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this phone is a peice


Mar 9, 2006 by theantiford


i thought this was a good phone when i got it (besides the fact it got hot) but after bout a month i notices orange spots on the screen(dead pixels). a few weeks passed and it was a huge spot about half the screen then the screen basicly quit exept a ring of good pixels on the outer area. so i took it to verizon and was told it would cost $80 to fix the phone
im still using it with the screen like it is

save ur money

pros: it will keep ur ears warm in the winter

cons: everything else

the best phone i ever had


Feb 14, 2006 by Kohlslaw1114

this phone has excellent reception, color and everything. i've had this phone for about 2 years now and it's the best phone i've had. i always have good service. i switched to sprint cuz of ma contract expired with verizon and i didnt want to renew it. but akll i gotta say is this phone is 100% in each and every single way..

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Samsung Love you Long Time!


Jan 11, 2006 by jholton

I have beat this phone to near death, yet it still breathes. It does not have bells and whistles, or bright lights and neato sounds, but it gets the job done right everytime. If a phone lasts a year and a half in my pocket, in the alleys of NYC, then it will last just about anywhere, anytime. Sure it looks funky now, like i took sandpaper to it or something, but when I want to talk to somebody in Cali, or even my fiance in El Barrio, it will make the call, and clearly. I can't remember if its ever dropped a call and I have Verizon service which is actually from another network outside of NYC, beat that! What you want to impress your friends? Impress them with what they hear you say, not with how you look.

Samsung SCH-A650 High failure rate


Jan 4, 2006 by kesev

I added two of these phones to our family plan. I have the same usability complaints that the others mentioned so I will not duplicate the messages. We had one phone "fail to boot" after about 3 months, so Verizon quickly replaced it at no charge.
Then the replacement failed suddenly, just went completely dead. Now I am worried about heat, as these phones get very hot.

Final word: Two out of three phones will fail inside 6 months! Buy the extended warranty you will need it!



Dec 23, 2005 by Bandu

I have owned this phone for 3 months now. The phone performs well. The signal is Samsung good. By this, I mean that it does the job but could be better. I travel to many parts of Texas and this phone meets expectations in all places I visit with the exception of this one spot in Brownsville, Tx. I guess that this may be related to the networks unwillingness to fix the problem. I have had many phones with different carriers and this is the same problem with all. I must point out however that Sanyo phones experience less dropped calls. Aside from this issue, the phone is as solid as all Samsung phones I have owned. I has all of the basic features, and can take abuse. I don't understand why other reviewers have mentioned this phone as difficult to open with one hand. I am right hand dominant with large hands and fat fingers and I can open this phone with ease using both hands. The biggest CON I have with this phone is no speaker phone. There are some minor issues with keeping the settings I change on the phone. For whatever reason, I cant get the phone to keep certain ringers for certain contacts. That is no big however. Keep up the good work, Samsung, and improve your signal. That is the only way a 5 can be achieved.

terrible basic phone


Nov 24, 2005 by crazydukefanatic

ive had this phone fore 3 monthes and this phone sucks. the only thing it can do is make lots of annoying noise. here are some pros and cons.

-has a keypad
-is color
-has bluetooth

-terrible battery life
-no external display
-no camera
-no speakerphone
-trops calls all the time
-scratches easily
-no caller id from phone book (only displays # no name)
-no reception anyhere (could be verizon)
-when being charged stays on vibrate
-takes 4ever to charge



Nov 19, 2005 by negligent007

pros it has get it now and everything put i bought 2 phones the first couple of weeks mine cracked right where it open where the little green light blinks my wife just says am careless with thing she keeps her in her pocket book and after a year hers broke in the same place and two people at work with the same phone had the same problem . The pros it has some features cons its cheap but cost alot of money don't buy one but if you get it free i say its OK for now

Samsung SCH A650


Dec 21, 2004 by basktblplayr03

the SCH A650 is a decent phone. If you want a basic flip color phone this is perfect for you. However there are not that many features to it.

-small,light,nice shape and size
-color display
-menu layout is good
-great reception

-battery life ok, could be better
-no speakerphone
-no games (for game lovers) installed with it
-no external display

After about 2 months of owning the phone to me it got boring and plain, I wanted more features like speakerphone,external display and etc. If you are looking for a basic flip color phone this one would be a great choice.
Overall I am satisfied with the phone.

overall good phone


Dec 5, 2004 by vzw2010

overall good phone,good price.phone made pretty durable.flip works really good with a leather case,makes a good difference.ringtones are very loud,i put it on silent .phone book easy to navigate.battery life excellent for standard battery,can talk about 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day with out having to charge for two days,very good.phone does heat up on back behind screen,leather case will help with that.good signal call quality ,excellent voice activated dialing works good with hands free accessory.display nice quality,screen savers decent.

pros:good signal,good battery life,good sound

cons:no external caller id

GREAT replacement to my Kyocera KX414 Phantom (and that's an understatement!!)


Nov 27, 2004 by Brand7Ox7new

After reading all the reviews and doing my research, I decided to give this phone a try. I've owned this phone for almost a day now and it has surpassed my expectations. The ringers are just as loud as those on the Phantom, and the A650 also has lower depths to ringers that make them sound a lot better. This phone has excellent reception, and call quality is VERY clear, moreso than that of the KX414.

-Color screen is crisp, bright, and vibrant.
-Ringtones are just as loud as the KX414's, and have more depth and better sound quality.
-Animated wallpapers are a plus, the phone also includes a "Calender" and "Clock" wallpaper which makes for a more professional, or business-like appeal.
-Accessing the phonebook is easier (hit the right soft key in standby mode) rather than the infamous "four button press" required on the Phantom to access the phonebook.
-STRONG vibrate! I literally jumped when my phone went off while in silent mode!
-This phone is also more text messaging friendly (the larger buttons on the A650 are easier to press rapidly than the buttons on the 414) And also the A650 comes with T9 predictive text instead instead of eZi. Let's just say I constantly found myself adding words to eZis dictionary because not that many words were pre-programmed into the phone's dictionary.
-Customizable message alerts and alarms is a plus (on the 414 you could only select 4 different sounds for alerts and messages, none of those included preset or downloaded ringtones).
-Changeable faceplates. All you have to do is remove the pads under the LCD, and then unscrew the faceplate, and pop on a new one (cellularfactory.com and wirelessemporium.com are wonderful sites where you can purchase faceplates) put the screws back in, put the pads back on and voila!

-The only real con (actually more of a nitpick) is the fact that the keypad backlight is a dull green, but that is a tiny nitpick in comparison to the rest of the excellent features of this phone.

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