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Best Phone I Ever Had


Dec 17, 2007 by Linz0323

This was officially the best phone I have ever had. I had it for almost 2 years. Took good care of it (leather case, hardly ever dropped it, didnt flip it open or close it hard) Was well worth the $200-ish I paid for it. Is wonderful for a gadget lover.

However, I was not able to continue use with this phone because I cancelled my plan with MetroPCS & would have to pay a $75 activation fee to use it again.

-Can record then set as ringtone.
-Can play MP3s.
-Excellent camera & flash.
-Great sound quality.
-Video recorder has great picture quality.
-Alarm will still work if phone is on Silent Mode.
-Vibrate is powerful (with other phones, I couldnt even tell it was ringing-not a problem with this phone)
-Music will still play when phone is closed.

-Hinge cracked.
-After hinge cracked, phone sometimes shut off without notice.
-If you record something loud, it will play back VERY loud, sometimes making the speakers sound buzzy.

62655: i love it


Sep 12, 2007 by jivin

I have had the phone for over a year. had to have mic replaced after a month, but nokia replaced it, and have had no other problems.

pros: durable(i have run it over and lost it outside at -20F), good reception, large keypad, customizable menu, expandable memory, radio, and music player

cons: very bulky with protruding back and external antenna. although it comes with a flash and night mode, functions don't work very well for pictures.

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My first video phone


Oct 8, 2006 by chocolateman85006

I had this phone in 2005. It was the best phone that Alltel had at the time (I haven't seen one as good since).

3 minute videos (It was my first video phone. I was easier to please back then).
FM Radio and Mp3 player in the same phone.
Camera/Video wasn't too bad for a VGA phone.
I could put a signature with my text messages (minor thing, but important to me).

3 minute videos(It was also a con because i her after that that I could have phones that went longer)
It was attached to Alltel's service (Anyone that reads this review that used to have Alltel can agree).

It was my first video phone and a darn good one; but what i have now is way nice.

nokia 6256i verizon


Jul 10, 2006 by renee62875

pros small nice phone speaker is loud can here it great.easy to use .

face plate hard to change
can only down load verizon ring tones
can only set ring tones to a group
cant get picture id
camera kinda blurry
radio has to have a special head set
side keys cant be changed

A decent enough phone.


Feb 7, 2006 by FoneFreq

Radio Shack, $60. Amazon has it for free, A/R.

I've had an LG4400 for two years, but wanted Bluetooth.

This is a lower-level Nokia, lacking key factory accessories-- an OEM case, holster, extended battery, and *cradle* phone/battery charger.

Some of the Pros and Cons are subjective based on my preferences, and won't matter to others.

-Reception-- Better in some areas over my LG
-Sound quality of speakerphone, headset; of incoming
and outgoing calls. Speakerphone distorts only at
highest volume
-Camera takes amazingly clear photos if you get close
but I don't need one
-FM radio-- fairly sensitive and sounds OK
-Countdown timer
-BT file transfer
-Alarm works when phone is off
-Auto answer works only with headphone/BT

-Reception-- Worse in some areas than my LG
-Boxy, awkward feel-- flip is heavier than base
-Phone feels somewhat cheaply constructed
-Flat hard plastic buttons are difficult to use without
looking. Prefer raised, rubber buttons
-The Select button is small, rounded, and hard plastic.
Flat or rubber it would be easier to manage
-Boring Time display on front
-No backlight for Time unless you hit Volume first, then
-Only one alarm, no "Quick Alarm"
-No Picture ID for incoming calls
-Voice dial process is inferior to LGs voice prompt menu
-With a headset, must still open phone, press, and hold
button for Voice Dial (Not a problem with BT)
-Odd choices for Voice Command, and no "Voice dial..."
command for headset use like Moto
-Limited, goofy ringtones.
-No cradle
-No extended battery
-Can't hide phone numbers, only lock whole phone
-Can't change banner
-Stays at last menu screen when closed, doesn't go back
to main screen.
-Displays aren't very impressive

If I knew how to add MP3s as 'tones, I'd be happier.

If my 4400 did BT, I'd be very happy.

I do like this Nokia, I'm not crazy about it. If I wasn't lazy, I'd have returned it to try the LG 8100.

I'll see what LG and Nokia offer in a year or two.

Animated Pictures on Display Screen


Jan 29, 2006 by teresara

Among the cons and pros I find amusing the fact that you can Add an animated picture (mine has an animated picture on gif format) on either the main or mini display. Super cool.

I think this phone is great


Jan 22, 2006 by Lucus12

I think this phone is great but can only be best utilized by either mmc or usb cable

clear speakers even for recording

cons:sry spelling bad but
weak henge feeling but it wont break
mp3 to ringtone feature blocked



Dec 8, 2005 by pHoNeXpErT

My friend bought me this phone for my birthday and I had it for about two weeks before I unfortunately lost it. It was a great phone and I really liked it. Nothing wrong with it at all, great BT, could have a megapixel camera, that's my only complaint. Oh well. I wish I still had this phone.

Highly overrated.


Nov 18, 2005 by oleg106

Got this phone today at BestBuy for $250 + tax = $270. Right now, you can also get either a $30 rebate or a bluetooth headset if you buy this phone at BestBuy. Anyway, I waited a long time for this phone and really expected it to be something amazing -very disspointed. The construction is horrible, it took me 20 minutes to put on the batter door. When I finally applied a lot of force, one of the plastic pins broke. The construction is horrible, the phone looks and feels cheap. It looks glued. The buttons are very cheesy and your fingers start to sweat when you touch them. The phone is too thick. It looks a lot like the T720. Has full bluetooth which everyone seems to be very excited about ... but why? MP3 player and ability to add Java games/apps was stripped by Verizon. What's everyone trasnferring back and forth? VGA photos? I am returning it tomorrow.


Picture quality is decent for a VGA camera
Internal screen is nice and big
Reception is decent, not as good as 6015i


No MP3 player
Looks cheap
Speakerphone could be better
Menu button really is too small

Can't comment on battery .. used it for a day.

Not bad


Nov 13, 2005 by talkin2u924

I don't have much to add to the positive reviews except the best thing I like about the phone....that even though it's a clamshell...I love the large keys. My treo buttons are small and this phone has nice large keys. I don't need the fingers of an Omp Lumpa to dial. Now that's a change that's nice.

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