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Congrats Verizon


Feb 23, 2005 by deezmania

Verizon has out done itself with the push to talk option. Finally they got it right this time. The initial push to talk when connecting with a person for the first time can take up to 3 seconds. After your initial ptt it takes only about 1 second to reach the other person. My dad was in chicago and i'm in New york and we connected instantly without any problem.

- PTT works great
- Speaker is loud
- Batter life is great
- Reception
- size
- call volume is loud

- Side buttons Get rid of them
- Alert sound is almost impossible to hear

I can't think of anything else. I gave this phone a 4.5 because of the side buttons and the alert sound. The side buttons just need to go they press while on calls and while in pocket. Alert sounds speak for itself.

You can check my other reviews for LG 8000 and a few more phones.

LG VX4650 I owned 2, as well as the 4700


Jan 7, 2011 by narn3049

These phones definetely deserve a 5.0 HONESTLY Well I will describe them in the way that i owned them what happened and then pros and cons.

1. The first phone was a big upgrade then what I had before. My dad had one and then I had one as well. It was cool and worked. It continued to work until I dropped it on the hinge and the screen went on and off a lot. So I got a replacemement model.

2. I owned this phone for about a year. I got tired of the frequent shut downs and restarts and all that, and i tossed it and i broke the screen. I almost took off a lot of the rating because of that, but was given a 4700, that COMPLETELY blew this cons away. It was an automatic 5.0

3. After my 4650 was having issues, they had an updated version which was the LG VX4700. I purchased it because, it was rugged and since I worked with people that had this phone I could use the PTT. i heavily dropped this phone. It seems sometimes that the screen went out and the battery wasn't that great after dropping it repeatedly etc. It never gave up and it finally shut off for the last time in 2008 like 3 years after I got the phone. It was an amazing update over the 4650. I'm glad that verizon convinced me to get that one.

PROS: for the first 4650, it died a lot with full charge, I considered getting the extended battery. When it broke all of the answers of battery issues were resolved as it must have been the phone in some way.

Durable: I cannot tell you/or count, how long I dropped this phone. All of them were heavily scraped. 4650 first one even got dunked. It didn't work for 4 days after and I was convinced I would have to switch. Tried to power it on again and if it didnt work was going to go get a different phone, well it turned on and I used it right after that.

I miss that Verizon stopped giving all of the accessories to you with the new phones like they did with the LG phones. I wish that they'd do that again. It was a very good phone though! Go get it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome phone!


Sep 14, 2007 by gbcooper

GREAT basic telephone. I've never had any problems with this phone. Reception is great and I would buy this phone again. This is a basic phone with text messaging capabilities and a speaker phone; no camera or anything special. If you want a no frills phone that won't break down... get this phone.

Nice phone for the money


Aug 21, 2007 by rml695

I'm with Verizon Wireless and have an LG VX4650. I've had this phone for two years. It was an emergency replacement for an LG VX4500 that had, what I call, a "screen wash" on the inside screen rendering the phone useless. I love the speaker on this phone because I often have my headphones on when i'm on the computer, and the speaker ensures me that i definitely hear the phone when it rings. It also supplies exelent speaker phone quality, which is good because sometimes (depending on who's on the other end) i have trouble understanding them through the ear piece. Sometimes I use the speaker phone more than my ear piece. Also I was surprised when the phone started to support the Verizon Wireless Extended Network when I was traveling this summer. As I said I've had this phone for a few years and plan to upgrade soon, but for the money I absolutely love it. Aside from a slight blemish caused by me, and a battery that has gotten rather weak over the 2,800 call amount & 280 hour talk time, nothing bad has happened to the phone. Definitely worth the bucks if you can find one used. One thing this phone has is a voice command set which includes an announce mode with partial TTS (Text to speech) capabilities. As I have limited vision this has major benefits.

