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This is a cute little phone!


May 27, 2004 by dramaqueen14

I'm 13, and I just got my 1st cell phone. I have wanted one for almost a year, and I finally got the Vox 8610. I would search the Internet for the best deals and phones, and when I saw Virgin Mobile's plan, I knew I'd be crazy if I didn't go with them. I at first, wanted the K-7 Rave, then I had my eyes set on the slider. After looking at the slider myself on display, the clicking buttons, and the fear that the screen might scratch, changed my opinion about it. I WAS going to get the Vox 8500, but the black-and-white display, and the fact that it had no games was a turn-off. Then I found the Vox 8610. I first saw it at Best Buy, but wasn't quite sure if there really was a new Virgin Mobile flip-phone. A few weeks later, I saw it at a local Target store, and after seeing the following features on it, such as: Full-color screen, Downloadable ringtones, Calculator, Calendar, 2 games(Black Jack& Magic Hexa), Alarm clock, Wallpaper, Screen savers,etc., I knew that I had found my phone! It was worth saving up the $120 worth of allowance-I have no regrets! I just recently bought a leather case for it ($10). I have no complaints about this phone, and I doubt any customers of this phone will. If you are looking for a sleek and stylish phone with a great carrier, I highly suggest you get this phone!

My first flip-hip-dip phone too!


Nov 11, 2005 by da.woosterz

Hey guys! I got the Vox 8615about 9 months ago, and I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t know if I should be writing this, because it is my first cell phone; but before I got this phone, I use to borrow my parents Sony Ericsson Z200 and Nokia 5190. Anyways, the reason why I got this phone was because it was cheap, and had lots of features (speakerphone, world clock, stop watch, calculator, alarm etc.) Also it was small enough to fit in my pocket; without it looking like I was carrying a brick around. Another pro would be the simplicity of the menus; even a 2 month old kid would be able to use this thing.
Given the pros, I would not buy this phone again if given the chance to. The 8615 frequently Freezes and you either have to pull out the battery, or wait for 15 min’s for the handset to restart itself. Also the reception is terrible. When our family goes grocery shopping, I could be down to 1 bar, while my dad’s Nokia 5190 still has a full 4 bar. Another thing would be how amazingly slow this phone is. It usually takes the Vox a minute to log on and fully turn itself on; even though I only have 3 ring tones and 4 screensavers. I’ve got buddies with about 20 ring tones and 30 screensavers; and their phone turns on in a flash.
If given a choice I would rather buy the Nokia 5190 then get the 8615. At least if I’m being chased by a psychopathic killer I could turn the phone on in a flash and, get good reception to call the cops. Alright, and to sum things up:

-Lots of features
-Simple to use

-Awful reception
-Freezes a lot
-Really slow

I wouldn’t recommend this phone to anyone; except for Junior High kids that only want one for status. Thanks for your time.

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My First cell phone, still kickin!


Oct 23, 2005 by CoolCat168

This was a great first phone!! I no longer own it, I gave it to my mom when I went off prepaid. She still has it to this day. Was a great phone for me, the signal on this thing was awesome..

Color Screen
Reception-Virgin Mobile-(Sprint's Network)
Made clear calls with bars and antenna extended.
Easy ringtone volume button on side.
World Clock.
External screen/caller ID

No camera
The volume could be better, sometimes you cannot hear it ring while outside.
Green Light on Keypad

OK phone if you ask me


Jul 26, 2005 by victor28

I bought this phone in december about a year ago.from virginmobile. its alrite.

PROs-light wieght,color,pesonal tones,good size buttons,cool lcd,speaker phone,and custom 5-10 ?Forgot,wallpapers

CONs-Low Tones (Not Loued Enough to hear,not able to get diffrent wallpapers,cheap reception,bad intena,crappy wallpapers,only 65000 CLR LCD,And Its AUDIOVOX Low Tone phone) I recamend a picture audiovox.but virgin mobile sux.

Let Me know if this info is helpfull!

Great Job, Audiovox!


Apr 30, 2005 by Axe0312

This is a great phone. Looks contemporary and sleek, has a great screen, and countless other features. If you are looking for a phone with out a camera but doesn't sacrifice anything else, this is the one to buy!

Pros- Mp3 ringtones, very nice inner screen, can personalize it to one's likings, outer screen is handy and is nice, speakerphone, games, animated screen savers, very easy to use, very creative and different menu system, sleek design, good reception.

Cons- Mp3 ringtones don't sound perfect, but it's a cell phone!, antenna is ugly, keypad looks cheap.

As you can see, the pro's definately outweigh the cons. This phone is solidly built and sure to please your friends!

Average Performance, Durable Quality.


Feb 9, 2006 by makingme

I've owned this phone under Virgin Mobile for about a year and it has proved to be a reliable phone under very average conditions. For example, this phone performs great outdoors, in the metro area and neighborhoods of medium to large cities and on major interstates and most highways. County roads vary from region to region.

