better than the Nokia I had from T-mobile

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