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Excellent Phone


Aug 26, 2005 by Punia

I have owned this phone since it first came out in Oct. '04. First of all the quality is a step above most other phones out there. Second the call quality and connection is great. Battery life was an issue until I got the extended battery and now the are $15.00 on VZW's web site. I have been looking around (for curiosity purposes) at other phones and nothing can really hold a candle to this phone. Remember this is a phone 1st and then everything else. Camera on this phone is better than most and inside screen is still the best on the market. This phone has a couple of flaws such as the outside screen is disappointing and no Bluetooth. I have owned many phones and I must say overall, this one is the best. Audiovox (Toshiba) went out with a bang.

Start up time
Inside Screen
Ease of Use

Outside LCD
Original Battery Life
No Bluetooth
Speakerphone (call has to be activated before speakerphone will work)

Best Display ever for Verizon Clam!


Aug 23, 2005 by arejay229

I've had mine since last Nov 04, and I must say it has been the best phone I've ever own. I can't say it enough, but since it's been discontinued, I've been phone shopping for my next Verizon play toy. It's not the most sturdy I've own, but it still turns heads when I whip that display out and show my friends some pics. Thinking about getting the LG 8100, but I might just buy a friend's 9900 just to keep that sexy model for another 6 months. I want to see if Verizon will have a phone that will be comparable or even better than the 9900's display. If you can still buy the Audiovox 9900, jump on it. You will not be displeased.

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Jul 6, 2005 by Spartan 104

I purchased this phone last year for $50 with contract through VZW. What a steal! Phone has been great to me the past 9 months and has to be one of my favorites so far.

*Unrivaled main display
*Awesome RF performance and sound quality (tri-mode as well)
*VGA camera with flash and video recording
*Great speaker phone
*Loud ear piece and ringers
*Cool "flashlight" feature

*Build quality (phone doesn't feel as solid as other phones I've owned)
*Outer display not very visible outdoors (or even indoors for that matter)
*Moderate battery life
*Lack of Get It Now applications (phone is discontinued though but even when it was released, there were so few apps and games available)
*No bluetooth

*This phone is a solid 4.5 in my book but I went ahead and gave it a full 5 considering how inexpensive it was.

Great Phone


Jun 6, 2005 by taylorlefebvre

Being just an average cell phone user, this phone has proved itself to be a real lifesaver. I have owned my 9900 since October of 2003 and just love it. I can even tell you how many times i have dropped the thing, and each time, it just turnes right back on with out any problems. The anntenna on this thing can go throuh SO much abuse, and still say nice and straight.

Pros: High rez screen
Speaker phone
Very easy to use
Great camera

Cons: Clicking noise when you open/close
Low rez Caller ID Screen on front
So/So battery life

Over all i would highley recomend this phone. With service from Verizon Wireless, reception is wonderful, sound is very clear, and buttons are well lit and easy to use. Gread Job Audiovox!

Excellent Phone!!


Apr 27, 2005 by L7jr

It really is a shame that this phone sold out so quickly from Verizon. When people see me holding this phone in my hand, they all have the same reaction: "It's fairly big for a recent phone." Once I tell them all the features it has they then think it is about right in size in relation to it's features. The phone has room for 300 phone book entries, numerous ring tones (including normal ones), voice activated guidance (similar to LG Driving Mode but not as advanced), speaker phone, amazing camera and camcorder, camera and camcorder flash, customizable backgrounds for menus, "my menu" feature, outside color screen and I could go on and on.
The phone does it have it's pros and cons. The pros include amazing features, internal display, large keypad layout, reception, loud ring tones, the excellent travel charger which can fold to make it easier to carry and the excellent speaker phone for use while driving, and the ability to lock the side buttons so that buttons aren't inadvertently hit by accident while in your pocket. The phone does have cons however.
The cons though small prevent me from giving this phone a perfect 5. The ear-piece has to be held perfectly to the ear otherwise the person on the other end can't be heard all that well. In other words, the phone has one sweet spot. The phone also only has 4 bars for its reception which took some getting used to. It's not really a con but I put it as one because I had to to get used to it because every other phone I ever had prior to this had 5 or more bars for its reception. The battery life can also be uneven.
As you can see this phone had lots of features and many pros and only a few cons. In my opinion, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. If you ever see this phone in $150 range, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it when compared to newer phones that cost the same.

