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Audiovox PPC-6600 / PPC-6601 / XV6600 (HTC Harrier)


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Best Verizon Phone!


Jan 16, 2005 by yz450fman

I have had my XV6600 for about 2 weeks now and I will tell you that it is my favorite out off all the others I have had Including my V710. Be warned that it does not get as good RF as the V710 but not many do. The wireless sync is totaly awsome to say the least. You are always on with this. They just need to make a tweek to the blue tooth firm ware to solve the headset issues that they have other than that It would be perfect even without a camera. I will not by the camera version. There is no need, Load in photos of your contact with the Photo ID program and it works perfect. Microsoft Voice command Version 1.5 is a must. It is so cool how you will be sitting in your living room and all of a sudden you will hear you next item in your calander in voice format.

SO advanced, it's useless!


Jun 24, 2005 by renderboy

Ive had phone 14 days-it goes back to Sprint today. Here is why...

*I cannot stream audio from web with Media Player 9 other than the ltd stuff at windowsmedia.com, which I don't want.
*Pocket IE 6 wont allow text searching or save as, only copy.
*Even tho billed as a "Vision" device, this phone will not connect to the Vision web portal, so no ringers, no multimedia, no games, no access to wap-enabled web sites, no screen savers, no premium services (Mobi-MLB for example). I cant even get my minute balance anymore. All the above you get with a $50 phone, but for $500, no. The reason is that this phone has a full browser, so the whole web is yours... Maybe, but those wap and text only sites are fast and I should still be able to get to them and I cannot. Plus, ironically, I cannot login on the one site you would think would be certain to work --- sprintpcs.com itself.
*Dialing...this phone has no hard pause for string dialing! And it cant prepend (i.e., *82) before dialing from your call history. And you cant keep it from displaying your last call to the world (my boss may not like seeing it reading "Mom").
*You cant set a new appt with someone in your contact list.
*While the landscape mode is cool, it turns the phone sideways too, ridiculous!
*There are nice features, like the writing recognition and full keyboard, but these things are on other phones too, so they are not the reason to buy this device.

All in all, I am sad that my verdict has to be thumbs down on this phone. I was hopeful, but will go back to my 5 year old Samsung.


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Canadian Review


May 29, 2005 by thalon

Carrier: Telus
City: Edmonton
Signal: Decent in most areas
End user Clarity: "Sounds Tinny"

Great features, tons of apps available, very capable phone/ PDA.
Camera: Camera and mp3 features are nice.
Headset: Headset seems not to shabby
Activesync: Works great with infra red syncing and wireless syncing.
OS: Users already have a feel for Mr. Gates OS

Applications: CPU is ARM compatible so tons of appz will work

Storage: SD slot is very nice.


Camera: 0.3 Megapixel is kind of low

Case: The included case might as well been a bag. I think this was included as an afterthought. Go get a better one

Power: Can we say Car charger? Battery lasts for quite a while .. althougth my battery meter says 3h@100% with the pda and full wirless/internet running..

Wireless: Still can't seem to play music urls.

Package: Expensive, Internet usage charges are incredibly high. Unlimited means a max of 50MB with $10CDN/MB over that.. I'm sorry but that is gross misrepresentation of the word "unlimited"

Software: bundled device configration toolset is lacking. You have to purchase more software

Storage: 128MB ram is very lean

1x: Speeds vary TREMENDOUSLY depending on location. Outrageous overusage charges

Overall i really like this phone.. i hpe it is sturdily built because the bundled carrying case is very flawed.
I have not tried it's bluetooth yet but i did manage tohost a bluetooth connection and a buddy who got one of these dnloaded some songs..
i will be trying secureclient on this this soon enuf and i love the terminal services feature. email was easy to set up, the only thing i don't like is outlook mobile access does not have a logout button. but over all this phone/pda/toy is great and i have no issues with it as of a week of owning it.



Mar 7, 2005 by hucworld

This phone has it all! I have jumped from cell phone provider to provider and none of the carriers providers carry a phone quite like this. I recently had the Nextel Blackberry 7520 and when I got it I thought it was great until I decided to open my eyes and look at this phone. It has the PDA function and the internet capable and the whole nine. The only draw back to the phone is that its mad awkward without an earpiece. The internet connection is wonder and the overall use of the phone is great.

The Best Phone So Far!


Dec 11, 2004 by Jokorion

I’ve had just about every PDA phone that Sprint had to offer since they started in 97 from the Kyocera 6035, Hitachi G1000, to the Samsung I600. And By far the PPC-6601 is the best ppc.

I got the phone about 2 days after I ordered it from Sprint. Sprint is usually pretty good about getting their phones out to you within a couple of days for the most part. I’ve had the PPC-6601 for about a month now. It didn’t come with much except for a battery, case and desktop charger.


