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Good phone, no problems


Nov 13, 2004 by Barbarino

When I bought this phone, the first one I had turned off by itself, before I even left the store. I exchanged that one to the one I currently have. I have no problems with this phone.


Volume-The ear piece volume is loud enough to have a conversation in a car, and the ringer volume can be heard with the phone in your pocket.

Reception-never had a dropped call (Cingular), and had signal when no one else had one.

Battery life-about average for the phone's I have had(except Nokia 3395, that thing had a nuclear reactor in it, conversely the i95cl for Nextel had to be recharged every day.)


Phone sometimes shuts off during Internet session when trying to delete WAP mail on Yahoo. (Probably a firmware problem)

Motorola's maddening phone book menu that only allows one number per entry.

Annoying tones when side buttons are accidentally pushed (can be turned off).

Reception needs Improving


Oct 1, 2004 by 007

This is the first flip phone I have used. My wife and I purchased this phone six months ago. There are many positive qualities about the phone from comfort, slick features, capacity for phone numbers and even the battery life. However, for the price we paid I expected much better reception. Seems like many people have experienced great reception. My wife and I have received great reception--but that reception is constantly dropped within 11 minutes of a call on my phone (and her new one). We have Cingular service in the DC metro area. I returned her phone to the place we originally purchased our phones. Her phone dropped all calls after 6 minutes per call. This also happened around Atlantic City NJ area also. I was told that the number of bands on the left side of the phone face indicated perhaps a faulty phone. The phone was returned and I later received a $50 charge for liquid damage to the phone. Am still trying to understand how this damage effects the reception. Bottom line is that I will shop more carefully in the future for both a phone and carrier.

What is with this phone!


Jul 26, 2004 by yOmAma_LmAo

I had this phone for 1 week and it really got into my nerves. I mean whats with the speaker phone its useless you need to talk the other person for 2 to 3 minutes before you can activate the speaker phone. Also the phone dies. It died 3 times in my pocket. And once I turned it off because the battery is low so I had to charge it, it wouldn't charge and turn on. The battery life is short. It makes me charge about every night.

Nice looking
Nice camera (except the lighting)
You can customize a lot of things
2 Free games :)
Voice Dialing is fun

Saving phone numbers takes a lot of steps before you can save it
The annoying volume control sound
Dies in your pocket for no reason
The battery life is short.
Some keys don't function well
Predictive Text is really annoying
The Alarm doesn't work when the phone is off
Too much loading

All I'm saying this phone is not suitable for persons that needs a good phone. But there is still some good things about this phone. Try it and see if you'd like it.



Jul 22, 2004 by cdgodfrey

I waited forever to get this phone. I talked two of my other friends into getting it all at the same time so we could send photos, etc.

All three of us complain about the lack of volume in regards to the internal earpiece. It sucks. Sometimes I don't think anyone has answered the phone on the other side because I cannot hear them say hello. You literally have to dig this phone into your ear to hear anything and if the person on the other end is a low-talker... you're screwed.

Everything else about the phone is great, but if you can't hear the other person... who cares about the other featuers?

Takes Time To Realize The Benefits


Jul 13, 2004 by tiburonman

Have had the V400 since it was available through Cingular San Diego.

At first blush it is an attractive phone considering it is plastic. When the functionality was put to the test it passed with flying colors (mostly).

Being attached to the intuitive Nokia menu for years it took some time to familiarize myself with the seemingly illogical Motorola menus. First, why have separate entries for email, home, business, etc.
Want to use their user manual for assistance? Forget it and try it on your own.

My keypad buttons were sticking and appears to happen with everyone. Battery is understandably eaten up because of using its many features.
Overall a full-featured phone at a reasonable price.

Pros: 1) Big, clear color screen
2) Attractive look
3) GPRS to access Internet is quick
4) Speaker phone works well and while
flip is shut
5) Camera is easy to operate and
surprisingly takes very clear

Cons: 1) Confusing menu (takes time to
2) Side buttons are easily bumped,
resulting in annoying sound and
unintentionally changing your ring
3) Easily scratches
4) Keypad buttons stuck since new

I like it !!!!


Jul 12, 2004 by stephen5688

I just got this phone on Friday 06/09/04 and I charged it for about six hours and it has been on ever since talked on it alot took a few pictures down loaded several ring tone and the battery has just now give out on it, great long battery life.

long battery life
great display
clear sound

would be nice if it felt more solid, like the nextel i830, but that is the only thing that was good about that phone.
havent found many accessories for the phone yet.

Love it!!!


Jul 4, 2004 by wishuhad12

After a lot of deliberating between the v600 and the v400 I settled on the v400 b/c of the price and I don't really care about bluetooth. I am completely happy with my choice. I have had the phone for about a week and I could never go back.

*the reception is awesome (cingular in FL)
*the colors on the screen are unbelievable
*user friendly menu-this from a Nokia person
*downloadable mp3, pictures and more
*love the speakerphone
*solid built phone
*was able to use the chargers from my old v60 as spares for work and for my car.

*battery life is short (I charged my nokia maybe twice a week, the v400 I charge almost nightly)
*the send and end buttons are reversed, took some time to get used to.

I usually switch phones every couple of months due to somebody coming out with something better. I have mainly stuck w/Nokia after a bad experience w/the v60. I wont be switching any time soon, Motorola has won me back and to keep this one for a long time.

Fairly Satisfied


Jun 30, 2004 by stewar

The Motorola V400 is an overall good phone.

Pros: Excellent screen colors, excellent pictures

Cons: Cannot turn off key click or sound, horrible ringtones (could hardly hear them - miss a LOT of calls), not enough ringtones to choose from, speakerphone limited to use (cannot use w/flip closed, only when the receiving party connects)

Fail call


Jun 25, 2004 by robert57

I here everyone likes their V400 but I'm in the heart of my coverage area and 75% of the time I get a call fail when I try to make a call.I have had the phone check out and they told it was fine.I know people go on about the features but what I really want is a phone that works.Sorry if I don't agree with everyone.

Great phone.... from a Nokia guy


Jun 24, 2004 by phoneguy04

I work in the wireless industry. I have always been a Nokia person, never really liked the Motorola's until now. The V60 series was an OK line and when we started to carry GSM phones and the V400 was one of the first GSM Moto's we had, I was like great another V series... Until I had the opportunity to use the V400. I love it, until now I have never liked flip phones, however this one impressed me.

Great reception
external display is easy to see
Clear crisp screen
user configurable menu and home keys
easy to use camera
downloadable ringtones/walpapers/games

Speakerphone not active until call is connected
battery life
Paint easily scratched
does not come with holster and mobile phone tools(which the lesser phone T725 does)
does not vibe and ring at same time, sure wish Moto would get with it and make this a standard

I could have went on and on with the Pro's but i thought I would keep it short. I can now believe in Moto products again.

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