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May 13, 2006 by sherpie_2010

this is my second phone because my other a670 wouldent turn on after it froze. i am on the verizon wireless network

pros: good camera while it lasted, light weight, small, good reception, ok battery life

cons: lizt can go on forever freezing, callz sometimes never go through and then freezes, camera broke after a couple weeks, takez forever 2 send txt messages, when u recieve a picture message u can barely c what the picture is of its so pixilated, VERY VERY SLOW @ moztly everything.

do not get this phone.

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good for what it could do


Apr 6, 2006 by cellularswapper

This phone is actually a decent phone. I've been apart of the samsung family for a long time!
PROS: easy navigation
excellent camera
CONS:a little slow

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Great Phone


Feb 21, 2006 by robbiesprincess

This is my third phone since becoming a customer with Metro PCS. My first phone was the Audiovox 8910, which I have not owned for a year, the second phone was the Samsung 570, which I took right back to the store to get the Samsung 670.
I am very pleased with the Samsung 670 phone. I have not dropped/lost a call since owning the phone, which was the reason for me getting a new phone.
I can walk around my mom's house talking with my husband and friends and not even loose the call like I had before with previous phone. The camera on this phone takes nice pictures, especially for a camera phone. The phone has a lot to offer.
If I could change anything about this phone, I would add a speaker phone and I would extend the life on the battery. I must admit, I love to talk and with Metro PCS you have the freedom to talk 24/7, unlike other mobil phone companies that give you a limited amount of minutes of talk time.
Another thing, when doing my homework on this phone, the sample pictures showed on the display to have the Statue of Liberty, for some reason, I am unable to access that wallpaper, or maybe my phone for some strange reason doesn't offer it...No big deal. Thanks to the camera, I can have my own pictures for Wallpaper.
Out of all the flip phones that I have owned, this is the only flip phone that I have owned that has been more then half ways decent. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to buy a flip phone who is looking to also get a good signal.
Oh, my husband envy's me, I have a camera built into my phone and I also have more features available to download such as games, tones, ect. He has the Nokia phone that is now discontinued from Metro PCS and like my brother-in-law, the phone takes a beating and keeps on working.

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The Best phone I've ever had!


Feb 17, 2006 by Xiporah

This little phone has been through hell and high water with me! It's been dropped, tossed, taken serious liquid damage THREE times (Including water, coffee and juice.) and it still functions as it did when I pulled it out of the package. It's scuffed up and the antenna is bent, but I love my phone and will not give it up until the day it refuses to turn on.

The only complaint I have about it is that I can't figure out how to make it respond to voice dial commands, but punching keys over speaking is a small price to pay for a sturdy and resilient cell phone.

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Love(d) It!!!


Oct 13, 2005 by luvvzw

i bought this phone back in march when i renewed my verizon contract and was sooooo happy. i had an lg vx 4400 or something like that and that phone was SHOT (you'll hear more about it later). so anyway, the display was great, the pictures were so clear and bright, and the video clips were just fun. i was really used to my lg, so i had to get used to some of the functions of the samsung (i wish i could remember what they were). the pre-installed ringers on the phone left lots to be desired, but i quickly found some nice ones thru get it now. now here comes the sad part of the story: one night we were out and i spilled just a LITTLE bit of beer on the phone. well, the whole thing went KAPUT. it just shut down and would not turn back on. i did everything to dry it. i practically disassembled the hwole ting and blow-dryed it, but to no avail. and stupid me, i didn't get insurance. the thing that got me mad was, with my old lg, i dropped it in a foot of rainwater, in the kitchen sink,it fell out of my bookbag countless times, and after all that it turned back on. the last time i dropped it was in a HOT CUP OF TEA and it STILL worked!!!! talk about a sturdy dependable phone. and here's my bright n shiny flimsy samsung that can't hold it's liquor. :(

small, light weight phone with nice design
space-saving charger
great display and color
camera takes pretty good pics
video clips with sound make for a fun time in south beach

ringer volume is really low, even when on highest setting
not sure the phone can take much of a beating considering the 'beer incident'
font size only comes in big or bigger, and i'm a fan of the small
battery life is too short; u can charge it all u want but by the end of the day itll still be hanging by a thread

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Common Misconceptions


Oct 12, 2005 by uberhelper

Overall a good phone, I bought it because of its really small size.

