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Motorola i205


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Jeeze people... it's not THAT bad ! ! !


Sep 9, 2005 by booradly

It's a pretty simple little phone. If you have trouble operating this you definitely should NOT have a drivers license. The menu is small and it's easy and quick to access all the features. The back-light makes it pretty easy to see at night and it's easier to see in daylight than any color screen I've seen, but... The screen is small and the text and digits in the games is near impossible for me without my reading glasses. Maybe I just got lucky but it has the best reception of any Nextel phone that I or my wife have had or heard of. I really like it for that alone. It's true that the sound quality sucks. The volume is easy to adjust but I'm on it all the time. I wasn't impressed that the speaker phone is disabled or whatever. I want mine on but if it costs $25 like another reviewer stated, forget it. I got this phone to be a cheap phone. One that is no great loss to loose or destroy but has the basic necessary functions without the thrills and spills and fancy color screen. Nice not to have the flip thing too. I always thought that flip would be sooo cool but found it to be annoying once I had it. It's pretty small too at least by Nextel standards. You gotta pay for that direct connect somehow. The battery life is good. I don't see how that could have been a prob for anyone unless they were using an old battery. Oh yeah... the sim card thing! You gotta love that. Swap it around and use a different phone everyday if you've got 'em. This one is new generation with the 64k, 600 # card yet it will still work nice in my old i60, albeit no address book, but it's still sweet. Try that with Verizon.

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Nextel & phone not worth one penny!


Jul 23, 2005 by jmcd

I've had this phone for about 6 months and I have to say that Nextel and this phone BLOWS! I chose this phone b/c the Nextel salesman told me it was one of their best phones. (My husband got another type and is not happy either) Anyway, we have decided to bite the bullet and get out of the contract. There is no use in having a phone or service that doesn't work.


Sound quality is atrocious. I feel like I'm calling someone from space. I constantly have to adjust the volume to hear the person I'm talking to and that is only when by some act of God I can get through because the phone drops my calls on a regular basis. Especially if I'm driving. It happens even if a phone tower is in sight, which really infuriates me.

Another irritating factor is when you call my phone to leave a message you will hear, "Please hold, you are being transferred to an automated voicemail system" Then you hear my personal message. What is up with that? Isn't the point of VM to quickly leave a message? Instead the caller has to hold for like 2 minutes.
My voicemails also arrive hours later....NOT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

It also takes forever to navigate to the address book.

The direct connect is reasonable, but hardly makes up for the other crap.

Save yourself the trouble if you live in the Cincinnati tristate area. NEXTEL & THIS CRAPPY PHONE ARE WORTHLESS!

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Forget it...


Jan 15, 2005 by coconuts

We had two of these phones, and I have to agree with everything the last couple of reviews said, this is a lousy phone.
Dropped calls, failed messages, poor reception and voice quality, the list goes on...
Nextel is worthless, calls to their customer service are very frustrating, they keep you on hold forever.
Not really sure how much of the blame to put on the phone itself.
Bottom line is if you are considering this phone and or Nextel, DON'T DO IT!
We finally dumped Nextel and are very happy with our new carrier and phones, a Motorola V180 and V551.

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i love it


Dec 10, 2004 by sasser

i have had this phone for a long time and never have had any problems with it. Everything on it is still working and it has had many of accidents. Where i live the service is great it also gets great service in my work place to. I haven't had any trouble at all with it and i am very satisfied!!! Compared to the flip phones which has a lot of problems this phone is perfect and cheap for anybody looking!

pro's- two-way, very tuff, very dependable, roadside service, and lite weight.

con's-plain color, menu options aint to good and battery life isn't long

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Motorola i205


Dec 6, 2004 by Jusdrummin

My company has been using Nextel for about 5 yrs. for the DC feature. They just bought 30+ of these because they got "such a good deal".

These phones are worthless - the phone I use resets itself or freezes up at least 2-3 times a day. The sound goes from audible to completely garbled through out the day.

This is a work phone, I'm not too concerned about it having games (it does you just have to look for them harder)or being sleek or cool looking - I just wish it would work.

I do like the fact that I can talk direct to just 1 person, instead of having to go through our dispatcher to relay.

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Overall Disappointing


Sep 11, 2004 by drcool

The Motorola iDEN i205 is one of my least favorite Nextel phones i've had the opportunity to use. Second only to the i30sx, which was a worthless paperweight. This phone is very small and brick like. It is very bulky and not egronomic. The keys are small and the button layout is horrible. The screen is almost to small to even be functional. It doesn't have speakerphone by default, it's available but you have to pay $25 to purchase it. If you want a good, inexpensive phone go with an i85s/i88s as they are the best bang for the buck.

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I don't suggest it...


May 14, 2006 by cellular_lover

First of all, like in some other reviews, it is a phone and it does make calls. But, you can barely hear the calls as it drops calls on a daily basis.
This might just be my luck, but I only had service on the i205 for 4 seconds! (Even with a Nextel tower visible) I had to make a call within those 4 seconds, and when I did, 98% of the time it would connect. Weird, huh?
Anyway, I think it was bulky. I had to give it about 5 minutes for it to read my sim card. I would turn on the phone and go to contacts. Then it would say, "Please wait. Reading SIM". It didn't have games and the ring tones sucked and so did the speaker.
Also, when I would make a call, it would make a tapping noise. "What the heck is that?" I said to myself when I first got the phone.
I guess you can say that it is only good for emergencies.

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i205 piece of junk


Aug 10, 2005 by drphone

This phone is not worth the $0 I paid for it. Nextel should have paid me to take it off their hands. Battery life is horrible. Reception is terrible even in areas that have known coverage. The menuing is not well thought out at all and requires way more effort to use than most modern phones. Sound quality is not acceptable I'm tired of hearing "Can you hear me now"!

Enuf of the Cons. The Pros to this phone are .... Well there aint none!

This phone is going back to the store today!

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