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Absoloutely AWESOME


Sep 24, 2004 by sonicblue

Forget what all these other people think of the 3200. I work with phones for a living and I can safely tell you this is one of the greatest phones available in the US today. It packs a camera, speakerphone, FM radio, infra-red camera AND a flashlight into a small package. Where else are you going to find all that? The best part about the phone is the more you use it, the more you will love it because of its features and functionality. It might cost a little more than the other phones, but there's a good reason for that. Yeah, I'm raving about this phone and would recommend it to anyone but it has its downsides too;

-Nokia phones have excellent reception, and this is no exception.
-Has a high-quality finish and touch.
-Comes with hologram faceplates.
-Operating system is awesome. It's like using Mac OS X compared to Windows 95.
-Many, many useful tools and features...you will end up using all of them sooner or later.
-Battery will last you days even if you talk a lot.
-White keypad looks cool at night.
-EXCELLENT quality speaker. I can still hear it with my car radio up.
-Flashlight comes in real handy, and it's BRIGHT!
-Transfer stuff between ANY phone (Nokia or not) through the IR.

-Keypad isn't always easy to use, especially if you [...] have big fingers [...]
-Camera quality sucks big time. I dont think I have ever used it once to take a picture and then do something with it..it's just a gimmick.
-Original clear faceplate is very easy to scratch up.
-Small screen, not good for viewing graphics.
-You must attach earpiece in order to use radio, but once you do, you can turn on the speaker (nice!)
-No Bluetooth.

Ed. note: edited slightly

Great Camera Phone


Sep 23, 2004 by janatwedt

This phone is a great little phone. As usual Nokia has made yet another tough phone. I have dropped this phone riding horses and put back together and it works well. This phone is very user friendly. The camera mode works with just one button and automatically saves it for you.
the reception is much better than with my Motorola in same areas.
The screen is a bit dark and hard to see at times. the internet service works great, however, I don't like having to push an extra button just to open a link to another page.
It has an excellent speakerphone that picks up well. It even has a flashlight and a radio. The radio only works with the headset in.
Minus a few minor things I have found this phone to be an awesome phone. As in most cases, you can't go wrong with a Nokia.

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Nokia's BIGGEST Flop!


Sep 17, 2004 by glamourista

I've had several Nokias before owning this one. I had the 5165 and the 8265. For what they were at the time, I really enjoyed those and fully believed in Nokia as a quality cell maker...so naturally, I was expecting complete satisfaction from the 3200. BOY WAS I WRONG!

I was probably one of the first to get this phone. It wasn't even available at my local AT&T shop yet, I ordered it via the phone. The features are great! The camera, the FLASHLIGHT, sound-recording (with sound bites that can be applied as ring tones...very cool), speaker phone, unique keypad, AOL AIM capabilities, infra-red and so on...this little phone packs a punch with the features.

Initially, it worked like a dream, but over time the phone broke down. The FIRST glitch was with the AOL AIM feature. I kept getting application errors. That problem remained unresolvd for the duration I owned it...thanks AT&T and Nokia for NOT wanting to help me! Then, the lights on the keypad started lighting irregularly. For example, when I'd press a key, the WHOLE pad is suppposed to light. In my case, only half of it would. Then my phone wouldn't always ring with sound. I'd see the phone flash, but it would take several moments before I heard anything. The phone also started to lag when trying to connect calls. In addition, my speaker phone would turn on sporatically or just wouldn't shut off after I used it, UNLESS I completely powered it off. Seriously, I could KEEP going with my list of problems. And I'm very conscious with my phone. It isn't like I dropped it a million times to cause these problems.

All in all, this phone IS NOT worth anyone's money. Perhaps Nokia loaded too many features onto the phone before working any glitches out of the system. DON'T buy this phone! Take it from me, I was once such a believer in the phone. In the case another Nokia I like comes out, I'll check it, of course, but I'll bide my time.

This phone starts out stellar...but flops in the end.