First thing: To turn to silent mode is VERY easy, hold down the # key for 3 seconds.

Second thing: to turn on the external display hold down the volume control for 3 seconds.

I found both of these in that nifty thing called the user manual. The external display light was just common sense.

Color Display
Clean design
Can disable power on and off sounds (yay manual)

Stock ringers limited
No speaker phone
Battery life is decent, could be better.
No cradle given with phone

Overall a good phone, I would buy it again. If you find yourself frustrated at something check the manual! There is probably an easy way to do what you want.

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Design defect


Aug 5, 2005 by unhappysamsung

The right hinge on my phone broke while I opened the phone. I took the phone to Verizon to have it repaired, as the phone was under warranty. Verizon informed me that this problem was not covered by the warranty, nor is the exterior of the phone as a whole. The technician who looked at my phone told me that this is a common problem with this phone and that Samsung is aware of it. However, Samsung refuses to cover the repair under the phone’s warranty.

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This phone rocks!!


Jan 3, 2005 by tsturbo

Originally bought the a650, hated it, sucked the battery down in one day, no outside lcd, returned it for the a670, hugh improvement. Incredible inside screen, quality unit, previously had a motoV300 which I really liked, but have to say the a670 is all that the motov300 was and more.

The a670 get better reception than the a650, sounds clearer and so far the battery has been excellent. I think the reason the a650's battery drained so quickly was because of the tri-mode, my office is in my basement and the phone constantly switched from digital to analog.

Have to say that the unit feels very solid and is a very high quality unit. I had heard a lot of good things about Samsung but have never owned one before, was always a Nokia then Moto guy, Samsung is the best of the bunch, really glad I did not go with an LG, they look OK, but from what I have read and seen, they are not very solid and don't hold up nearly as well as the Samsung.

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A670 is an awsome phone!


Aug 2, 2004 by MorrisGray

Can't get any better for me unless the battery would last a whole week instead of 3-5 days depending on usage. This phone has more features than I use or possibly even know about. Voice clarity, phone reception and ease of use are all very good to me. The camera and flash work just fine. If you make sure the GPS signal is off, take the service LED off and set the backlight/keypad/front display for 5 sec it will help your battery life a lot. You can light up the front display by holding the side volume button in for a second or two but this also cuts into your battery life. What I am trying to say is that this is almost a perfect phone which is the intended purpose. If you don't need a phone with a camera and lots of features try the Samsung A650. It works just as well for a phone, it is less expensive and the battery last a little longer than the A670. But it is not quite as nice as the A670 in all other areas! I own them both with Verizon service in north GA/TN and have had no problems or glitches with either phone! I recommend them both highly.

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Great Little phone


Jul 22, 2004 by orioles150

I wish people would do research on the phone before flaming it. Also if you have a question please ask it in the forum, not as a review.

Now for my review:

This phone is a great little phone.

Pros: Small, dual color screens, camera, picture-ID, easy to get custom ringtones, IMO the best looking Verizon phone. Voice Dialing is amazing (unlike my old 4500, you can dial any of the numbers you have stored for a single contact (for ex. if a person has a home number and a cell phone, it asks which of the numbers you want to call))

Cons: ringer volume is a little low, there is a little bug in the call log (when you hang up the phone it says you missed a call from the person you were just talking to, AND says that while you were talking to that person there was call waiting), In call log it doesn't always tell you how long the phone call lasted, and finally battery life could be better.

This phone CAN sort contacts alphabetically, by speed dial, or by group. (it defaults to alphabetically) and it does have ringer/picture ID.

I suggest everyone who is thinking about getting Verizon or upgrading their phone look at this phone. It is IMO the best phone Verizon currently has out: the combination of its looks and its functionality just can't be beat.

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