Good RF and Nice Screen


Feb 9, 2005 by hwanyoung

Good RF phone with nice screen.
I found that I can continue a phone conversation in my apartment elevator with the 9900. unlike my old LG3100. I'm not sure if that's a phone issue or better network issue, but just happy that i can continue talking where i once couldn't.
The screen is ridiculous sweet.
When i first looked at the phone i thought is was a dummy one with just a picture on the screen, but it was on and just so sweet.
The wall papers look alot better on the 9900 compared to my friend's LG4500 and 6100.
Anycase, the phone is bigger than i'd like it too be, but that's the handoff for the screen i guess.
The flip clicks when it's completely open and sometimes I wish it had a smoother spring.
But you get use to it after a while.
The camera quality seems to be better than some of the megapixel cameras out there. i don't know the specs but just looks sweet.
Charging is easy and the battery lasts pretty good. It's not as long like gsm phones but a couple days with normal usage is pretty good for a cdma phone.
The speaker phone is a little tinny but that's because i use to use NEXTEL phones at work.
The overall call quality is ok, a little static but i think that has to do more with the network.
The menus is a little slow but not crazy like the T720's from motorola.
overall i'm happy that i got this phone while it was out.
I've had friends ask if they can buy the phone off me b/c they can't find it at any local verizon stores anymore.
good pick for good price.
just wish it was vcast enabled... would have been awesome.

Very solid performer


Jan 12, 2005 by seabayz

This phone is a very solid performer and does what its supposed to do and more. The camera is nice for a phone and the screen is very nice and high resolution. It also has a speakerphone and is Tri-Mode wich is important to me. Anyways, this phone is packed with features and holds very good reception. It is also a solid quality phone and has good call quality. I recommend it.

Love it!


Jan 4, 2005 by vzgirl

I love this phone. I like that it is big enough for me not to lose. I have also dropped this phone about four times and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The camera on this phone is the best I have seen. I like the big internal screen and the different menus syles that are available. You can actually take pictures and use the as your menu icons. I wish I could find a USB cable though, that is my biggest issue with the phone.
Love the Camera. You can take pics with the internal and external screen.
You can email the video.
Volume is excellent.
Menu is easy to navigate.

Once a call is ended you do not have the option to access other phone numbers by the same contact.

Speaker phone is not very strong.

No USB cable!!!!!

Best Phone


Dec 30, 2004 by 1attax

This phone has every feature. I had the Motorola v710 and it is the worst phone ever. It is a steal it is so cheap. I guarantee if you buy this phone you will love it.

I came back....


Nov 19, 2004 by cameronsloan

I had gone with the 9900 when my NE2 came up based on reviews here. But I missed the menus of the LG VX6000 and so I made a hasty decision to exchange the 9900 for the VX6100. It didn't take me long to realize that was a mistake. The volume bug you may have read about on the 6100 drove me crazy. I also didn't like the "Speaker Independent" voice dialing. I was only able to dial the primary # for any contact. With the "Speaker Dependent" voice dialing like the 9900 has, you can set a separate voice dial for every # for a contact. I was in a panic once I realized that I had made a mistake because VZW is all out of the 9900 and I thought that I wouldn't be able to go back. I lucked out though when I heard a rumor that Circuit City VZW kiosks do still have some 9900s in stock. I found one and lucked out again when the sales clerk allowed be to make the switch even though policy states 1 change within that 15 day period.

Speaker Dependant Voice Dial (my voice)
Excellent sound quality
Works well with my headset (button activates voice dial and answers/ends calls)

Battery life - no biggie

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