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Good basic phone


May 12, 2005 by rukshanw

The first thing to praise about this phone is its great speaker phone. A job well done on this one. The phone itself follows the traits of the V60 series. I have used pretty much all of the models and this one falls right in with the rest.
All the basic features are included in this phone. The monochrome LCD could be replaced with a color - although the color version of the V60 (v60tc) has a smaller screen compared to the other V60 series.
Phone is faily rugged and I like the fact that you can add hi-cap batteries to this.
Overall, a good, basic, flip phone. The biggest problem I can foresee is the charging port getting clogged with dirt and lint (for all of you that carry in your pockets :) ) and then failing to charge. nothing a little contact cleaner and a nylon brush can't fix :)

Motorola will work well with you.


Mar 28, 2005 by Rezin

My mom has this phone, the plan is with verizon
and I have used motorola before, reason don't have one now is I am waiting for a bar phone to come out that works with verizon...
Generally I think motorola has the best functionality and convenience in their phones.

This one is a clam shell.
It is nice for it has side button functions, speaker phone, and caller id, you can make diff ringtones for your contacts, short-cut keys, etc...
make your own ring tones with the composer etc.

this isn't color screen but it does its job and the font and size it good and you can zoom in if you want to make the size larger.

if you get a motorola it will do well with you for a long time.

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Good Ole V60s


Mar 27, 2005 by motoman82

To me this is a great phone I was lucky enough to get it brand new through a insurance claim. I don't like how its under the same category as the V60p on phonescoop because to me they are 2 seperate phones. I just tried the Lg Vx6100 that phone lost more calls than I could even count and than I also tried the V265 through motorola that phone wasn't that bad of a phone just wasn't perfected I guess. So i switched back to my good ole V60s that hasn't failed me yet.

Speaker Phone is the BEST
No drop calls
Multiple names in phone book
No extra junk like camera and such
I like the stub antenna
Steady signal
Clear Reception
I could go on but I will stop

I feel bad for the people that cant experience this kind of a solid phone this was probably one of the last solid phones motorola has made.

Battery life isn't the best so i recommend a extended battery its not going to hurt the thickness of the phone any and if you know u are going to have a long conversation put on the speaker phone plug in the phone to charge and you are ready to go!

Pretty good thus far


Mar 15, 2005 by d1sturbdapeace

I've been using this phone with Verizon for close to 6 months now and I find it to be working very well. Service is excellent with it, very loud and clear. I am forced to argue on one of the above posters who said that the side buttons get pushed on their own. I've been carrying this phone around in my pocket for the whole time I've had it (since I'm not really the belt clip type) and never once has the ring style changed on me. Unless you're the type that keeps your hands in your pockets all day, you should have no problems with this. Overall, a pretty good phone...
Loud and clear reception, stub antenna (i hate those ones you pull up and end up breaking or bending), outside screen with caller ID, outside volume buttons to change your ring style without opening the flip, and very solidly built.
Pretty lousy battery life, heavier than alot of other phones I've had, long charging time, NO BUILT IN GAMES :-(
The pros way outweight the cons though, good phone if you're not looking to be flashy.

Good Phone/Lousy Alarm


Feb 3, 2005 by SuckaMC

Just need to make calls? This is a great bare-bones phone. Monochrome screen, no pix, no vid, no games, no downloadable ring tones. Just calls and a phone book. Works for me. The usual Motorola quality: the thing's pretty sturdy, the clamshell cups your ear, the function buttons (though not the keypad) are rubberized. Reception's been great. The ringer is super loud; I have to turn it down whenever I come indoors. My one complaint: the alarm burbles once. That's it. If you were hoping to wake up out of a deep sleep, forget it. If there's a possibility you might not hear it right off, forget it. It's fine if you just needed to be reminded of something and it's sitting right in front of you on your desk, but I set the alarm on my bloody cellphone precisely because I don't like to leave things to chance, you know?

Too many returns...


Jan 23, 2005 by lgmack

I work at a retail store in the wireless dept... this phone was one of our most returned phones..it's an awful phone..the push to talk on this is horrendus to non-exsistent...people would come in and complain about call quality and the reception...Mot and their v60 series are old phones...stay away...at all cost!!!

The Best Cell Phone I've Ever Had


Jan 7, 2005 by cassie21

I gave up my Motorola v600 (on AT&T) for a v60s (on Verizon)!

* Simple, easy to use
* Solid, built like a tank & has exceptional reception.
* Sleek, and very fashionable
* Sweet ... it's a solid phone - without the silly frills!


v60s is an Awesome Phone


Dec 27, 2004 by Roaddog

This phone rocks! I got it for my wife while I upgraded to a v265 from my old v60i. The v60s has a better speaker phone and has the best signal reception Ive seen. This is very important to me as a flyfishing guide calling for a vehicle shuttle in remote areas. And Ive never witnessed signal strength increase on any extendable antenna. It is there to make people feel like they are getting better reception.
The audio quality is outstanding as well. I am going to try to trade my v265 for my wife's v60s. She may like it for its lighter and slimmer design, and it is a pretty good phone, but my bet is she is too smart to take the bait...
By the way Phone Scoop, the v60s and the v60p push to talk models should not be listed together. The v60p has negative feedback on features that do not relate to the s model that effects the user rating on this outstanding phone.
If you can still get your hands on the v60s, you will be glad you did.

Nice phone overall, but software needs work


Oct 30, 2004 by BLubak1

It seems that I'm one of the few people left that doesn't want their phone to also be a camera, 2-way radio, and back scratcher. :o) I bought my V60s from Verizon's limited line-up of non-camera phones 2 weeks ago, and it's been pretty good overall, but the software (8600_03.0F.00) still needs work. I haven't experienced any of the more severe bugs reported here (calls going straight to voicemail, etc.), but there are still bugs nonetheless.

As far as pros go, the design of this phone with the slim battery is quite nice. The faux metal shell is very attractive, but easy to scratch. Fortunately it's swappable, though Motorola only sells the full-size ones, not the smaller ones meant for the slim battery. Go figure. Calls are satisfactorily clear & reception is good; just wish the earpiece was a tad louder, like my Motorola i530 with Nextel was. Unlike a lot of the "cuter" phones in Verizon's lineup, this phone is both CDMA and analog capable, extremely important in some of the places that I travel. While the antenna is a stub and can't be extended, analog calls in the 0-2 bar signal range still sound acceptably clear without that ability. The user interface is great, reminding me much of my old Motorola C331 TDMA phone, the ringtones sound nice yet professional, battery life has been good for me, and I love the little EMS images for texting. :o)

Any of the cons I've found with this phone are software related. Whether it's meant to be that way or not, the fact that there isn't an "Off" setting for the speakerphone is annoying. You can only keep it "On" or "Off after 20 seconds" of the phone being powered on. The phone also ignores the dialtone length setting and keeps it "Short," often screwing up automated banking or voicemail. Sometimes it takes the phone a while to toggle back to Verizon from the Extended Network, too, but not a big deal, just annoying.

No color screen, no camera, no back scratcher. With more bug fixes, this PHONE would be perfect. :o)



Oct 9, 2004 by TheCellFreak

Ok. Good News First

Cool Ringtones
250 Contacts

Bad Reception
GrayScale Screen
No Games (2 sucky ones)
Antenna Breaks Easliy
Flip Area Cracks Easil

Need I Saw More?

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