The quality of every call varies greatly depending on where you are. An example would be making a call in a basement as opposed to the 2nd floor of your home. While this phone does work in basements, the quality and reliability of the call itself is higly questionnable. But as far as calls being dropped, this happens on rare occassions.

The overall build of the phone is pretty solid. Someone has mentioned in the past about the flip (or fold) dying out, but this has not proved true for me. I guess its a matter of how you handle your phone and take care of it. The buttons could be a little larger, but regardless works fine and feels good enough. The backlight on the keys are just gross. They're poorly done. And drains the battery quite a bit if always on while on a call.

The extra features are what they are and do their job. Sometimes the calendar feature freaks out on ya, but overall the features are decent. (i.e, Alarm, World Clock, etc.)

In summary and conclusion, I thought this phone was a good phone, especially for prepaid and virgin mobile. I suggest this phone for those not looking for an entertainment center built into their phone.

- Sturdy Build
- Decent call quality 80% of the time
- Reception is average
- Small Footprint in Pockets
- Text Messaging is Simple and Unobtrusive
- Speakerphone performs well under average conditions.

- Ringtones aren't all that loud
- Navigation and Graphics are childish
- Poor to Average Battery Life
- Backlight Keys just suck
- Voice Calls could be louder

Again, decent phone, but its definitely for entry level users. Alltel destroys VM by the way as far as prepaid.

Virgin Mobile Color Flip Phone *8610


Jul 20, 2005 by UncleKoolAidKool

I bought this phone almost a year ago and i have not had any REALLY bad problems, this is a really good phone to have if you are looking for a prepaid cell phone and do not wanna pay alot of money for a cell, i would recomend buying this phone because it is worth the $90 up front, it is a good phone for making calls and it does have two fun games, text messaging is very simple, and there are some grat features like VirginXtras (Virgin Mobile) but the bad thing about it is if you live in a place with alot of trees or something do not buy this phone, you might want trac fone for that, (BUT I H8 TRACFONE!) and it dosent have a camera =( and over time the phone flip starts to fade and creek, and on the caller display on mine, it has craked because i put it in mi pocket at shcool and sat on it leaving a LONG crack on the phone =( but its still a good phone, not many accessories to buy for this phone unless you buy of the internet, and the face plate is VERY hard to change but overall i would recomend this phone for someone with alot of cash upfront and then it is VERY cheep to maintain with virgin mobile! (virginmobileusa.com)

Not too impressed


Jun 6, 2005 by synthetic_boy

I'm going to be honest: It's not a great phone, but it's not without it's pros.

-Good sound quality
-Looks alright
-When receiving a call, vibrate can either be used alone or with high volume
-Speakerphone is activated and stays on with the press of a button

-EXTREMELY poor reception (it may be because I live in rural PA, but I'm absolutely fed up with it)
-Almost every call I make in my house gets dropped.
-0 bars of reception pretty much all the time. It's gotten to the point where I'm happy if I get one bar.
-Nice colors on the screen, but nearly invisible in sunlight
-During text messaging, I'll be typing and for some reason my letters get changed to numbers for no apparent reason (no I didn't press a button too many times...)
-Flip gets weaker after a while, and creaks a bit.
-Battery life decreases drastically after a little more than a month
-Very limited wallpaper selection, and not very good wallpapers
-Very poor ringtone quality when it comes to songs as ringtones
-Weak vibration
-Gets hot during long calls

For those of you looking for good reception, good screen quality, and all sorts of fancy things, I have only this to say: Find another phone!!!!!

it is best


Dec 27, 2004 by littlegirl0825

The phone is the best phone it is so so sos good. the only thing is that i cant find the games......................
i need to check out the manual also there is not to many pretty wallpapers.........

and other than that it is the best

Ups Ands Downs, But Worth It


Aug 23, 2004 by TechnoPhreak

This phone is simply beautiful. The majority of the phones today have color screens. But, the Audiovox 8610's display is remarkable, unbelievable, and simply beautiful. Virgin Mobile runs off the Sprint PCS network and has great service depending where you live. The only problem with this phone is that I wish it had more features such as downloading wallpaper and games, and it would be great if it had AOL Instant Messenger. But don't fear...some time this fall Virgin Mobile is coming out with a camera phone (Audiovox 8910) and along with it their coming out with a new service called VirginXL, which is a new and improved version of VirginXtras on which you can download applications, games, and wallpapers. Also, with the camera phone, they will be enabling picture messenging. So, back to the Audiovox 8610... If you don't have the patience for the Vox 8910 to come out this fall, or maybe you can't cough up the $200 than the Vox 8610 is your choice, It's still a spectacular phone...probably the best prepaid cell phone available right now.

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