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Social Powerhouse


May 30, 2011 by snakeminidez

I've had this phone since the day it came out and it's the one of the best phone I've owned.

Re-sizable widgets
Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and RSS updates are phenomenal
The qHD display is very bright and crisp
The finger print scanner is an enjoyable touch to the device
Dual LED flash works very well
4 inch screen is very nice to type on
GPS is ridiculously fast
I have never EVER been as impressed with a phones responsiveness ass much as this one, you push a button or swipe the screen and the Atrix flies, it never stutters or thinks or anything, truly awesome.

I've had several people complain that they have trouble hearing while on the phone
I've had the phone lose data connection on me a couple times, but that may be an AT&T issue out in the far western suburbs of Phoenix
You can't download non market apps
The music player is very boring
You cannot play HD videos without converting them, and you are able to do so on both Samsung and HTC
No dedicated camera button
After just looking over the phone I've realized that the micro SD slot is under the battery cover... but seeing as how I just noticed that, it may not be a big issue
No touch to focus, the focus box stays in the center of the view finder so you can't move it to where you want to focus, you have to move the phone itself
Battery life is just as good as any other Android phone... so it sucks.

The cons hardly take away from device, in the end it comes down to what you prefer, if you want a nice media experience go with the Samsung Captivate or Infuse, and if you hate Blur too much go with HTC. But for social networking this phone is the best on AT&T. The intuitiveness of Blur is awesome, and it really helps you "stay connected" which can be a benefit to those seeking some business functionality as well. I honestly cannot say that this is the best phone in general on AT&T (Inspire, iPhone 4) but it does what I want it to do better than all the others.

A Super Phone from AT&T


May 4, 2011 by dpnolen

I really love this phone. I still think the iPhone4 reigns supreme as a everyday phone, but the Atrix offer so much more for the road warrior. I use both the car navigation dock and the lapdock (using now). This is what sets it apart from everything else. You can have a tiny lapdock that extends your phone to more than just a phone. I can access Google docs and do documents. This dock is more functional than any netbook because it is super-portable. Back to the phone...The phone is smoothest Android I have seen yet (and I have seen them all because I have been in the business for a decade). The styling is clean, but not pretty. I do wish like others that it had a metal back (similar to e71 and e62 from Nokia) to be more durable. The flash renders well on all websites. It's just an innovative phone from Motorola, and I think we will see more products like this in the futre. Maybe Apple will create a wireless environment similar to Atrix and lapdock with the iPhone and iPad.

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Great phone


Apr 19, 2011 by alaska 1

I'm new to the smart phone but have messed with my brothers HTC. I bought the Atrix (AT&T) and love it. My biggest complaint with any phone is poor reception especially with a samsung. I have always had good luck with Motorola and this phone gets reception even way out where I live in the middle of nowhere. The Wifi works perfect and this phone is way faster than the lap top computer I have. The sound quality is great, I can hear phone conversations easily and have had no complaints of the sound quality from the people I have called. The battery seems to last all day and, I'm on the phone messing around all day so no complaints with battery life. The camera seems to take a great picture for a cell phone. I have very high quality cameras if I want to take a real important pictures. I'm still amazed at everything this phone does and how well it does it. I mean, it's a damn cell phone. Whats next breakfast in bed? This thing is awesome. I'm on it more than my laptop now.

Good phone but casing feels cheap


Feb 24, 2011 by michko

Got the phone 2 days ago. It's pretty snappy.

I feel like the casing is pretty cheap feeling. Also is there any way to turn off vibrate when tapping on the home, menu, back or search buttons? I've got all tactile feedback turned off but can't find where to shut those off.

Battery is ok. I've turned off a lot of the background data refreshing but still draws on it. Even lowered the screen brightness too.

Not sure if it's a keeper yet.

Killer phone


Feb 23, 2011 by slowandlong1

Got the phone the other day. Was using a Nexus One.This phone is blazing fast. Makes the Nexus One seem slow. Motorola Atrix has a much better speaker phone then the HTC Nexus One. A little too much bloatware for my tastes but I guess that's too be expected for a branded phone. The one thing I noticed when you send a text is the additional android smiley's are not there. My friend has the Motorola Droid 2 Global and it has that feature. I hope I can add that feature.