For a pda it’s pretty small and compact, the touch screen is just the right size for a ppc. I’m a pretty big guy and the slide out key board was pretty easy to manipulate. The 128 Megs of memory well its kinda light for a ppc of this caliber but you can make up for this by adding an additional SD card. As for programming couldn’t be easer. MS Active Sync Ver. 3.7.1 works effortlessly while syncing with Outlook. The IE browser is kinda slow but has greatly improved over the years. As for e-mail haven’t missed one yet and the e-mail setup was easy. The speakerphone is average. The phone comes with Windows Media Player 9 which is GREATLY improved. The clips play without much lag if any. The Bluetooth well I bought a Logitech HS01 wireless Bluetooth head set and was using it within 3 minutes of connecting it to the phone. And I have yet to get any bugs or lockups or found the need to upgrade anything.


The battery well you’ll need 2 if not 3 to last you for the day if you talk a lot. You will need a car adapter. I had to buy 3 of them because for some reason the ones from sprint seem to smoke and burn out within a week or so, there said that they are working on this problem. The case is crap considering the cost of the phone. I got 3 or 4 dropped calls so far and every once and a while you get an echo on the line but its tolerable. For the most part the connection and cell part is slightly above average. I bought a XDA3 case from EB Cases, it well worth the $39.99 price tag.

You'll get used to its size!


Apr 17, 2005 by Hooyah

I had been searching for a "SmartPhone" for the last 5 months (I was about to "settle" for the Treo-650). I opted to "try out" the PPC-6600. The first couple of days I was VERY leary on it's size. However, after the 3rd day, it felt VERY comfortable - in all aspects of performing business functions.

Though the Treo is a sexier appearing device, after reviewing my own true needs (not wants) the reality set in - I needed functionality and versitility with my Tablet PC.

This thing WILL get things done AND will cause you to "want to" get organsized!

Rock & Roll, Babies!

(Thanks, Rich, for this site!)

Finally - a PDA phone I can use!


Jan 26, 2005 by kenhenderson

With my Palm V getting a tad "long in the tooth", I had waited for months for the HP iPAQ 6315 to come out - only to find it usable only on the T-Mobile network. (it's also kind of slow)

Unwilling to switch from Verizon Wireless because of their extensive coverage in my neck of the woods (suburban New England), I was pleased to read rumors of the Audiovox XV6600 for Verizon. When it arrived in stores on Jan 17, I found it lived up to my every expectation!

I don't want a camera, many customer sites I visit won't allow them and I simply cannot check my PDA at the front desk.

It would be nice to have WiFi like the 6315 but that's easy to fix with an SDIO card.

I am very pleased with the Bluetooth and cannot wait until my Deluo GPS module arrives!

Everything else about the XV6600WOC (which I assume means "without camera") is simply great! The thumboard is fast and easy to type on. (I had an add-on thumboard for my Palm, never having mastered Graffiti) The apps work great; AvantGo is a free source of web info; Active Sync works extremely well. It's just what I've always needed!

And for those of you who are looking for some accessories (like a case), here's a good site I finally located.


Have fun - I certainly am!

Ken Henderson



Jan 4, 2005 by xhyena

My first PDA and pda/phone and so far so good. Yes, yes, the case sux (on the look for a good case) but otherwise it is a good phone.

Two things I discovered so far that I thought to share:

1) The cradle can charge from USB, so you can use the watchamacal converter thing + power supply as a "secondary" charger. So I can charge this thing at work using Cradle, and with the AC adapter at home.
2) This device is very new, so not many decent accessories are out yet ... except for Boxwave company:

I just ordered my car charger & USB sync/charger from there (I like their multi-purpose car charger).

Boxwave has really nifty stuff for PDA cover or just PDA cases but they don't have those out for XV6600 yet. So I don't know if I should stay "tortured" with the crappy case till Boxwave comes out, or buy a case from somewhere else.

Any how, thats all for now. Cheers and happy hunting! :D



Jul 6, 2005 by thewoodedone

You've got to be kidding me. Verizon has Broadband speed over wireless! Hold on.... Phew! I almost stopped breathing. This device is all I need in the field. I used terminal services to reboot an NT box on my way home from work. I didn't have to turn around. Does Verizon take tips.



Jun 25, 2005 by ajs253

I read the reviews here, and was disappointed with the Treo 650. I decided to try this out. Got the PDA last week and cannot tell you how pleased I am with my decision. If you are with Verizon, and have subscribed to unlimited data, you can pretty much have MSNBC on the whole day. Download at DSL plus speed.
More important, there are less limitations using this PDA because of the Windows operating system versus using a Palm operating system. You are able to download large e-mail attachments without thinking twice. Your only limitation will be the memory you have. Of course you can expand with a memory card.
The PDA also has built in Wifi and Bluetooth. The large screen and media player work very well together with the broadband service. Truly a great work/play tool.
I would have to say the keyboard will require some getting used to. But other than that, for what this device is, and with the Verizon broadband service, this is the best PDA available in the market in my opinion.

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