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Cool upgrade


Jul 14, 2004 by dizzie0210

This is a cute little phone, its been an excellent upgrade from my Motorola v120, which I had two years. The phone is easy to use and so small you can carry it in your little side pocket of a purse or backpack.
Pros: Small easy to carry
great reception
neat little planner functions, like calculator, alarm clock and it has ringer ID.
Wish it had a speaker phone and the phone does not get very loud even if you have it turned all the way up to 5. When you get this phone, when you try and put it on silent you will need to go back in and turn the voice mail to silent as well. I learned that one in algebra one day when I thought I had the phone on silent but had left the voice mail ringer on.
Great phone, love the camera function,I loved the price I paid for it too $0...Verizon has some good deals for current customers if you stay two years, its worth it.

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Extremely Happy!


Jun 27, 2004 by Mnhusker

Used my NE2 to get this phone - $30 after $70 rebate at VZ store. I purchased an LG 6000 at the same time for my wife (she HAS to have a tip calculator - don't get me started). The pros and cons are pretty much already covered in other reviews. At this price point, I think this phone is tough to beat. It's not a true video phone, but then it's cheaper than the LG 7000. The camera is great if you are just using it to do picture id, etc., the limited video capability is just a fun little extra (don't buy this phone for video). The voice commands are terrific and I find them very useful. It's a fun little phone - the only thing I miss is the speakerphone capability, but I accepted that before I bought the phone. Overall, I'm extremely happy!

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A670 Vs. A530


Jan 28, 2005 by btarb24

I have owned this phone for about a month now. I have owned 6 cell phones thus far and prior to the a670, I had one of its predecessors, the a530, which I loved. After becoming accustomed to the couple things that are slightly different I now am liking this phone even more than my old a530, which says a lot.

-Better reception than my a530
-Vibrate color on both screens
-Small size
-Better battery life than my a530 when it was new
-Great clarity on both speaker and mic when talking
-Side volume and camera buttons
-Bright flash
-Sleek, attractive styling
-Time/date are now stated inside the phone, whereas on the a530 it was only on the external display
-Programmable shortcut key!
-Buttons light up perfectly in dark.. on the a530 the light would sneak out in wrong places.
-Larger buttons
-Scrolling of selected text message while simply in your inbox.
-Having the text message content in a larger font than the sender/date/time

-Get It Now (evil)
-If the person you are talking to loses connection in mid-conversation you end up with a 'missed' call in your recent call list.
-Vibrate/Ring combo should have intensity setting instead of hard-set on level 3 of 5.
-I wish i could reprogram the Get It Now and Mobile Web shortcut keys
-Flash should double as flashlight!
-Not as small as a530
-No speakerphone
-Headset plug is impossible to remove!

It took a while for me to find a program available for Mac OSX that would let me transfer my pics and phonebook from my a670 to my laptop. I ended up finding a program that was made to work with an LG VX6000, however it worked perfectly with the a670 for transferring ringtones, phone book, and wallpapers over the USB data cable. The program is called BitPim and can be found at www.bitpim.org. (im running 10.3.7)

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Nice phone for the switch


Jul 22, 2004 by MikePL

why complain about features it doesn't have, a review should be about the features it does have and if their good or not. you cant complain that your Geo metro didn't come with GPS Navigation or XM radio. You shouldve known this before you bought it, so you cant complain about it. I see that in alot of reviews here.

Pros: (keep in mind this is my first samsung/flip/camera/65k color phone, all I've ever had has been nokias)
-size, love the size and color too
-Signal strength better than my nokia with attws, and if i need another bar i pull up the antenna
-large display and text is big when dialing numbers and sms text
-color screen
-camera, good for phone standards
-external color screen for caller id and message updates
-side volume adjuster
-does fine for a dual-band phone

-Battery life- i could go 7-8 days on my last nokia before recharging, i now have to charge everyday or 2. Figured out turning off GPS and indicator light helps out ALOT.
-Contacts setup- since there are multiple numbers per name you have to go into the name and scroll down to the number, alittle time consuming but i may change my format to 1 number per name.

overall i don't mind the 2 cons, their bearable and don't hinder my rating. Great Phone.

now NON-PHONE complaints

the whole "Get It Now" thing is has its negatives. A few things bother me, which i did not know or could've known before my switch to Verizon. Say i want to download a ringtone (which i dispise, im a "ring ring" man) i have to subscribe to this program to do it, buy the ringtone, and on top of that the whole process eats at my anytime minutes during the day. I have to wait for night/weekends is my stragegy for this?!?!?! Some games eat at anytime min during the day too. But im not on it alot so i cant complain that much about it :) Its a great all-in-one place to get your "extras".

All-In-All, great service with Verizon, customer service, features, signal strength so far......

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A real gem--sturdy, excellent call quality, beautiful


Jun 12, 2004 by RichardM

This new phone from Samsung is a real gem.
I upgraded from a Moto T730 3 days ago.

