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May 2, 2012 by s1mplym3

I LOVE THE PHONE ITS AMAZING!!! battery last forever, doesnt force close, works great with almost all the apps i've tried. Totally recommend this phone for anyone who needs a long battery life and loves android

Very Impressed


Feb 24, 2012 by RTAV

I have had this phone going on 2 weeks now. First of all, I am very very happy with this phone. I have owned multiple droid based phones and this one tops the cake. The most recent phone I had was the Samsung Epic 4g(non-Touch) and so far this phone out does it on everything except for the screen quality. Granted the epic has, IMO, the best screen on the market. It is not disappointing however. I live in an area that is known to have dead zones everywhere with almost all carriers. This phone has yet to loose signal and has full service just about everywhere. The only draw back to this phone that I have found as of yet, is the sound output via the headphone jack. I do like to listen to music on my way home from work or even at my desk. I do notice that the sound quality seems to be a little more distorted vs the other phones I have had. It isn't a huge issue but the critical ear will pick it up. The battery life on this phone is unstoppable. I am able to start my day fully charged and even after 6-10 hours of steaming music I still have 70% battery left. The screen response and going between apps is flawless, no lag.

Screen Size
Overall phone size
Performance of phone

Audio via headphone jack a little distorted

In short I would recommend this phone to anyone. Your not going to be disappointed with this phone. I have yet to have issues with this phone even the fact that the battery cannot be removed, the phone has not locked up once. I was worried about this when buying the phone because every other droid based phone I have had locked up a lot.

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Feb 22, 2012 by kurosawa   updated May 4, 2013

UPDATE: I've dropped this phone to the asphalt or concrete from waist height SIX TIMES since purchase and it's working GREAT, face down because the paint is chipped all around the bezel, many more times indoors, glass perfect.

I upgraded to this 3 months after I upgraded to a Droid 3 to which I added a 3500mah battery. Being an old school keyboarder, I was worried about the accuracy of Swype, but a side-by-side comparo of 3G with 4GLTE pushed me over the edge.

I'm just as fast with Swype as I was on the Droid 3's keyboard, much faster than on the standard phone keypad. After I get my dictionary beefed up, I'll be faster still.

These old eyes needed a bigger screen. The numbers say I only moved up from 4 inches to 4.3, but this is way bigger, brighter and sharper than the Droid 3.

In basic phone function (I'm picky about reception and voice quality), it's the best phone I've owned (Verizon). It's definitely the smartest smart phone I've had.

After two major system updates, the battery isn't lasting 20 hours any more, but it still gets me through the day. Gingerbread rocked for power conservation. With no usable improvements, ICS was a downgrade, and JB, even worse. However, some day they'll write one that's bloated enough to make the phone useless.

This is a flat amazing Facebooking device. My page is all about kid pix, and whatever I can't do with the built-in camera, PicSay Pro can fix (the boost function is terrific at bringing faces out of the shadows).

I bought the QuickOffice license and the phone came with Netflix, so pretty much anything my old desktop can do, this can do.

Rarely, for no reason I can figure out, the phone has to be powered down, the SIM and SD cards have to be popped out and back in again, and the phone powered up.

Of course something better will come out within the quarter. It always does. But I'm not worried that this phone will be in any sense superseded by another.

Very Best Yet


Feb 17, 2012 by mikeasant

This is my first review. I had to sign up to express my pleasure with the Razr Maxx. I have had the Razr Maxx for about a week. I have to say this is the very best phone I have ever owned. I have had numerous phones since my first Startac.
I have been nothing but impressed since I first opened the box. After I powered up the phone the battery was at 55%. I customized the screens, settings and added apps to my liking until 11:00 that evening and still had 20% battery life! I have always had to worry about battery life on all previous phones I owned. I do not have that problem anymore with the Razr Maxx. You will not be disappointed with the Maxx. If you are a heavy data user, you will be a very happy camper with the Razr Maxx.

1.Battery Life Incredible
2.Very fast and responsive
3.Great looking screen-Vivid Colors
4.Love the MotoCast-Free Access to my home computer Desktop and all files.
5.Best built "quality" phone in some years.
6.Speaker phone sounds great-I use this Often
7.4G really is 10x faster than 3G-No issues switching between 4G and 3g coverage.
8.Great call quality and reception.
9.Elegant Design-Gorilla glass and Kevlar back-Very Nice
10.Lastly-I will say it one more time. Battery Life is just Awesome!

1.Price-But if want the BEST it comes with a price.

The droid that lets you imagine over and over - and over


Feb 1, 2012 by Pernel1983

This phone has everything that I have been wanting in a Smartphone. I have experience galaxy nexus without ICS this phone was very limited. I have experience the rezound , good quality but it was just missing something then came the answer the maxx
Pro's -

Sleek and slim
4g on VzW network, need I say more?
Color display, sharp and crisp
8meg Camera.
Outstanding battery

Release of ICS
No adjustable Font

Unbelievable phone.


