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I Have had this phone since the 6th....


Oct 12, 2004 by darkside72

And i am happy with it so far, they just added Mobile IM.Now they need to add some more games and the sony music box, ya i have used the voice memo feature to save snippets of movies for my ringtones.....but I want some real audio tones again! but other than that an excellent phone for the price.I had the Lg vx6000 before this phone, and was going to either go with the lg 7000 or the motorola v710. But decided on this one I purchased this phone and i got it for 119.00 the rep gave me a 30 dollar discount cause i told her i was getting frequent dropped calls on the lg 6000 and she threw in the leather case!! and I still have my NE2 intact so needless to say i'm happy with my purchase!



Oct 11, 2004 by Fast Eddy

This phone has it all. Yes, it does not have Blue Tooth but if the v710 is indicative of Blue Tooth it is over rated. The screen, the call quality, the ease of use all are just great. Wow, what a deal was to be had on this phone. Just one great phone. The phone book is easy to use and the picture quality is very good, even inside.

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Terrible R/F but it a nice phone


Oct 9, 2004 by bigack


Eeek The Creak!


Oct 17, 2004 by kwtrading

I have to say first of all this is a cool phone and is untouchable for the money. I really appreciate all the features including the video recorder which works great. So I'll save time and say I pretty much agree with all the positive comments about the phone.

Two things about this phone have me returning it next week hopefully for the LG 6100 if it comes out if not something else.

1. Can't stand the single holed ear speaker. I constantly am moving the phone around on my ear to line it up properly. How can only 1 other person complain about this so far?? How hard is it to have a couple extra holes in it?

2. Moving the phone at all with it open causes horrendous creaking sounds in the cheap plastic. Putting any pressure of your face on the top half of the phone to listen does it the worst. The only way to get it to stop it is to hold the phone by the top half only which isn't gonna happen. I am guessing if I'm getting the creaking already then most others will get it eventually after they losen up a bit.

If it was just the creaking then I'd probably try swapping the phone for another. But my issue with the earpiece isn't gonna go away so I better find something else. By the way, my wife got the same exact phone and says she's fine with it. Hers is still pretty tight. I guess we'll have the video recorder on hers if we need it.

Verizons Best Phone


Oct 9, 2004 by VBGuru

CDM 9900 is verizons best phone yet. i bought this phone 3 days ago to replace my current lg vx7000. this phone blows away the lg vx7000. cdm 9900 has an excellent battery life which i didnt have with the lg vx7000. the cdm 9900 has a great speakerphone (very loud). i live out in the country, the cdm 9900 is also a trimode phone which gives me an extra bar in my signal strenght that i didnt get with my lg vx7000.i have owned many phones before but never one like the cdm 9900. the more i use this phone the more i like it. i am so glad i replace my lg vx7000. if u want to buy a verizon phone, the cdm 9900 is my recommendation. its simply the best.



Oct 11, 2004 by PHANTOM_LORD

This is the best. Can't go wrong for the price. WAY TO GO AUDIOVOX. Don't know what else to say that hasen't already been said.

awsome phone!!


Oct 8, 2004 by jammy

This phone is great. Tri mode, video, camera, speaker. This phone is great cant beat the price of the phone. For the person who stated that it lacks ringtones from get it now, well what do you expect the phone just came out a few days ago, it is not going to be loaded with everything to do on the phone. i have 2 of these phones and love it. I dont have any problems with them. i would definantly rate this phone 5++++ and then some.

What a deal!


Oct 8, 2004 by markgnyc2

I just picked up two of these phones this week. My wife got hers for free under new every 2, and I paid $149 full retail for mine without extending my contract. I cant believe that phones with this many features are so inexpensive.

I was looking for a phone with a speakerphone and also camera and video. I thought that I would have to go for the V710. Then I saw that the CDM 9900 came on the market and raced to my local Verizon store. So far I'm very happy with the performance of this phone. The battery seems to perform as advertised. It takes nice pictures. The speakerphone is good.

I don't know how much the price will go up next week, but at this price it is really a steal. I gets my full recommendation.

It's about time VZW!!!


Oct 6, 2004 by imapirate05

this is a great phone. everything about it from camera to the price. only thing i have a problem with is how do i set a vibrate ringer. but its not a big issue. would definitely recommend to other vzw users if able to purchase. thats all i have to say.

Absolutely adore this phone


Nov 15, 2005 by newyawkgrrl

There are some phones out there that are really junk and I must say this one is really great. I have had this phone for a little under two years now and its still working perfectly fine.


* large screen with great resolution
* great durable feel. not at all flimsy or feels like its going to fall apart
* clicks when it opens and closes. (most people take this for granted but I thinks its essential, it keeps it from popping open or letting the hinges get loose)
* camera quality is great
* easy to understand menu
* signal is great (then again, I do live right near Manhattan)
* earpiece quality is great
* you can set a picture and ringer to each caller
* speakerphone
* good battery life
* spped dial, voice dial, txt and pic messaging etc...


* speakerphone is in the back. if you leave it on a table it sounds muffled obviously.
* if you drop it, the battery and battery case comes flying out
* no bluetooth or vcast but who cares. that stuff DRAINS your battery life.
* the flash doesnt work well in the dark.

If Audiovox can make this phone, exactly the way it is, but with an updates speakerphone, battery case and flash, I think it would be the perfect phone.

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