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Apr 26, 2008 by CoachCFH

The best phone ever????


But I do love it. Great entry level phone. Jumped into the lake with it, put it in a bag of rice, and it is like it never happened.

Great all around phone.

Most people cry about petty stuff with this phone.

Bottom line.

Get this phone is you want to be satisfied!!!

Great phone for reception


Aug 16, 2005 by minuteman26

Some of the following is duplicated on HOFO:

The 4650 has fantastic reception. My wife travels to remote TN locations and there is a destination that is "guaranteed" to prevent cellphone reception. Her extremely capable VX4400 didn't work there, although it did ordinarily a fine job otherwise. Today, she tested her new 4650 in that "dead spot" and guess what? Loud and clear. HIGHLY recommended!

The 4400 it replaced was top of the line for its time -- great battery life, good features, etc.

The 4650 has a relatively small screen and a little bit of an "ugly duckling" appearance, but that is inconsequential for our purposes. Speaker works great, and the "echoing" was experienced only once. I have learned that sometimes tower problems can cause this problem.

The user interface is great. We had a Cingular Moto 551 for a short time and the menus weren't nearly as obvious.

IMHO, it would be hard to go wrong on this beautiful, powerful, ugly little phone!

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Overall a great phone!!!


Aug 30, 2005 by maharaja1853

Absolutely love this one!!!

Great reception on Verizon Wireless
Design- Solid build, feels good
POWERFUL LOUD speaker with amazing clarity.
Good battery life
Uses standard 2.5mm headset jack
Nice displays
Awesome menus, very user friendly.
Voice commands don't require any training
Lots of handy features.
Thin and lightweight.
Screen a bit smaller, but can get by.

Cons :
Battery drains pretty quickly if speakerphone kept running for more than 20 minutes.
Sometimes battery gets hot while call is on (Not because you are holding it, but even when you attach a headset to it)
If you are right handed, you accidently keep hitting the speakerphone on/off button.

One usability glitch is that LG engineers decided to display "Speakerphone OFF" when it is actually ON and vice versa. What they might be trying to say is "Press the Speakerphone button again to turn it OFF" while its on. Strange but works.

There is no camera/video,mp3 player, bluetooth, washer, drier, vacuum cleaner in this one...go buy a digital camera or an ipod if you need to take pictures or listen to music! It has all the features that a cellphone should have and I am highly satisfied and recommend it with Verizon.

Great Phone!


Aug 9, 2005 by RacerX

I have the LG 4650 with Verizon Wireless and so far it is great. I have been with VZW for a long time and most recently had the Moto V265 (which is by far the worst phone ever!). Motorola seems to be pushing out lots of new phones, but at much lower quality when compared with the "old school" StarTac and V60, which were very dependable.

The LG 4650 is the non-PTT handset for VZW and has the following:

- good call reception
- very clear and bright screen
- excellent speakerphone which is very LOUD
- speakerphone can be used with the phone open or closed
- easy to use keypad
- secure, swivel holster

- buttons on the sides of the phone are a bit too easy to activate so you sometimes press the volume or speakerphone buttons inadvertently while on a call (this seems to be common with how LG's are manufactured)
- sometimes when using the speakerphone in a crowded/noisy area, the person on the other end of your call will ask you, "Are you on some kind of speakerphone?" (phone might be picking up outside noise)
- not too many choices of ringtones

There is no camera with this phone but that was my choice as I just wanted a phone with reliable call reception, a good speakerphone and color screen. The LG-4650 fits the bill nicely!

VX4650 on VZW


Jul 23, 2005 by GWFOX

As usual LG has outdone itself. The Lg-VX4650 is a top notch phone. The VX4650 has the same feel and look of the 6100 menus.

This is based upon use of the 4650 on the Verizon Wireless network in the NorthEast (Boston, MA) area.

* Top Notch Sound Quality
* Incredible Speakerphone including ring volume and amazing clarity especially on TrueTone ringtones
* Excellent antenna for signal strength
* Excellent form factor. Slim, not too large.
* Uses the new "universal battery" system that the VX3200, VX6100, VX8100 uses
* Compatible with accessories to the VX6100 phone
* Tri-Mode Phone. Up here analog is still required in the north in some areas.

* Speakerphone activation button should be on top of the phone. I keep turning the speakerphone on and off by accident

Other than that, GREAT JOB LG USA!

VX4650 - A "Phone" Phone


May 26, 2006 by papajac

If you want a cell phone that is a telephone, then this is the model for you. Neat, compact, durable, great reception (Verizon), easy number access, excellent ring selection, excellent speaker phone. Have not used voice dialing. My complaint is a minor one: would like the option of selecting a plain wallpaper; available ones are much too "busy"

LG VX 4650 - Excellent all around phone


Jul 20, 2005 by strahm

I have been using my LG VX 4650 for about 2 weeks now. The finally got the software to transfer my phonebook from my old Samsung A530. I think the phone is an excellent all around phone and would recommend the phone to anyone.

- Excellent reception
- Powerfull full duplex clear speaker phone
- Software menus easy to navigate
- Durable

- Cons
- Screen is a bit small and fonts are hard to
read for me. But I get by.
- Could use bluetooth

Great phone


Sep 6, 2005 by talker

Traded in my Motorola e815 due to the EVDO bug that eats batteries. The 4650 works so much better. Long battery life, great reception (better than the e815), a great speaker phone, and simple operation. I have no need for a camera (waste of money and air minutes) and the lack of blue tooth access (who wants a $70 earphone) was just fine. The speaker phone option also saves me the price of a hands-free kit for the car. This is a great product for folks looking for a high quality phone without the other money wasting bells and whistles.

Awesome Phone


Feb 21, 2005 by scooter1

Great phone. Long battery life way better than any Motorolas. You can use the ptt with the phone open or closed nice feature compared to the V60P you can't. Get the phone you will love it.

Way to Go VZW


Mar 11, 2005 by VZWagent

Ok so i am blown away by the quality of the PTT service in its second go around, honestly i mean it. I used a Nextel over the summer for some work i had to do with a crew and i can easily say just as good connection time wise and volleying back and forth, but when you hear the clarity of this service as opposed to an Iden phone it is a night and day difference. Great battery, menu is acceptable, the driving mode is even better than that of a 4500, 6100, which means unbelievable. Reception be it PTT, or cellular is great. I only wish the display was a little larger, but after a week i got used to it, (a little awkward after coming from an 8000). I would glady recommend already am moving my friends to the PTT. 4.5 due to size of display. Go get it for the fam and all your friends, maybe you business too. DO IT

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