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The Changeable Trend


Dec 23, 2005 by crazyballerboy

The Nokia 3200 is a pretty small phone, which weighs just around 85 grams. The 4096 color display and 128 X 128 pixels is not the greatest around right now but for the time of the phone it was great. The one thing that makes the Nokia 3200 different for other Nokia phones is the compact keypad, with only 3 rows of keys instead of the regular 5 rows.
The most amazing feature of this phone is the Covers; The Company provides 5 3D Covers which can be changed very conveniently and matching wallpapers have been provided in the Memory. Also for the budding Artistes in this world 20 Blank Cut-Out covers have also been provided on which you color whatever you feel like and insert that inside the cover. So it is the heights of Customization which only Nokia provides.
There is an electroluminescent layer that shines up when it is dark, which helps greatly for those night trips back home, not only does the keypad light up in the dark, the Nokia 3200 has a built in flashlight on the bottom of the phone letting you shine it on the lock of your front door, in your car after dropping something, or even trying to fix your car in the dark no more worries you have a instant flashlight with you.
The call quality is great, you are easily understood by your listeners, even when you use speaker phone. Just another great feature about the Nokia 3200 is the FM radio, all you have to do is plug in your headset and listen to your favorite songs on any/all of the available FM channels in your region. Best used while waiting for someone or at work. Excellent reception and changing channels is a breeze.
How many camera phones are less than 100.00 dollars, not many, the Nokia 3200 is a high-end phone with a low cost. The final and greatest quality about the Nokia 3200 is the battery life, with more than 12 hours of straight use, our personally I have gone 3 weeks without charging it.
The Nokia Compact and slick the Nokia Company made another great phone!

Serviceable Phone


Oct 9, 2005 by orrman

I've had this phone for almost 2 years so i can provide you a pretty accurate review. Before i list the pros and cons, let me mention a few things.

First of all, i've never had a technical/mechanical problem with this phone where i had to return it. It's a real tough phone that i've left in the heat, dropped a million times and had it stepped on on a few occasions. It's never broken or malfunctioned.

Second, some have mentioned about the buttons being too small and unmangeable. They really suck at first, but after a couple of months it was second nature. Not a problem at all. I check my bank accounts often and rarely mis-key an account number anymore.

Third, the camera is really horrible. It's so bad, it's almost endearing. You can make out what you just took a picture of, but it's not very clear. Everything comes out a little fuzzy. Still, if you want to take a picture of a friend or relative and have them pop up when they call, it works fine.

Finally i don't see where this phone is a "teen" or "young adult" phone. I personally don't like flip-phones so i got this phone. If you leave it as it is out of the box, it's just a cell phone. If you change to case to a flower/iron cross design, get a battery blinking LED lights display and download the latest Linkin Park/Christina Aguilera polyphonic ringtone then i guess it's a "teen" phone now. It's your choice.

- Decent reception
- Feels "right" in your hand
- Display is adequate
- Excellent volume
- Above average loudspeaker
- Very easy menu navigation
- FM radio (i love this feature and it's getting harder to find in newer phones)
- Flashlight! (love this one too)
- Camera (sort of, hahaha)

- Camera (if you want to call it that, hahaha)
- Loudspeaker only comes on when call is connected. That's a little annoying
- Very low memory. If you don't download a lot of images/tones or take tons of pictures not a problem
- Aftermarket scarce
- Games suck (if you're into that)

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Oct 1, 2005 by elliot91

I have had this phone for about 1.5 years and have had some problems with this phone. Although i love this phone with a passion i am replacing it because of how many times it has been fixed. This is a great phone for teenagers such as myself. I live in the minneapolis area and the only places i have had dropped calls is my house, but i still get service almost everywhere and i average 4 out of 7 bars.

the look/personalization
ease of use
battery life
screen viewable in sunlight
fun games
loud earpiece but speakerphone is ok

have had this phone fixed about 5 times for a broken power piece
low quality camera, but its still a camera!
must have headset plugged in to use the radio
keypad is very cool but buttons are very small and there are two numbers on each button

Great Phone for Teens


Dec 31, 2004 by sliderorvox8610..help

I got this phone in August and it had great signal strength and good sound quality. i thought it was a great phone overall.
-Great Size
-Extremely Customizable
-Great Signal Strength
-Awesome print-out covers,print them or make your own with a pen and paper
-People always complimenting and wondering how the keypad works,and how i got a cover with my name on it.
-Price, I got it for 6$!! on the AT&T website

-Poor camera quality its OK but could be better
-Poor sound recorder

what a pleasant surprise


Dec 24, 2003 by rgans1122

initially i thought the design was ugly, however, the fact that it had a camera, loudspeaker, fm radio and flashlight overcame aesthetic issues.

when i opened the box, the phone didnt look like the ugly phone i had researched on the internet. after looking it over, turns out this is actually one of the more beautiful phones to come along in a while.

it has the typical nokia shape but it is quite smaller and lighter than your typical nokia. pics of this phone on the internet make it appear to be the same size as most other nokia phones.