Not So Good


Jun 3, 2007 by cellfone_freak

Ok I got this phone as a loaner . I sent in my RAZR to get a repair and I got this phone as a loaner so i thought I'd put my Review on it.

I've had the phone going on 3 weeks now, and it's awful! The second say i had the phone it froze when trying to send a text message and i had to take the battery out. Just recently i went to go to the menu and it never responded so i pressed menu again and the screen turned a dark black but the button were still lit up and the outter clock was still on. SO i had to take the battery out to fix it. Also recently i flipped open the phone and it didn't respond the screen stayed black and the buttons wouldn't light up, so i had to take the battery out once again. I'm glad it's just a loaner.



May 26, 2007 by bsballdude27

My grandparents purchased this phone and they love it. The speaker phone is loud ans so are the ringers. The only complaint I have s the belt clip that they bought from verizon broke, but the replaced it.

Easy to use




Feb 19, 2007 by ke6bea

Let me say the this 4700 is the worst phone that I have ever had. I do not like flip phones to begin with but VZW only has flips. The side buttons drive me CRAZY every time that I sit into a car seat I turn the speaker phone on or off, this also happens during calls because that is were you naturally hold on to the phone. If it is not the speaker button then it is the volume or the voice record/drive mode button. This thing will also make calls by its self. I sit into a seat and the next thing that I hear is a ringing from the speaker phone because it has called the last number that I called. The audio quality is just plain bad. I spend most of my time asking the people that I am talking to to repeat them selfs because they sound like Charlie Browns teacher. It has become a running joke with my wife of how many time the call will be dropped during our conversations. I can have full scale service and the call will just drop. Also I can have full scale service and not be able to make a call. It will just sit there trying to connect. When the person standing with me that also has VZW but a Motorola can make a call with no problem. I was recently on a trip where we had full scale VZW service ans was only able to make calls after turning the phone off and back on and dialing while it had analog service before logging into digital. Once it went to digital, no calls in or out. I tried swapping the phone out because it was still under warranty, but the new phone has the exact same problems. The only reason that this phone is still alive is that I need to have a phone at all times. I will however replace this phone soon at my upgrade and make sure that it meets with a VERY VIOLENT DEATH. Like a .44 mag through the heart. The one thing that I do like it the multiple ring tones that are assigned to my contacts so I know who is calling. I also forgot to mention the pain of having to end the call twice before making another call or you just make a redial of the last call.

Great Basic phone!


Dec 16, 2006 by xyzpdq123456

I got this phone for my mother who seems to break or drop all of her cell phones. She has dropped them off the boat, or out the car window or in the toilet, or the best one she baked in the oven! Anyways i bought this one since it seemed very sturdy! This phone is indeed one of the sturdiest phones i have used that is a flip phone! She has since dropped it out a second story window and dropped it down the cement basement stairs a few times but it still works like a charm. This phone is nothing fancy, but she does like the simple easy to use UI! LG has great ringtones and the phone only has a few minor scratches!

Pros- loud rigntones
many ringtones to choose from
- large buttons
-large screens
-great battery life

Cons- a little large, especially with holster clip and extendend battery it makes my NOkia 6255i seem small!
-No camera

OVeral this is a great phone with great reception the only reason i gave it a 4.5 was because it was so large and had no camera!



Sep 15, 2006 by ricosuave

All I care about is reception. My wife and I live out on the edge of digital coverage. Her 4700 is horrible compared to my Motorola V60p or Motorola T300P when on the edge of digital coverage.

VX4650 - not happy


Jul 11, 2006 by julianec

Unfortunately, we have two of these phones and are not happy. Salesperson touted the speakerphone when I said I always use headset, but I find it is not adequate to be hands-free in the car. Reception seems very poor--people are always saying "You're cutting in and out" even when it sounds clear to me. I never had dropped calls on my old phone, now frequent. And if my husband and I try to talk to each other (both on our 4650s)--forget it! At least one of us has to find a landline in order to have any conversation.

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