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A great phone all around


Jan 26, 2004 by abufuad

I love it.

Slightly better than SL55 and T616...


Feb 1, 2004 by NuG050

This phone is awesome! But wait...I have to say a few bad things about this phone...

1. The address book is EXTREMELY STUPID. YOU CAN'T VIEW THE PHONEBOOK ON THE PHONE OR SIM INDIVIDUALLY. YOU CAN ONLY VIEW THEM ALL TOGETHER. Why is this bad? Cuz the only way you can add any ringtones or pictures to a number, you have to have the entry in the phone. Now, you can copy all the entries from the SIM to the phone but then you'll have duplicate entries. There should be an option to view EITHER the SIM or PHONE or BOTH, but not BOTH ALL THE TIME! This is the worst of all the bad points.

2. The Speakerphone sucks. It's only half-duplex...that means that only one person can talk at any given time. Sorta like a walkie-talkie. This would be totally useless in a car environment cuz there's a lot of background noise and it will make it seem like you're always talking. But, I do have to say the Speakerphone is really sensitive.

3. There is no InfraRed Port. Not that bad but it could have it to help me transfer files back and forth. Instead, you have to get a cable.

4. MIDI support sucks. The sounds are so much better on the SL55 and T616. The piano does not sound authentic. Polyphonic, yes. Good sounding, no.

5. Finally, you can't fully lock the keys. Sucks. It runs the chance of having its side buttons pressed while it's in my pocket. I don't like it but I can live with it.

So, those are the bad points...the good points, are many, but I don't have to go off on all of them...the most notable ones are:

1. MP3 Playback. Yes! This was one of the reasons I bought the phone. I can assign MP3's to a number and it'll play the MP3! Yes!

2. Larger and higher resolution screen. This is a good thing to have, considering that you can browse and take pics...no sense in having a tiny screen for this. The colors are really bright.

That's all for now...will continue to play with it and I'll speak more on it later...

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this phone sucks


Aug 6, 2004 by gameover

i have had this phone for 4 months and it is very disappointing.fist off it is not at all loud.it was ok when i bout it but when i installed a custom housing i could barely hear.the internet was way too slow.took me a minute for every page 2 load.i like how my nokia could ring and vibarate at the same time but when i got the v400 i wuz very disapointed.battery life is very low.i could go two days without charging if i hardly used it but if u use it constantly u have to charge it every day.i have a oem charger witch is suposed to last longer but its just the same as the very thin battery that is included.they could give u a liltle more for $300.all u get is a battery,manual,and charger.the camera wuz ok.i liked the 4x zoom.could have a better mirror for self portraits.reception on it sucks.half the time when i try to call sum one it says call failed.then when u redial it it says redial sucesful and either rings or vibrates, depending on if u have it on vibrate or ring, and it makes you think that you are getting an incoming call.voice commands are poor.they were so complicating that i just decided to use speed dial instead.also the speaker phone can not b activated until the person you are calling answers.very frustraing.if you are planing on changing the housing on your phone i do not recomend the v400 because it will mess up your phone.like i cant hear very well on it and when i close the phone the external display does not come on because the liltle stub that is supposed to press the liltle button down to make the external display come on doesnt go down far enough.also the external display is very basic.for $300 i would expect to be able to take a picture and c the camera display on the external display.overall this phone is very poor.thats y i am thinking about getting a v600 but i am debating it beacause it is very similar to the v400.i might go to spring or verizon.any things better than a v400.

Can't get better than this!


Sep 2, 2004 by marin8703

I have swithced about 3 or 4 phones so far and have not be so satisfied. This phone has great features at a great price. Before buying this phone I read a bunch of reviews and went to tons of different stores. This is the best out there, and not only for the price, its way better that the price. This phone can easily be priced 100 or 200 dollars more like some other phones are priced.

1 lots of features
2 great reception even in basements (with cingular)
3 great battery life
4 great camera
5 everything else love it

1 there is only one bad thing about this phone and its about the speaker phone. The speaker phone has great clarity and is loud however you cant activate it untill the call is connected. you have to wait for the person to pick up and then turn on the speaker phone. thats no big deal thou i dont use it very often anyway.
Thats the only con!!!

If you purchase this phone you will not be disappointed!

Good Phone but not perfect.


Jul 31, 2004 by napfro87

I've had this phone since May and its good but have had some problems along the way.

Nice Screen and Camera
MP3 Ringtones are clear (depending on kbps)
Speakerphone is useful at times
external screen is helpful
Lots of customization features.
Alarm works while phone is off.
Calls are clear

Phone disconnects from service,screen cuts off and then back on,connects back to service. (really aggrivating when it happens often)
Picture resolution is good for the first few pictures, then gets all blotchy.
Wireless internet freezes up or all links i click on become dead.
Polyphonic ringtones are sound ok but i use MP3's anyway.
Ringtones are low.
Battery life is short
Side Volume Keys are aggrivating.

This a good phone with alot of features but also alot of flaws. I recommend this phone to people who are traveling to other countries and not to those who just want a phone with good call clarity and service.



Jul 30, 2004 by policechief

I have had my V400 since March and it has performed very, very well. I hardly ever use the camera, but that feature was not a factor when I selected the phone. It has never dropped a call. Like many others, I wish I could silence the up/down side key.



Feb 28, 2004 by swan112233

This phone rocks! Awesome reception, (haven't dropped a call yet) Sweet as heck display, camera is sooooooooooo good, (with a 4x zoom) MP3 RINGTONES ROCK! I highly recommend this phone to every user out there.

Just got the V400


Jan 25, 2004 by jpcrossover

This Phone is awsome! I have went through a good amount of phones, but I plan to keep this for a long time. Ive never seen a color screen so bright and clear. I like the phone as far as its shape and size. Its not soo small where it feels like nothing, but its big enough and is yet sleek. The battery life is okay. Pictures are pretty clear. Factory ringtones arent that great but when u get extras they sound awsome.
PROS: Great Color, good reception, speaker phone is nice
Cons: Battery life



Jan 6, 2004 by Bigbmc26

Great phone, other than Motorola's usual software glitches. Buy a second battery though, it dies fast.

Missing a lot


Jan 16, 2004 by RyGuy44

NO doubt this is one of the best phones Motorola has come out with recently. But it is lacking a lot. Some of the main ones are a battery that can go more than 2 hours talk time. It also needs a IR port or bluetooth. Granted the V600 does have bluetooth, but Cingular is not carrying that. SO a IR port would be nice to use it with the datebook. Also the phone has yet to jump into Cingular Extend for me and I have been using it for about 2 weeks. Apparently it doe not like to seek out the best signal at times. I work in a area that is mainly Cingular Extend, and because it will not use that, its hard to use my phone with one bar Cingular. Other than those issues it is a good phone and the camera is pretty good. If you can get one of these cheap go for it, but it leaves a lot to be desired if you want to do more than talk and take pictures and use them.

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