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Sweet Phone


Aug 4, 2004 by diablonyc2

I just picked up this phone 2 days ago and LOVE IT. I was a Sprint customer with a sanyo camera phone and just upgraed to this Masterpiece with T-Mobile.

Overall the design is sleek and eye catching. I am concerned with protecting the camera lense since it is out in the open. The Symbian OS on this phone runs great---a little slow at times. I syced it to my computer after a few unsucessful tries (drivers and software have to be installed in a certain order--keep that in mind).

I will list out the Pros and Cons I have with it so far


- Camera - 1 megapixal pictures are not the same quality as my 5 mega pixal camera -but good enough to print.

- OS once u get the hang of it, you can easily navigate throught the whole phone. Emails are a snap, text messageing is a snap, etc. I did enjoy the Groups function in the phonebook. It lets u assign groups to people.

- It came with photo ediditing and sharing software. THis allows u to edidt the photo and to upload it to an online photo service (Kodak). I am going to attempt this today (since I have ofoto).

- Keypad lock - I read in a review that there was none! But there is (click the power button once for the menu).


- Speaker - MP3s come out low and a little distorted. Midi ringers are loud, but sound files come out low.

- Camera not guarded. I have no problems now--but worry about how the lense will preform after "wear and tear"

- OS can be a little slow -- but nothing too alarming

- Lack of Software. Because it is available in Europe, I could not download some of the software to the phone (required overseas billing address and network).

- Some of the cool features this phone has (Presence and Chat set ups) are not compatable with US networks.

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Thanks Nokia, for Another Brilliant Handset!


Aug 1, 2004 by phoneboy75

I just purchased this device about one week ago, and let me tell you, it's awesome! I've been going up the Nokia Series 60 evolutionary chain for the last year. I've had the 3650, then the 6600, now the 7610; therefore, I'll base my review upon a comparison between these handsets. They have all seemed to build upon the features of their respective predecessors. First off, some may claim the 7610 is weird looking, but the pictures online do it no justice. Once you see it real life, you'll be impressed by it's slim, sleek design. Its key design is unconventional, but you will get used to it quickly, and will thank Nokia for this tight layout. The 7610 has an easier camera mode switching between still and video (click sideways on the cursor), with 4x digital zoom and nightmode available on both. If you're a Series 60 fan, you'll love it - same menu appearance as the 3650 and 6600, and you'll be happy to know that the 6600 themes work on the 7610, which is great, as I seem to find new ones online all the time. The RF appears to be identical to the 6600, which was great in my opinion. The device was loaded with cool applications that I wish my carrier (T-Mobile USA) supported, such as Presence and Chat. It has a nifty little editing program for your video, and I was impressed by it's features (start/end mark cutting, sepia tones, etc.). Opera is included for free, which is my favorite HTML browser for the Series 60 OS. It also improved upon the 6600 by having replaceable faceplates (without voiding your warranty). It's not perfect of course, one drawback is that the MMC card that is included is 1/2 the size of a normal one, and requires an adaptor to fit it into a card reading slot on a PC. Also, the 6600's card didn't fit into the device, therefore, I was unable to transfer my 6600's data into the 7610 via the "Restore Backup" option. This was an intial minor inconvenience, however. All in all, a great package for anyone considering a purchase of a new device.

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Very Nice


Jul 28, 2004 by hope

I bought this phone in Asia, so its the GSM 900/1900/1900 version. It also means the phone is unlocked, since all phones are unlocked. The carrier I have is ATT Wireless, their GSM network. I'm from the SF Bay area, and have had no problems with the phone at all. The camera is one megapixel, so you could print out the pix if you really wanted to. You can record 10 mins of video and even do video editing which I haven't done much of. There is no IR port, but it does have bluetooth, which again, is used more in Asia than the states. The only downside is that there is no EDGE for hi-speed data. I don't like the flip phones, and have always been a big fan of Nokia's shape. The phone is bigger than some of the older Nokia models, but the quality of the screen(no ghost images) and the quality of the pix as well as the new layout for the key pad make up for the size. A bit expensive, but worth the money for people who are looking for a great phone.

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back when I had cingular


Sep 7, 2009 by narn3049

I liked this phone (2004-05, I had different carriers for business and personal. Now looking back at it I would probably gave it a 2.0 but 4.5 was my personal grade from having this phone for 8 months.

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Sep 13, 2006 by cocoh28

i give this phone a 5... even 6 if its possible.. i've had this phone for a year and i still love it

>great cam 1 mega pix
>video is okay
>can print pics tru kodak and other photo kiosk (as long as they have bluetooth device)
>multiple entry for contacts with pics
>very customizable phone... you can download EVERTHING!
>Memory card slot
>folders for pics and messages to organize ur stuff
>mp3 is okay
>easy texting
>mms capable

>presence feature is network dependent
>no fm radio hehe

wow... overall, it has the basic updated features that u nid in a phone
-extensive memory (card slot)
-great cam to capture great moments
-something that can reflect your personality

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7610 still the perfect for money and function