one of the first details i noticed was that the shell (case?) is clear on the front and back. apparently, the design incorporates a feature where custom graphics can be inserted in the phone and are viewable from the outside.

the radio is a treat because, surprisingly, it is not at all cumbersome to operate. the included earpiece headset (doubles as an antenna; the radio cannot function without it on) is useful for phone conversations but i've had to get used to using a single earpiece for listening to fm broadcasts while working out.

the flashlight is great because i used to use the light from my 3595 keypad and screen when fumbling for dropped items in a dark movie theater or car.

the loudspeaker is a nice addition; rare on nokia phones. it also functions as a speaker for fm broadcasts and the built in alarm clock.

the obvious shortcomings of this phone are the finger-hurting hard keyboard (though the design is fine, not as unuserfriendly as it looks, even if it looks unconventional), the placement of the date (it blocks the graphic), the position of the camera (it should be higher up so one is less apt to block it with the fingers), and the lack of included polyphonic ringers (my 3595 had some very good ones).

the color display lacks the size, resolution and 65000+ colors available on some of the larger color display phones, however i can live with that because i prefer smaller, lighter phones.



Sep 5, 2010 by narn3049

Had the Blue 3200 and it was the toughest phone ever. I tossed and dropped and threw this phone and it worked as if it was just purchased. the phone was simply amazing. If only this phone came out with a qwerty keyboard. i would get it definetely if it had this and was more updated. camera was good. i believe it had a 2-5 sec vid camera. none could be sent i think. the rings had flashing lights that could be programmed to them and some faceplaces you could see through although I stayed with the factory blue one. You could kinda see through it to the back of the phone.

Good camera and video
Ringtone lights
Call quality which is a big thing for me
Texting which is a big thing for me too.
Easy to use

As any phone it's bound to scratch. It was awesome when you first got it because of the color and how cool it looked but if your not careful with it (i dropped it a lot) your bound to have a crappy condition phone

Its kinda junk


Sep 22, 2005 by co_Okie

this phone was great for the first 3 months then it started to cut off while i was in calles then the last time it cut off everything was wiped out. And my friend who had the same phone had the same thing happen to her so don't get this phone

So Far my the best phone I've had!!!


Aug 27, 2005 by hookershotrods

I had a friend that recommend this phone to me that worked at AT&T i had a Simeon's phone for less then a month and it SUCKET
so he told me about this one I was looking for a camera phone and this one was pretty cool and ,I like the custom inserts but I still have the tribal the flash is the best idea ever I us it all the time at work or in a pinch the FM radio is pretty cool I've had it for over a year now but I want to find a new carrier because Singular is sucks ass wise sprint had SIM cards so I could keep my phone. It's also durable I've drop it thrown it and bet the crap out of it and it's only suffered a few scratches and keeps on working!
Flash light
Record ring tones off radio
custom inserts
rocker keys
FM radio
Looks cool

camera sucks
you have to have the ear piece into listen to the radio over the loud speaker
Sprint doesn't carry it
no 2 way

I love my phone!


Jul 26, 2005 by sfazncitygurl

This is the first phone I've ever had but it's a great phone! I first got it because it was the only free camera phone that was offered to me; I later came to regret the fact that I got it for the camera. But almost everything else on the phone is awesome!

-FM Radio!
-Long long long Battery Life
-Customizable case without buying the shells.
-very very durable (I've dropped it at least 20 times over this year)
-Few dropped calls (I've had the phone for a year and I believe there's only been 10 or so.)
-Excellent reception as long as you are above ground (Part of my school is below ground level and there were a few places where I couldn't use my phone)
-Games (it boring after a while)
-Do not have to buy ring tones, can record.
-Loudspeaker (a good loud one; but sometimes it's a bit fuzzy)

-Camera: horrible. please, please, do not buy this phone for its camera.
-Headset: I had two of them for the radio; broke within two months.
-Keyboard can be quite confusing.
-Conference calls can be hard to make sometimes. also If you are on a three-way, even though you're supposed to be able to, you can't call extra people.
-The case looks ugly in the beginning; but it will grow on you.

This is actually a great phone if you just need a phone to make calls, would like to customize it for free, and not spend money on the Internet. There are many things on this phone that everyone would enjoy; and teens and young adults would like it the most.

. . . and I thought the Detroit Lions were bad


Jul 4, 2005 by Cellular_Whiz

I got this phone in September, I am only 17 so this looked like a cheap phone i could use to get girls, and have fun with . . . yea u guessed it i was wrong.

and uhhhhh . . . ummmm ohh yea
-voice recorder can be made into ringtones
(way to save munny)

-Worst Camera
-Bad keys since when u turn the phone upside down they are loose
-Late text messages when u are low on minutes(i had 120 minutes monday, 70 the next morning and 0 10 minutes later, i did not use the phone throughout this spand)
-did i say worst camera
-no good graphics
-flashlight does not work with new faceplate
-original faceplate scratches easy
-slow mmode
-low volume headsets

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