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Four failed phones


May 20, 2005 by wednesdaytgw

I paid to express my fourth V-180, received it yesterday and it failed almost immediately. Mostly audio problems, sound from microphone feeds back into ear-piece, sound cuts in and out, clients can't hear me or I can't hear them, then sound is back but static.....apparently there are known problems with this phone but cingular keeps selling them...
Sadly, I love the features, it's the best for entry, change of entry, phone book use and settings (volume control, ring options, etc.) I've ever used. I don't do e-mail, can't say there, I use it strictly as a phone. But then none of that matters when you can't hear calls or they can't hear you.
I'm gonna' cry.
I asked to upgrade to a "better" phone (assuming it would be better) but Cingular won't let me pay upgrade, they offered a nokia with an equally bad reputation. Choose a cheap phone at first, you're stuck with a cheap phone unless you want to pay full price. I had a cheap audiovox for years, it worked fine. I'm really disappointed in cingular and motorola for their lack of customer care.

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Worst Phone ever..,.


May 17, 2005 by Borntorun102090

after christmas. my parents bought me my first cell phone. i picked the v180, because it looked good and it had a color screen. about 30 days after getting it. the screen wouldnt turn on it would just be black. and the backlight on the keys wouldnt work either, well since i bought the insurance, they shipped me a new one. and about 4 months later this one is doing the same thing but the image is streached and distorted, and sometimes the screen dosent turn on. i am so frustrated with this phone i decided to go to a samsung p107 that i got on ebay. all i haveto say is that motorola and cingular let me down on this one and i strongly reccomend not getting this phone

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OK but with one major problem


Aug 19, 2005 by bradxray

We have 4 V180's in my family and the basic function of the phone is OK, but they have one major problem. The audio shuts off in one direction after about 15 minutes. Usually, they can hear you but you can't hear them. If you wait it out, the audio usually comes back after about 30 seconds.

If you turn the phone off and back on, the problem will ususally go away for a few day and then return to haunt you.

I have called Cingular several times and Motorola a few times and neither one will admint it is a problem. We had two of the phones replaced and we still have the same problem.

I have also seen people with the same phone and other carriers with the same problem.

I wish I knew a firmware to ask for when I call for a replacement, but I don't know if this has been fixed yet. I guess we will have to change to a different model. Maybe a Nokia again.

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Nov 28, 2006 by adityarocks

This is the worst phone I have ever owned - PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

The reception is just terrible - it does not detect signals in most places, specially if you go into basements that are not so deep. After you come out of the basement area it takes 10 minutes to detect the signal again.
The navigation is terrible, to set the alarm clock you have to press 15 buttons - just an inconvenient waste of time.
The screen is small.
Poor battery life - takes forever to recharge.
Inaudible ringtone, useless vibration mode. Put it in your pocket and you will never know the phone is ringing.
No way to turn off keypad tones.
Awful calculator.
All the other depressing parts of your life don't seem so bad when compared to this phone.

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V180- Don't waste your time


May 27, 2006 by Victorcrown

This phone has been one big headache. After about 5-6 months of use the screen started going in & out. Flipping it open was hit-or-miss as to what you would see. No screen = no phonebook, no text messages, internet, etc., only dialing numbers & sending calls. As time went on it got worse until the screen was working maybe 25% of the time. The casing is cheap plastic, and the color started wearing off the sides and corners after a few months.

If you own a business, this phone is a nightmare. Pass it over for a better quality one.

-sound quality is pretty good
-reception is generally good
-when it works, the screen is bright and looks nice

-cheap construction
-screen goes haywire
-small buttons packed close together

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Absolute Garbage!!!


May 8, 2006 by truluv1990

This phone is absolute garbage. You can tell that much by holding it in your hand. It feels cheap, like it will snap in 2 if you hold it too hard. The screen is of poor quality as well, as it blacks out and even when it does work it is of a very poor quality. I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

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This phone sucks!!!!!


Jun 15, 2005 by crazeechica78

I have had this phone for a little over 2 months and it has sucked for all of them. The features are nice I like the calender texting is easy and the games are nice but the reception is crap. No one could hear me and i couldn't hear anyone either. And correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the purpose of a phone to be able to talk and listen to other people. Neither one of which i could do with this phone. I understand that it could be my carrier (cingular) but I have had two other phones with them both Nokias and I always had good reception before, and the thing that really gets me is that I always had a good signal I just couldn't hear.
nice features
fairly easy to use
can't hear or talk on it

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cheap phone


Feb 26, 2005 by alibrohow

I had this phone and the external screen was defective. The entire phone felt cheap. I've just replaced it with the V220 and it seems to be a little better so far, but it also feels cheap. The camera is bad quality too. We've had the LG1400 since September and love it. If it'd been offered for free again we'd ordered it instead of the Motorola.

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Disappointed w/cheap free phone


Jan 29, 2005 by chaives

Cons: Phone too complicated to store information. Several entries in phone address for one person w/multiple numbers. Face damage so easily w/o dropping, can't see who is calling, can't retrieve messages and this only after having phone for 1 month. Can't retrieve vm and always dropping calls.

I could go on and on. Only Pros is it's a cute phone.

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consistent problem with this phone


Dec 29, 2004 by jon100

I won't get into the feature details as other reviewers have done so. I have tmobile service and my first v180 consistently would have static and garble calls after about 15 minutes. I had it replaced, and the second one does exactly the same thing. I am using it in a maximum reception area and the calls are fine the first 15 min. Re-calling seems to clear up the problem for another few minutes. However, when using some features (like conf calling) it's pretty inconvenient. After researching on the internet, it appears I'm not the only one with this problem with this phone. Tmobile claims that there are no other reports of this problem with this phone. Some things are hard to find in the menu as others have mentioned. (I still can't figure out how to keep the alarm on everyday.) Otherwise, for a basic, small, no frills, phone it fits my needs fine.

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