Right away you notice how solidly built and sturdy the phone is, how light and compact it is, and how beautiful the display and backlit keypad is. The display far exceeds the Moto T730 or LG 4400. Although compact, the keypad is easy to use--keys aren't too small or close together.

Most important to me is the call reception and quality. This phone excels in that area. I was driving on an expressway in the Chicago suburbs, talking for about 30 minutes to a friend using a headset. The phone never broke up, cut out, or had any static. The volume was perfect. Near the end of the call, I told my friend that I was calling from a new cell phone; he said be could not even tell I was on a cell phone--like I was calling from the next room.
The camera has a flash and takes very clear quality photos that make great wallpaper and caller-id photos that show up on the front color display.
The advanced voice dialing qualities worked perfectly. You can use digit dialing (just saying the numbers to dial), or name calling (just saying the name of a directory listing you have set up--no need to record the name in advance.)
I'm very impressed new Samsung phone, and would recommend it for anyone who seeks top reception in a compact, beautiful phone, and wants some of the advanced features such as camera phone and advanced voice recognition features. Also, the phone is so easy to use, I have been able to use every feature without opening the manual.

Pros: Solid, sturdy build quality, excellent call quality and reception, advanced voice dial features, decent camera with flash, internal and external color displays, beautifully backlit keypad, can take video clips for wallpaper, compact, lightweight, yet easy to use keypad. Very easy to use--even the advanced features, external caller ID photos.

Cons: No speakerphone, can't send video clips

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Great Phone


Dec 27, 2004 by chloe01

i love my samsung sch-a670.its a great, cute little phone.Heres the pros and cons:
Pros: small,big numbers when dialing,easy text messaging, GET IT NOW, has camera and mobile web

Cons: can't turn on total vibrate(switching calls to vibrate is easy but to turn everything else to vibrate i dont know how to do) i dont really like the menu and font type on phone but hey i can deal.

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Not bad at all


Dec 25, 2004 by D-Block

I just got rid of my Samsung a-610 and verizon offered me the a-670. I've only had it for a couple days but so far so good.
-Nice size, doesn't feel like u have a novel in your pocket
-Comfortable to use
-T9Word predictive text program actually learns new words you teach it now
-Ringtone doesn't pause when you open phone
-External caller id and camera
-Antenna doesn't pop out at random and get bent
-Can set videos as background animations (Drains battery though)
-New ones come with upgraded software that eliminates most of the initial bugs the phone used to have

-Battery life isn't great
-Can't send videos
-Videos are real choppy anyway
-Buttons get real hot after not a lot of use
-Comes with travel charger instead of cradle charger

In the end this is a pretty good phone to get. I'd reccomend it to most people who didn't need a PDA-type phone.

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I like!


Dec 23, 2004 by jtc411

Just sent back my Motorol v265, good phone as far as reception, but other than that it was truely garbage.

The samsung a670 is a really good phone thus far.

Good camera for a phone
Pretty good reception
great featurs
Solidly built


Battery life just stinks, but what do you expect when the phone is such a gadget
Ringers could be alot louder

All in all i love this phone, i was hesitant at first, i contimplated the vx6100...but now i think i might have made the right choice, i hope!!

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Excellent Phone!!!


Nov 28, 2004 by mdh1979

The Samsung SCH-A670 is the best phone I've owned in my opinion. It works great for all my needs.

Pros: Great reception, although the reception for most Verizon customers in my area (NE Colorado) is great.
Takes good shots for a camera phone
Small, sleek design and cool color
User interface easy to navigate
Bright back lit display and keypad, easy to see, day or night
Ringtones are loud and clear and vibrate is strong
Very solid looking and feeling, I've had friends comment on how much better built it is than their own phones.
Excellent reputation being made by Samsung

Cons: Of course i wish it had a speaker phone, but i can definitely do without one.
Phone has a few small bugs that are annoying. For ex. if phone rings too long it logs call as missed instead of just putting it in the in box.

In conclusion I think that this is an excellent phone as the pros easily out weigh the cons.

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This is not a phone... its a gift from the almighty...


Oct 24, 2004 by 1coolDude

The last phone i had was the motorola t720 which in my opinion was forged in the fiery pits of hell.... with that said i needed a phone that could last longer than a half of day on the battery life. The samsung a670, served that purpose and sooo much more. highly recommended...

-absolutely perfect design, feels like its made of metal (not a bad thing, feels like its made well/durable)
-decent battery life so far
- external color screen w/ pix caller ID
- internal screen is so hot it hurts with its 65,000 color resolution
-loud clear reception... everywhere
- blue keypad back light... respect
- camera is actually pretty decent for a phone camera

- The ring tones are a little low... no big deal though
- dont think ringtones support mp3's or audio voice tones
-cant put ur own wallpaper on the external screen
- external screen is a little vague (compared to internal screen)

*these cons are totally overshadowed by the pros in every sense of the word...

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