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The Maxx is the Max


Jun 18, 2012 by waltermax

I would have given this phone a 5, but there's always room for improvement. I purchased it at full retail (nearly $700) about 2 months ago, and have not had one moment of regret. I have not had to charge this phone during the day since I got it, and I use it a lot for all sorts of things. Works fabulous with Netflix and HDMI to TV. Fortunately I am grandfathered into unlimited data. Everyone uses their phone differently, and I would just like to say that this one does everything I want it to. I cannot think of anything I would change.
Regarding the person who said that the on/off switch is too close to the volume switch and shuts off a phone call, that is an option in the settings. I used to use it, but decided not to as sometimes the screen would turn off and I couldn't get it back on without hitting the on/off switch so I could look something up on the internet while on a phone call.
I haven't had any issue with dropping data as some have mentioned. It is just a sweet piece of electronic heaven. And I can't understand why other phones don't use a larger battery. Used to have the LG Revolution and had an extended battery and an extra regular battery standing by. With this phone I average 5% battery usage per hour and usually have 40-60% left at the end of the day. Thank you Motorola.

The best so far..the problem of battery life solved!


Jun 13, 2012 by RichardM

For battery life alone, this phone stands ahead of all the rest. You can use all the wonderful features without fear of running out of battery. And still, the phone is slim and light.
ALL Androids (and Iphones) should be required to have such a long lasting battery. I wouldn't buy another phone without such a battery.
I used to have to charge my phone every night, and in my car. Now, I can go days without charging--and no need ever in car.
Now--how about everything else? Excellent.
Making phone calls--the call quality as good as a land line just about everywhere I've gone.
The "smart actions" are awesome, and very easy to set up. E.G. I can set up the phone to autom. turn features on or off based on my location and the time of day. For example, I can make the phone silent from 11pm to 6am, but can enter some exception contacts, like my Dad, who can ring me 24/7 in case of emergency.
Big screen, which I can read if outside on sunny days if brightness is turned up on phone.
And the other Android features--free Navigator is as good as any I've seen(voice activated, traffic shown).
Internet works great, even in 3g mode.. Email works flawlessly.
I was hoping the new Galaxy 3 would have such a battery, as it seems pretty cool--but no., it just has a 2100mah battery. Not 3300 like R Maxx.

A word of advice for anyone with a 4g Verizon or Spint phone of any kind. Best thing you can do to prolong battery life is to turn off 4g when not needed, as you would when streaming movies, or downloading big files. I usually use WIFI usually for that, anyway.
You can easily switch from CMDA to 4g LTE as needed.

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Real Issues with the RAZR maxx


May 25, 2012 by dro1215

OK...Just got it and yes, this phone is sweet. Especially the way the screen shuts off like an old school T.V. set. Everybody is ranting and raving about the battery life, the truth is with mine, with extremely heavy internet and talking i only get about 12 hours before the battery hits 25%.

Another MAJOR problem is that the on/off button is located on the side right above the volume button and if you hit that button during a call it automatically ends the call. So if your not extremely careful while in the middle of a call it is really easy yo hit the wrong button by accident, which wouldn't be that big of a deal, but it ALWAYS ends the call.

Also it gets pretty hot if being heavily used for a while.

Motorola does it again


Feb 19, 2012 by klinger1108

Let me start off by saying I really wanted to love this phone. I've had them all and after reading dozens of reviews I bought one at full price. That's how much I wanted this thing. But after 48 hours with it I will be returning it and going back to my LG Spectrum. Here's how I see it:

-great battery life
-good UI and features

-connectivity hit and miss
-screen resolution is mediocre
-camera is sub par
-voice calls just so-so
-power and volume keys a tad too small (especially with a case on it).

During the 48 hrs I've been using this phone I've had times where I've had no data, the home screen app has force closed many times which locked me out of the home screen, phone calls have had a nasty echo and the phone has shown just a black screen, causing me to power off then on again. I've experienced these connectivity issues before with the bionic and original razr. I truly believe moto has lost a customer, as they're phones have been less then impressive as of late. IMO the Spectrum or Rezound are far better choices. In both cases the spectrum and rezound have no connectivity issues, have far better voice calls and cleaner, clearer displays and cameras. While I liked the smart actions, motoprint and motocast they're not enough to justify me keeping this device.

This thing is for real


Feb 19, 2012 by crsa3000

I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with this phone. I purchased a Galaxy nexus the day it came out and was very disappointed with the signal strength. While I am not going to sit here and knock that phone, I will say that this thing is Way better. The only thing it had better was the screen and ICS.





This is my 5th VZW phone and I have to say that it is by far the best. I am extremely excited about it. If you want to load up a 1/2 dozen email accounts, facebook and other apps that have "push" notifications, then look no further. GET THIS PHONE!!!!

Best phone ever had


Feb 28, 2012 by atacan

I recently got this phone and it is an amazing phone with very fast response time. I was worried about the battery life but it is much better than the HTC phones I previously owned.

1. Good battery life
2. Very fast and responsive
3. Looks great

1. Price
2. Sometimes the sound quality of calls is not good

Also I am not able to find a good case for this phone. I tried this case but it is not what I want. Can anyone recommend a good case?


Great Phone when it works


Feb 22, 2012 by thaa_88

My wife and i have had 7 of these phones in the 14 day window. they keep locking up with a black screen ! verizon is now telling me it is a problem to take up with Motorola! Motorola is telling me that the brand new phone needs to be sent in for repair!!!! 700$ three weeks ago and a number of phones later I'm not happy. Motorola knows this is a problem because they tried to fix with the software update in early Feb. running android 2.3.6 now

pros: great battery, very cool phone, it is a good fit for a heavy user !

cons: locks up frequently, the screen is a bit low in quality ,cant take out battery to reset

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