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Sep 27, 2006 by alex_velociti

Well, I don't have much to say ---except that this phone blows.

I purchased this phone new, off eBay ---and the picture in the ad made the phone look good.

Well, when i first received the phone, i remember thinking to myself "this looks cheap"

And yes, its a cheap phone. The phone cuts off every now and then ---just like motorola phones...so i guess thats no biggy. I like the features on the phone, but it doesn't have a REAL security feature. I want to be able to lock people out of certain menu items ---but it doesn't allow that. I like the phone book though --- for some reason.

I wish the phone had bluetooth - it doesnt
The internet isn't that bad i guess...but i haven't had much experience with other mobile internet devices.

I hate the look of the phone. The buttons look cheap. The orange "lighting" just throws everything off.

The camera sucks balls
The phone scratches too easily for me --- and the from display cracked on me.

Uh, it gets the job done - reception kinda sucks though. Internet goes slow......
it does get the job done --- calling purposes only. It doesn't have any true computer software either...thats what sucks.

I ordered a motorola today, and i can't wait for it to come in.

OH! One last thing that works my nerves 24/7 the sim card placement. Who the hell knows how to get it in there, without scratching the card surface?...i've had this phone for almost a year, and it has been a pain ever since.

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Sep 4, 2006 by chris100989

This phone sucks so bad that it is not even funny. i got this phone August 31, 2005 and on November 14, 2005 it just died and when i turn it on it would give me the blue screen of death and it refused to work. it is to big and the paint rubs of to fast and the camera sucks. the keypad has that ugly orange color. when u open and close the phone it makes a load clicking sound and when u open it the keypad lights up then the light goes out then the light comes back on and it freezes allot. This phone makes me so MAD!!!!!!!!!1 WARNING: to anyone think of buying this phone DONT!!!!! u would be better of talking on a candle b/c at least there would be a nice smell to claim u down

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Sony must, have been high at the time.


Jul 23, 2006 by Cingularmami

I was in love with this phone..really seriously...

for about an hour.

This phone is so big, and heavy just plain out unessesary. If you think for one minute that you are about to be cute and open this phone with one hand...you are wrong, this big brick has to be opened with two hands and it makes this loud clicking noise,how am i supposed to open my phone on the low with this noise sony? how?. The video clips only go up to like what 10 seconds..what?....no.
okay okay okay then to top it off the buttons were EMBEDDED IN THE PHONE i mean you have really got to get into it to press these buttons, dialing a number is a work out and by me having long nails that was just too much, sending a text was out of the question..

i had this phone for about 2 weeks, i couldnt take it seriously and neither should you. If you are thinking of buying this phone seriously think,..consider these things ive just let you know. I mean if youre buying this phone for a 14 yr old then thats all gravy they happy to get a phone but if youre grown,and a frequent cell phone user, please consider other options. the only thing good was the reception (which had nothing to do with the phone but with cingular) and being able to record your own ringtones.

remember consider your other options.

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Look elsewhere for a cellphone


May 8, 2006 by PapaSmrf07

I have the phone and am eager to replace it. This is what I have found in my 2 year relationship w/ this phone:

Exterior snapshot button
Customizable Alarm Clock
Silent Vibrate (no loud BUZZ)
Unlimited Time Videos (memory pending)

This phone is horrible for people who use cell phones for business purposes and just as a mode of communication

Size (its HUGE)
Key pad (takes some getting used to)
Pix/Vid Quality (grainy and pixelated)
Freezes Alot!!
Turns off by itself
When it turns itself off, its hard to turn it back on
The 'Click'
Sound quality not clear-too sensitive

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Not as "rough and tumble" as you might think ...


Mar 28, 2006 by melson

I bought the z500 through Cingular back in July of 2005 and have had very few problems with it up until the last few months. First let me say that I am a die-hard supporter of SE and that I was some-what disappointed with this phone. I am a college student and needless to say I can be a little rough with my phones. But, my z500 looks like it's been through a war. At first I bought a phone case for it but that did little to protect anything. These phones get paint rash so bad that I resorted to scraping off all the paint to make it look a little better. I also have been disappointed with the overall quality of this phone. My outer LCD screen broke about a month ago after spending the day in the front pocket of my jeans. Even though I may be a little rough with my phone the screen shouldn't break from just being in my pocket. The casing on the pone is in no way chipped cracked or broken but the screen on the inside is shattered. Although I can't expect to much from a phone that was free.