Feb 15, 2012 by Pego

I would give this a 10 if I could. This is my 3rd motorola droid. I had a d1 and dx. A couple of weeks ago i tried the galaxy nexus but I returned it after poor signal strength and frequent reboots and freezes. The droid razr maxx has a great radio, great display and unbelievable battery life. Sure the camera could be a little better but it's really ok. The maxx is just the right size. Highly recommended.

Battery Life  
Hardware Usability  
Hardware Quality  
Interface Speed  
Audio Volume  
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Great Job Motorola Maxx


Feb 15, 2014 by jtl1947

Number one issue with smart phone users is battery life this phone is a 10 on battery life. Have the phone for 10 days love it easy to use, great screen, great reception, fast, made well, good camera, GREAT BATTERY. I do not agree with many of the reviews on this phone it works great and Motorola did a great job.

This Phone Made Me A Motorola Fan For Life!


Sep 6, 2012 by dogg2727

I switched from the Galaxy Nexus that was nothing but a headache to me and have never looked back. Let me compare the Nexus to the Razr Maxx and show the things I love about this phone:
Battery Life
Maxx - All day, Nexus - 1/4 of a day if lucky

Call Quality
Maxx - Superior clarity and volume, Nexus - Soft & garbled.

External Speaker
Maxx - iPhone-like volume and clarity, Nexus - soft, cheap sounding, useless

Vibration & Notification Light
Maxx - Strong & loud with a light you can see in all lighting conditions, Nexus - useless vibrator + light you can't see in sunlight and too much lag between blinks.

Screen - Nexus wins:
Maxx - Not as good and smaller, Nexus - Big and beautiful.

LTE/3G Radio - No comparsion:
Maxx - Strong signal, doesn't disconnect. Nexus - Good luck, have fun because you will bang your head against a wall. Never saw LTE, flickers between 3G and no signal at all, call drops, data drops. Terrible.

Fit and Finish
Maxx - feels solid, expensive, looks good. Nexus: Cheap plastic with a flimsy back.

Ice Cream Sandwich
Maxx --> Zips around + fast typing + no lag, Nexus - jerky, laggy, thinks too hard when you give it too much input.

Maxx - More recessed so you don't accidently press.

Maxx - Barely warms. Nexus - extreme overheating issues. Plug it in, watch a video clip, or answer a phone call and prepare to burn. Definite overheating issues and you have to put the phone down to let it cool off.

Kind of like asking who is smarter: Dumb or Dumber. Maxx --> 8MP and produces "ok" pictures but I had the Droid X back in the day before my phone was bricked with their POS OS update and it had the same "ok" camera built-in. I only say it is better because in life things are relative and comparing it to the world's worst camera phone by today's standards in the Nexus...it is therefore "better." Nexus --> Garbage fisher price camera. Pixelated nonsense.

Great phone great upgrade from the X2


Aug 12, 2012 by bob1xxx

Razr Maxx is a great phone. My old phone was the droid x2 a excellent phone nothing really wrong with it but its was old slow 3g. I wanted a upgrade to a 4g phone and in the middle of my contract so no verzion discount . So I found a factory refurbished on Ebay for a great price. The phone was in brand new shape and all I could say is WOW! The 4g even at 3 bars signal strength is almost double the speed of my home DSL LOL!!!! I was able to download and install 10 of my favorite apps in less than 5 minutes!!!! Ive got a old unlimited data plan so for the last week Ive been driving around listening to the Pandora and with the 4g almost every were I go in So Cal it plays with out a hitch.

Pros: great Motorola signal strength in both 4g and the rare areas where only 3g is available . great service never a missed call/text or never a issue to make a call/text. Usual Motorola.

Good size and nice screen not too big ,but not Iphone tiny either nice happy media.

crazy 4g speed

So far great battery life , yeah I'm not a power user get two days easy.

Cons: miss old universal message box and news gathering app the X2 had. And the spacing of the keyboard is taking some getting use too (had the same issue with X2 but in a week or so I'll be flying ). Both are very minor issue.

Over all this is awesome phone I am so glad I got this over Samsung SIII . Reception and battery life are great its a Excellent cell phone and a great media consumption device too. Just get it you'll be happy you did.
P.S. The camera is good but not great. Ive got a Sony nex 5n and a Panasonic PAS if I need great pics. But the many reason why I bought the Rarz Maxx its a awesome 4g cell phone and media consumption device which the Razr Maxx excels at.

i like the droid razr maxx


Jun 25, 2012 by justin81

The phone is nice, but sometimes when my g/f calls, her calls dont come in, but her voicemails do. This is the 2nd time ive had this issue. Im thinking about the samsung stratsophere, iphone 4s or the lg lucid. Ive also thought about blackberry's, but ive heard horrible reviews about them. The droid razr maxx is a good phone, i just wish smartphones didnt have cons to then.

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