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lg7000 just got mine


Jul 3, 2004 by leeblackwell

I had the LG 6000 and Loved it had to get the 7000 great phone ringers are loud i had a hard time hearing the 6000 clear sound made calls didn't lose a call was going to wait for moto v710 but got this instead love it

it's a perfect gift for my birthday


Jul 11, 2004 by Harry Potter

my neighbor bought it for my birthday i'm so happy now that i'm talking on it without stops i have none to say but wow wow wow buy it now while supplies last

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it drives me nuts...


Jul 11, 2004 by Marilyn Monroe

it drives me nuts because that's the best phone i've ever used.



Jul 2, 2004 by ferax360

I love this phone, it's really easy to use and I love the colors of the screen. The Menu is easy and I like the left-right movement. The ringtones are great and easy to change.

Awesome Phone, Worth The $$


Jul 2, 2004 by killa2712

PROS: Great reception, both internal and external screens easy to read in daylight, large external and internal screens, the LG os is flawless, bright bright flash, swivel camera, stubby antenna, battery life is superb even compared w/ the 6000,LG Build Quality

CONS: All digital, border bars can't be changed (always red), external screen is STN, but who cares it gets the job done and pretty damn well at that!

love this phone


Jul 2, 2004 by imo knowles

this phone is fun, i had the LG6000 before and that was a great phone, but the LG 7000 is so much better, screen is bright and clear and the video is just plain fun, this is a must have phone

LG7000 Lacking in Quality; I'll take the Moto-710


Aug 29, 2004 by Tristin

The LG 7000 has a fabulous screen, and, if you read the book functionality. When you use the phone you'll discover that:

1) There are 10 contact groups allowed (which is OK), but only 10 people per group. The phone comes with pre-assigned groups including FRIENDS, FAMILY, COWORKERS. I guess nobody at LG has more than 10 friends, or 10 family members, or 10 business acquaintances.

2) There is no way to get to your contact GROUPS from within contacts. That is, it is impossible to select Groups from the natural spot, Contacts.

3) While talking on the phone, regardless to what the advertising suggests, you can not take a photograph (I'm not talking about sending a picture, I'm talking about taking a picture). There is an OPTION to create a PIX and/or a TXT MESSAGE - however selecting the PIX option results in an error message "Not Allowed During A Call"; selecting the TXT option does not produce an error.

4) You are limited to roughly 25 voice dial numbers. Very old technology.

5) During BANNER input, the INITIAL CAPS mode does not persist (it does persist during entry of CONTACTS), during BANNER input, INITIAL CAPS works once, then is abandoned for all lower case until reset.

6) When trying to rename a sound, (1) there is no "all lower case mode"
available, and (2) the number ?1? key is disabled until "123" mode is selected, but one can not enter symbols.

7) Safety Feature missing: The only way to end a phone call when the headset is being used is to open the clam shell and hit END. While driving, the reason to use a headset is to keep enable the driver to keep his/her eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Lack of being able to use an L 7000 side button to end a call (a capability if the phone is ringing) requires that in order to end a phone call one must (1) wrestle the phone from the carrier, (2) open the clam shell, (3) locate the END key and (4) press it. This is an unacceptably high risk safety issue.

problems but OK


Jul 4, 2004 by chiliconqueso

this is a mediocre phone. there was a lot they could have improved on from the vx6000 and LG dropped the ball when it came to making significant positive changes.

-the phone gets very hot after just 5 minutes of talking.

-there is no analog

-the flash is terrible, not even worth using. color blancing the flash is non-intuitive. (and i'm a professional photographer)

-you cannot use the screen on the outside as a viewfinder for the camera

-no speakerphone

-no bluetooth

-phone NEEDS a data cable to connect to computer

-very cool how the phone lights up when it rings

-nice menus for the most part

-swivel camera is very nice

-voice dialing works well

-slick design of phone (but could be smaller)

I am going to return my phone because there is no data cable for the phone that works with my macintosh to transfer images and contacts to the computer. I also can't stand how the phone gets hot after just five minutes of talking.

Disappointed with VX7000


Jun 29, 2005 by ventura

I have waited for 3 years to get a decent mobile phone, after using the Audiovox CDM9500 (a now outdated phone) for 3 years. I was recommended the VX7000 by a Verizon technician, saying it is the most reliable of all Verizon phones. Despite the supposedly better technology of the VX7000, the CDM9500 still outperforms, and is far easier to use. After only 2 days of use, the 7000 locked on me, not allowing me temporarily to make outside calls. The phonebook is so poorly designed on the VX7000 it is incredible how LG even came out with this. For instance, I cannot enter the address of a person because there is no room to do so. Also, when making a search of a name or series of alph-numeric characters, it only makes the search based on the first character of the first name, while the CDM9500 searches based on any series of characters in any order (even if the characters are located at the end of the last name). I am terribly disappointed by the VX7000, but I really do not know if any other basic phone is going to be aby better, especially with the phonebook function.

Fun to Play With


Jul 1, 2004 by nemadrol

I played with the VX7000 today and I must say it's a pretty darn good phone. But not the greatest.

-Zoom at 640x480 resolution
-Take pictures without opening the phone
-Video messaging
-Camera lens rotates

-Video capture is very poor
-Menu is too plain

Definitely will wait for the 8000 to come out

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