Feb 19, 2006 by vuquoclong

I have used this cell phone in Asia for over 1.5 year and this is really a good phone in terms of function, design, money saving and of course high tech.
Nokia offers a lot of so-called more modern cell phone but after checking carefully the newest phone still having the same features like 7610.
The pro of 7610 are

01- it has nearly every features you need from a advance phone
02- The user interface is really good and friendly
03- compact design but a little heavy
04- Big key so easy to enter
05- Bluetooth and other advance
06- over 1 mg pixel
07- Can play both real player and Mp3

The cons

01- The most weakest of this cell phone is lack of infraed I do not know why Nokia remove this features
02- Mono sound
03- Can not play some music file such as Mp4 , WMA better we can upgrade

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Not perfect, but close enough


Oct 11, 2005 by UnrealTechno

I've had this for about 6 months...Pretty pleased with it. It's got much better reception and sound quality than my previous phone, a v600. 64 megs, is a lot of memory, when you think about it, but with the gig card in there, I'm on top of the world. Battery life is decent, far better than the v600. It "ran out of memory" when sending texts, so i returned it to nokia, who promptly sent it back without doing anything. A deep reset was needed (thank you google). So yea, I sent it back, and the 6682 is out now, but this looks so distinctive and does actually do a lot more than most phones, while still looking quite good. 4 out of 5, definitely.

good feel
playing of .3gp files/mp3's


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just above average...


Jul 10, 2004 by tailsock

Paid $540 for this phone on ebay.

-ultra stylish
-reception is great
-1 mp res on cam indoors
-10 minutes video recording
-night mode works great
-ultra loud speakerphone
-easy nokia interface
-bluetooth for imaging and creating your own ringtones
(wav files work best)

-camera locks up after several pics causing you to restart and lose a shot you've just taken
camera is very weak outdoors due to not enough light entering lens. dark pics even in sunlight
-MP3 support is added but sound quality is garbage & very soft. Nokia continues to irritate us in this dept.
-no games included
-no classical earpiece option. (go bluetooth)
-no 850 which hurt me on a roadtrip to Florida

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Nokia 7610...such a beautiful phone


May 9, 2005 by alizabethholtz

I've had this phone for about six and a half months, and it's the best phone I've ever had, (I've owned 5 other phones, 3 Nokia). I found it really easy to use; the instruction manual wasn't needed. Phone book is well organized and easy to use. Also, the camera's resolution is superior to any camera phone I've seen, and users can hold close to 200 pictures, and set them as wallpaper or picture ID as well as download profiles for the phone.

The downsides to the phone, however, come up a few months after owning the phone. The lens for the camera can get easily scratched, and its placement on the back often means that other people who pick up the phone to use it get their fingerprints on the lens and smudge it up. Also, the software was not compatible with my computer, for some reason, (I'm running on Windows XP, home addition), and I have been unable to download the pictures I've taken with the phone. Furthermore, since I do not know if it was ever released in the United States, (I shipped mine in from Hong Kong because I fell in love with its sleek design and fresh appearance), and therefore sometimes the internet connection does not work, and I was unable to configure it specifically for my whereabouts. Additionally, I was unable to find any popular polyphonic ring tones that were compatible with the phone. A small annoyance to an owner in the United States would be that hardly anyone has come in contact with this phone, so if you lend your phone to someone to make a call, they get frustrated very easily because they can't figure out how to work the phone at first glance, though it is very easy to use.

All in all, I would very much recommend the Nokia 7610, because it can do everything, even though it has its few glitches, (all of which I mentioned). I love the video capabilities and voice dialing. It's user friendly, beautiful, and fun. It would be especially good for teens, young adults or businessmen. I would categorize it as a trendier blackberry.

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Nokia 7610. Think twice!


Oct 6, 2004 by horaciop

I really liked and always bought Nokia phones in the past but now I and my friends have been quite disappointed with the new models.
Few months ago I got the new Nokias 7610. It was ok, being the 1M pixel camera the big plus, but I was not impressed. It is a very nice designed phone, beautiful, with a big display and a nice keypad. The software is quite slow and it takes time to ge to read the MMC. The display and the camera lens are so exposed that can get scratch very easily. And no stereo!

The big minus is that the phone (and most of new Nokia phones) are so delicate. The other day I walked home trough the rain, got soak wet with the phone in my pocket and for my surprise next day few buttons were not working. I took it to repair (the guarantee was valid for a year) and another surprise, the guarantee doesn not cover liquid damages. Now I have a useless phone. Few of my friends with Nokia phones have also complain that the buttons in their phones after a year start having problems and eventually stop working.

If you are ready to take extra-super care of the new Nokia phones, not even think to drop it or have it in your pants, sit on them, or walk in the rain. Nokia mobile phones are so fragile! Get instead a shell phone! They are quite tuff, and now there are many with even 1.3 M pixels camera and flash (SonyEricsson, LG, Sharp, or Siemens). SonyEricsson phones being the most rough ones. A friend drop his T610 in the toilet and after it dried it continue working.

If you just want a cool phone cause of the camera wait till the end of the year for the new Sharp902. A shell phone with 2M pixel camera with zoom and flash! And I'm gonna get it.

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