Jul 15, 2004 by robz98lude

All around satifactory phone. Allot of fun features, fairly good reception, durable, great battery life. The EDGE internet rocks! Only complaints: limited ringtone selection unless you download more. Camera is better than i expected once you change the resolution to the highest level. memory is smaller than i like, but i am accustomed to the nokia 3600 series. If you have extremely poor dexterity or oversized hands, this phone probably isn't for you. otherwise, no complaints when you consider the price / functionality / features. recommended buy.

Very poor phone


Jul 12, 2004 by jason80

The Nokia 3200 is among the worst phones I have ever owned. The only pros I can think of are:
*Lots of fun features
*Easy to operate
*Somewhat attractive appearance in a cheesy cheap sort of way.

*Many many dropped calls
*Half of all calls dialed drop before they connect.
*Static or echo effect on some calls
*poor quality display that makes it impossible to see in the sun.
*poor quality camera
*speaker phone and ear piece both hard to hear at highest volume
*uncomfortable on ear
*lousy key layout
*cheap easily scratch-able plastic body

If you want a cool toy this is the phone for you. If you are hoping to impress your friends with a built in FM radio among other features look no further. But if you are like me and want a phone that has good reception and doesn't require two or three attempts to make a single phone call, you wont find it in the 3200.

I am pleased...


May 15, 2004 by Nieceygee

I work in the wireless industry and I had a Nokia 8265 before which was a great phone. So I did want to stick to a Nokia because I have had very good luck with Nokias overall. But I really haven't had a problem with my 3200. Here is my assessment:

-the size is small and compact.
-the weight is light.
-the clarity of the colored screen is real good.
-the features of the speakerphone, flashlight, vibraphone and radio are my favorites. Good for my busy lifestyle!!!
-the Nokias are user-friendly phones.
-I like the fact that you can change the format of your menu.
-the versatility of the look of the nokias: the faceplates, keypads, etc. is nice.
-the reception is really good; I have sold a tone of these and I have had only one return but it wasn't because of reception. They preferred a flip!!!!

-I didn't care for the faceplate that it came with.
-I don't care for how they made the headset connection; you can easily pull it out if you aren't careful.

Great for teens phone


Apr 16, 2004 by Sir Text Alot

The 3200 is a cool, slick looking phone for the covers are paper and the features really bring the phone out in it's own. . . I can't say the phone is flawless but the key attibutes on the phone are great.

FM Radio.
Camera/ " its a ok quality but not a 10"

People look at it & see the buttons and think " That's Ugly" but is very easy to text from.

If you have a teen I would recommend this phone for them.

American Idol Phone


Mar 7, 2004 by Phonepro

As long as your fingers aren't too fat,...it is great. If Ryan Seccrest pimps it,...why can't you!?!



Mar 4, 2004 by ralph0722

This phone is pretty expensive and it misses a few key features at this price range.

-No bluetooth
-No 65k colors
-Feels plasticky
-Button layout is terrible
-Plastic clear case scratches easily
-Screen icons like the signal and battery meter are difficult to see with ANY wallpaper.
-Plastic clear case looks cheap
-Battery life drains fast. I'm a high user and i haver to charge this phone every night.

-UI is super fast
-Menus are Nokia easy
-Speaker phone
-Small yet not too small
-Youthfull appearance
-RF performance is excellent
-Ear piece audio and volume are very good
-Interchangeable papers covers
-Very customizable

Overall is a very good phone. I recommend it!

Keeping Me Happy


Feb 24, 2004 by sosborn

I am rarely satisfied with a phone for long, but this one has grabbed my attention. The customizable faceplate is a winner with me, as I change it almost daily. The features are endless and user friendly as always with Nokia. Great little phone, and yes, the buttons ARE easy to use!

The case does scuff, but seems to be replaceable if necessary. My biggest complaint would be the lack of "ordinary" ring tones programmed in.

What do I like most? Which day is it? I love setting my wallpaper to be a picture of my dog. I love when someone asks, "new phone?" and I say "nope, same one, different faceplate". Flashlight gets more use than any feature! Use the alarm clock every morning, as well as the organizer. Have pictures saved in my contacts. Don't have to fiddle with a hinge flip thingee. I haven't experienced any "glitches" and the phone can handle a fall. Solid.

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