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Audiovox CDM-8615 / Vox 8610


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Best Prepaid!!!


Sep 19, 2004 by YungFace88

To be prepaid i think that it is the best because you can download ringtones and backgrounds and sign up for stuff. It has great color and Ringtones. Two games and lots of extras. When charging light turns green when its fully charged. It has speakerphone. Really easy to activate. The bad things bout it are. ringtones are loud but not loud enough to hear in the street. You can barely see the screen in bright sunlight. So overall if you like phones by the looks and size then this one is perfect. If not then you can always wait for the fall to come and spend 200$ on a more advanced one. ;~) Check ya out lataz. Peace Out. 1.

Cute and Fun


Aug 10, 2004 by bluedice06

I upgraded from a Rave phone to the 8610 VOX flip phone. I love it. Some Pros that i found was that its small, its got a color screen and its great all around. Some cons about the product though is that in the sun you can hardly see the screen. Another con is when you are paying $2.00 for a ringtone it sounds really awful. It sounds a little worse them Fm radio. But other then those 2 things i love it!

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Well I love it


Aug 10, 2004 by Mickey4U

I have been looking around for a bit for a nice phone and the virgin mobile phone was for me. I have been looking at the virgin mobile phone site for quite a while looking at the phones. It was a debate between the Kyocera Slider and the vox 8610. I liked how the kyocera looked and how small it was. The the vox rolled around with "super phonic ring tones" , it was a great big deal that slightly toped the scale to the vox. I really could not decide on what phone i wanted so i went to Best Buy to go and Check them out. I am 15 and i am i guy who really does not have big hands. I felt the Slider and my hands were to big, and also the fact that the slider slides up will probably be falling off in the not to distant future. Another the kyocera did not win me over was because of it's over rated price tag, sure omg it has voice activation and it is small but still that is 50 bucks to much. I like the vox simply becuase the call clarity is awesome, the button are spaced out so there will hardly be any mis dials and it has a clever easy to navigate through menu. The only reason i did not give this phone a perfect five is because it's antenna feels a bit cheap, but over all i give this phone two thumbs up!

Upgrade to a cute phone!


Jul 28, 2004 by fh-girl-18

I just recently upgraded from the 8500 to the Vox 8610! It was kinda hard for me to get used to a bigger flip phone bc the 8500 was so nice a little. I enjoy the colored screen on the 8610! It has great graphics...but one thing went wrong when i tried to download a (real music) ringtone....when i did it, the music was muffled and blurry and very hard to understand the words. I dunno if that was problem with anyone else, but i didn't like that i spent $2 from my account on sumthing that didn't even work?!?! But owelll, over all its a nice phone and has better recepetion than the other, also the games are quite amusing. But if anyone else had a problem with the (realmusic) ringtone, let me know (maybe it was just a bad song)!

*"__!!! Fantaztic 1st Flip Fone !!!__"*


Sep 2, 2005 by eyeluvfonez

Very Nice Phone-This was my very 1st Flip Phone-And It was definitely money well $pent....

Color Screen
External Display(U can make the display analog or digital)
Speakerphone(Works pretty good 2)
Internet Capable(Thru Virgin Mobile Xtras)
2 Games-BlackJack & Magic Hexa(A Candy Version of Tetris)
Has Great alerts when u have received a text or voicemail
The ringtones are really good-it comes with five and you can Download up to 15 more
*Ringtones are polys and super(real music) tones
It also has all the basic tools-calculators(reg. & tip)., scheduler/calender, world time finder,t9 word entry for texts
Doesn't automatically delete texts-even if they are very old
Cool wallpapers
Very Durable & Attractive-(I have dropped it, its been wet-but yet and still the display is absolute perfection)

U cant download any more games
U cant download new wallpapers or screensavers
U cant remove the pre-installed ringtones to add room for more downloads
Reception(in my area)comes and goes-I have heard, aswell as been told that I sound "Choppy-Like a robot,-simply bcuz the reception was terrible(I have had several calls dropped due to that)*However-I truly believe that the reason is due to the carrier, not the phone so much*
Deletes previously saved voicemails-w/out permission
The Vibration/Silencer Mode is real soft-(I hardly ever even know it has vibrated unless its on a hard surface
U can only browse the web(openwave)Xtras(u cant use and messaging or mail web features)
The antenna inside the outer antenna stub is real flimsy and could be easily broken or damaged.
The phone-to me-Is a bit bulky flip phone-considering that it doesn't have a camera, or Bluetooth capabilities-No, its not heavy at all but it isn't necessarily petite either(in comparison with other "Basic" flip phones.

If you just want a basic flip phone-Trust-You will _NOT_ be disappointed, B/Cuz u get the "basics" and then some, truly it is and awesome phone.

Perfect For Me


Jun 15, 2005 by goodolphone15

I love my Virgin Mobile 8610.I had a Virgin Mobile K7 rave and I broke it so I decided to go back to them.

Great Speaker Phone
Like the songs for ruinations
Nice I inch screen on front

Cant see the screen in daylight.
Has no downloadable walpapers
or games.

I live in A Fluvanna County Virgina right next to Charlottesville and the phone picks up just fine.But down where my school is is has no service.

Overall this phone is good

A very good phone


Jan 2, 2005 by altcms

I've had this phone Phone for about six months and it it a very good phone.this phone has a lot of pros, but it also has some cons:
1.Downloadable real music ringtones
2.good signal with virgin mobile
even if there is no bars
3.it has a color big screen
5.text messaging
6.comes with 2 games
7.tools like alarm,scheduler,calculator,stopwatch ext.
8.caller ID
9.2nd Display
10.Virgin Xtras (virgin Mobile only)
1.no downloadable games
2.cant see screen in sun
3.rates are too high on virgin mobile
4.ringtones are short
This phone has its pros and cons but its a good phone. i recomend you buy it, you will not regret it

A good quality phone.


Dec 9, 2004 by calling_in_dead

My friend swears by this phone. She recently lost it and refused to get anohter model phone. This one has all the features she looks for in a phone, nice color display, polyphonic ringtones and she likes the ease and style of a flip phone. I found the flip to be annoying but this is a good quality phone. Available with the Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go Plan, you can't lose.

Excellent Phone with very few flaws


Sep 27, 2004 by just14in

this is a great phone!!!!!!!
it has games 5 ringtones but u can download 12 more i believe or more, and there are real music ring tones and they sound really good. you also get other extras from virgin as well so it makes the phone even better. one problem is u cant see it that good in the bright light and that is about it. this fall they are coming out with a better service so i cant wait, this phones also has speaker phone, calader alarm its a great phone

Sturdy phone (Metro PCS)


May 31, 2005 by goatslacker

2nd LCD
Vibrant colorful LCD
Sturdy and VERY durable. can take numerous of drops and run-overs.
BREW works wonderful
Fabulous great-sounding ringtones. (not the preloaded ones)
Easy to use
Voice dial
3 separate alarms (work when phone is off)
Good reception despite being a metro
Voice memo

Cant see the LCD when its too sunny outside
Phone will burn your face off if you talk while it is charging
Baterry life is limited if keypad is not set to "off" mode
Does charge the phone if its searching for signal (this one ticks me off)
WebBrowser ALWAYS under development :(
Volume is a bit low (forget about driving and talking)
When on vibe+ring it drains baterry quick.

All in all this is a pretty sturdy phone to have if you dont really want to pay much. Other newer/better phones are coming out for about same or less price.

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