LCD screen is very bright
Progressive text
Lots of options and settings
Menu system is the best of any phone
Good signal (most of the time)
Voice quality is OK

Fragile for it's size
Weak vibrate
Quiet ring (on some ring tones)
Annoying 'CLICK' when opened or closed
Lame themes and ring tones (chickens clucking?)
No time setting for backlight
Worthless camera
General 'cheap' feeling

All in all, this is a decent phone for someone who has never owned a cell phone before but for anyone wanting a 'quality' phone step up to a z520 or z600.

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Standing in the Left corner: THE TANK


Mar 26, 2006 by somanyrenegades

Not a great phone at all. My friends call it The Tank.

-Impact resistant (it was thrown against a brick wall and didn't break, or come close to breaking for that matter)
-Quick battery recharge

-horrible camera
-horrible ring tones (I always keep mine on vibrate to keep others from hearing how sucky they are)
-annoying clicky sound when opened and closed
-UGLY themes
-confusing navigational buttons (my friends who need to use it can't even figure out how to call!)

I STRONGLY suggest you avoid this phone like the plague.

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its an ok phone


Mar 7, 2006 by Bryand

From the start right when received the phone i noticed how bulky and big it was. Also the phones battery would die often very quickly and the screen would go white and i would have to turn the phone on and off for it to work again.

Overall the reception with it was decent and same with the sound quality but the camera was a little fuzzy and picture didnt have very good color.

I have had sony Ericsson phones in the past and they all have died on me relatively fast. So i would try to avoid buying sony Ericsson's and stick with another reliable brand like Motorola

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Jan 18, 2006 by motoman12345

this phone is a great phone for anything!!!!! i like everything about it if only it wasent a demo and i couldn't buy it!!!!!!

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ehh.. it's alright


Dec 16, 2005 by scott9389

* The design of the phone is just ok. It is what my friends call "The Brick" It's a large phone, and the buttons are just hard to work with. When I got the phone, I was sending text messages, I stopped with a finger cramp b/c the buttons are so different to push. The inside screen is kinda dark, but bearable.
* Features- The features are good on the phone. You can make and recieve calls, take pictures AND videos, and send and recieve text and picture messages. The one BIG gripe that I have about the text messaging feature (i'm not sure it this is b/c of the phone or the network) but it sometimes takes up to 12 hours to receive a text message. If i reboot my phone, it works, but having to reboot it all the time gets quite annoying after doing it 10 times in 30 minutes. The internet is EDGE, it is much faster then regular GPRS and CSD for phones. I like to check movie times and weather so it's good.
* Battery Life- The battery life is also OK. I use my phone a lot to text, talk and use the net. I always keep it plugged in over night, so it usually keeps a charge for however long I need to use it any particular day.
* Call Quality- The call quality is Good. I haven't yet dropped a call, but the one thing I could say bad is the call connection time. I'm sitting waiting for the phone to ring, sometimes up to 30-45 seconds. It is annoying. But the speaker phone and regular calls sound great, with great connection quality.
* Overall Opinion- My overall opinion of the phone would be a 3 out of 5 stars. It is a good phone for a person who likes fun and easy phones with some of the bells and whistles. Themes, Games, Ringtones, and pictures (unless taken with the Camera) cost money to recieve. It would be a good to use for a teen or child, but I would absolutley not reccommend it for a buisness user. The phone is really good for its talk time, quality, and internet. The pictures are also fun for caller id and backgrounds.

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Dec 16, 2005 by vleigh86

I work for Cingular Wireless, and this phone is our nightmere phone!! We hate this phi=one, its a hunk of JUNK!!! It fries sim cards, freezes, stops working completely, drops calls, and it is a huge problem phone!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!

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