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Good Reception and Sound and Gorgeous Screen, but Completely Useless Speakerphone!


May 2, 2005 by Old Faithful

This is my 10th cell phone, I've had it for a month now.

I got it along with the V180 to compare and select. In short, the V400 has a better screen and better build quality, but the V180 has better audio and thankfully a functional speakerphone. On the V400, you have to dial, check until the phone has actually been answered, then wait another 3 seconds before you can even activate it!!! If you intend to use the speakerphone handsfree in a car without a kit, forget it, the V400 is NOT for you!

Reception on the V400 is excellent, clear all the way down to 2 bars while on idle, it does drop by a bar while in use, which is not uncommon.

Audio quality is very good but the volume level is too low, you'll be straining in noisy environments. Fortunately there is hack to improve it...

Screen: Outstanding, it's bright and high contrast, has a wide left-right viewing angle, and is very legible except in direct sunlight.

External display: very poor. The dark reverse video background allows very little light in to reflect back to the viewer. As caller ID is displayed in +1514551212 format it's basically illegible, fortunately, there is a hack to correct that as well.

Ringtones: very nice but bass may be inaudible in a noisy environment.

Camera: Excellent quality for use with the phone, quick and effective but resolution doesn't match that of even the cheapest digicam at same setting and it blooms in highlights.

Games: the screen is good so games with simple shapes are very nice to play.

User interface: Unintuitive, but you get used to it. Important features are buried deep but gratefully you can create shortcuts.

Build: very solid, the V180 is flimsy compared to it.

Verdict? Great phone EXCEPT for the useless speakerphone, which is why I give it only a 3 out of 5.

I thought this was the perfect phone


Apr 22, 2005 by Nova504

I have had this phone for about 6 months, and when I first laid eyes on it, I feel in love. First off this is a good looking phone, has a excellent camera. Beautiful screen, and large buttons. The bad part is that the signal is kind of weird sometimes and the phone has a mind of its own. For instance, the phone will turn off by itself, for no reason, with a full battery. And also wont dial out, even with full bars. Drop calls, even if with full bars. And decides when to let me know of a message, even if it was 10 mins ago. Also sometimes it wont register the caller, if it was a missed call. I mean this happens rarely, but is annoying. If it was not for those problems, I would love to keep this phone, but it is time for a new one.

Good looking Phone
Great speakerphone
Nice Camera
Big Buttons
Great Display

Decides when to give you your messages
In call volume, way to low
Drop Calls
Weird Retrys

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great phone so far


Apr 8, 2005 by mine316

every thing works great, it's a great looking phone that has every thing that I could want in a phone. reception is very good. I have owned several phones and the only two that I have had great luck with and would recommend is this phone V-400 and Sam-sung X426

V400, 1 year later


Mar 22, 2005 by ed1011

The most common complaint on this phone is the handset volume. I recently had my flex flushed at a service center because I can no long use the handset speaker. It fixed the low volume problem.

go to main menu -> setting -> phone status -> other info -> flex version

flex version is GS9V400CIN02NA0FB
S/W version TRIPLETS_G_0B.08.AAR_A
DSP S/W version: 62E2E000

This Phone Is A Piece Of Junk


Mar 3, 2005 by TurkAngel

This phone is awful. I had this phone for about a week, and within that week i think i charged this phone probably EVEYDAY.
The phone is too big, and it is very heavy, when i opened the flip up, its as huge as my HOME PHONE. The battery life sucks on this phone. I had a bad experience with this phone.

The only good thing about this phone is the camera, and thats about it. I will never go back to a Motorola phone.

Very Satisfied


Feb 5, 2005 by NeumZ

Excellent phone, works almost as good as my old nokia phone. reception is great everywhere. camera is excellent screen is even better the only cons is that the phone is slow and speaker can only be initated after the call is connected. gave the phone to my father to replace his LG 4010 and even his service is 100% better



Feb 1, 2005 by unlabled

I bought this phone over Christmas vacation and I could not be happier about it.

The only and I mean only problem I have with this phone is that the volume can be a little low but I usually do not have a problem with this. I find if I really need more volume I can switch to speaker phone.

Features are great and I was able to put my own ringtones on my phone by buying a data cord.

Couldn't be happier a great phone for a college student.

Save Your Selves


Jan 11, 2005 by USCell_Sales

This might be the biggest joke of a phone I have ever seen. This phone is a joke, because you purchase this phone and for the first month everything works great. After that first month, it all goes downhill from there. On my phone the first to go was the digital camera, then audio reception, and then the ability to talk to anyone using the phone. It got to the point, where the only way I can have a conversation was by using the speakerphone. I got a new phone, and I had the same problems, then just gave up dealing with Cingular altogether, went to US Cellular and never been happier. If anyone reads this, know two very important facts: the Motorola V400 may look like a nice phone, but after a month it will be over & Cingular might be the worst cellular phone service provider, ever!


*Lack of Camera after a few months
*Lack of audio incoming and outgoing, making it impossible to communicate
*Big phone, w/ a small screen
*Poor audio quality
*much, much more

GREAT Phone!!!


Dec 27, 2004 by Mariposa322

I've been working on the wireless industry for a few years now and I have gone through about 6 different phones now and this is the best!!! I don't have to mention that I work for the same company that provides me service and believe me 95% of us here own that phone and no regrets.

1)The cam might not be necessary but it's good to have it handy.
2)Voice dial actually works!!!
3)Great display
4)Feels strong (unlike the v220 that I felt it was going to break in my hands)
5)Alarm works while phone is off
6)Interchangeable faceplates (go to ebay)
7)Moto mixer??? What for??? I can download my favorite ringtones in mp3 format and for FREE (see wap.rousso.net)
8)It does have more that 1 entry per name if stored to phone memory.
9)Speaker phone works perfect for me.

1)There is a delay between the vibrate and ring option, it should do it at once.
2)Only 5MB memory space not enough for all the ringtones I would like to have on the phone :(

So it have so many Pros that don't pay that much attention to the cons considering that it has gone through my baby boy's hands more than once and it still works perfect. Me and my coworkers would recommend this phone to anyone.

Better than i excpected for the price


Dec 7, 2004 by kingcrunk

It has been about 2 weeks since i had got my V400. My service provider is Fido,which is in Canada. Moto has been working hard at the lab latley. There are only a few cons with this phone.

>Nice sleek look
>Amazing camera
>Good picture quality
>Good sound of ringtones
>cheap price
>many face plates

>Buttons are too close
>Werid text messaging style,spells word for you which is very annoying
>somtimes reception seems to die down

I think that with a few more tweaks to this phone, Moto could have the best phone on the market for this price range phone. I would reccomend this phone, especially to a person who is purchasing their first phone. I do plan to stay with this phone for a while.
People who have downgraded this phone more than they should do not know how to comment on a phone, this is a very well built phone and not many companies can compete with moto for this price-range.

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