Pro: Excellent call quality(New York region)
Nice camera
Solid build quality
Great screen resolution
Silly fast

Con: Motoblur(prefer the android skin)
Lack of additional android smiley's

Just an FYI. I have been with AT&T a long time . Always bought unlocked and unbranded phones. When I upgraded too this phone the AT&T rep noticed I was using an old Cingular sim card. Replaced it with the AT&T sim. Said I would get better call quality. I can definitely say it is much better. The people I am calling said I sound much better on there end. Hope this info is useful to any other AT&T customers.

It's Alright


Mar 2, 2011 by nikejugg

Phone is very fast but it should be with a dual core AT&T 4G network is a joke hopefully it will run better and faster by the summertime at least in NYC is barely up to speed with other carriers 4G speeds My Girl is on sprint and her phone 4G speed runs circles around my B.S. AT&T 4G speeds nuff said dock is great and all but Motoblur sucks you know what.So its a good buy but simply a prototype for what.s yet to come.

Great phone, but...


Mar 23, 2011 by mortgmaker

I really wanted to like this phone, I really did and I do for the most part but for some reason, it's unreliable with Outlook 2007. I noticed that some appointments sync, others don't. I don't have this problem with my iPhone 3GS and I didn't have this problem with the HTC Inspire 4G when I tested that. The missing appointments were not missing on either of those phones. Seems rather odd to me but it happened and if I can't rely on my smartphone to keep me organized, I can't use it.

I can't trash this phone because it's truly beautiful. The UI isn't the greatest but I can live with it if I had to. Other than that one flaw, this phone is one powerful piece of equipment.

Friggin Lovin it


Feb 22, 2011 by Markviii

Got mine in yesterday and I love it. Runs extremely fast, has a lot of great options, and, of course, has flash!!!
I don't mind moto blur too much but I will say that it needs to be updated to at least LOOK better. Maybe some better functionality but aside from an out dated feel to motoblur, the phone is phenomenal. One of the things that sucks though is that AT&T hasn't turned on 4G in my area. Yeah, that whole "100%" of our network is 4G stuff is BS

Camera is very clean and fast
Extremely fast processing
Gorgeous screen
UI functions quite well
Android 2.2 is much nicer then 2.1
AWESOME Accessories!!!

Motoblur feels outdated
No 4G in my area. That is AT&T's fault, not the phone's

Overall, I say get it. It's the most potent thing on the market right now and has some of the most useful accessories around. Fantastic phone



Apr 15, 2011 by eazyforu

Coming from an Iphone 3gs (1.5 years old), it was time for an upgrade.

I was willing and excited to try a new OS and when this went on sale, I got the phone.

After three days of evaluation- max amount of days ATT&T will allow you to keep the phone without getting charged a upgrade fee.


Fast processor.
Expandable/Swappable memory card slot.
Fast download speeds.
Loud speakerphone.
Fingerprint reader.


Recorded videos are grainy.

Battery does not last more than 3-4 hours with light/moderate use.

No built in "screenshot" capability. Must buy an app that does this.

When pausing a recorded video, the pause button and progress bar would not "disappear"-leaving a clean screen of the image.

No option to disable the haptic feedback completely--uses more battery juice.

No option to available turn on/unlock screen on the front of the phone.

Android market limited in apps.

Games are not as crisp/rich in colors as Iphone--the demo game (NFShift?) game that came with the phone had crappy graphics.

Low resolution on front facing camera.

Need a business type data plan in order to use multimedia dock--More $ to carrier suck out of you to use this feature.

The HDMI video will not output Youtube or what is on your screen--Only your pictures and recorded videos.

Often times when selectiing typing a text/email on the keyboard, the wrong key/letter is inserted.

The "select all..." options screen kept popping up when trying to move the cursor to the middle of a word to replace a single letter of the word-Very frustrating-Not as smooth as iphone.

I had to return this phone because the cons outweighted the pros.

It may be the fastest processor currently on the market, but no good to me since the video and battery are not that great and always having issues with keyboard input.

mixed feelings


Feb 26, 2011 by tekneeq52

I have had the motorola atrix for several days now and i can honestly say its a pretty cool phone. It does have its drawbacks however. Here are my pros and cons


- Great speed while surfing the web. I ran a speed test and clocked it at 6 mbps download while on wifi and 3 mbps download on 3g.

-screen resolution is top notch

- Fingerprint scanner actually works!

-sound quality while on a phone call is really good


- battery life is not that good, you would want to download the task killer app to turn off all running background apps.

- there is no other button sounds other than an annoying typewriter sound while you are composing a text or an email.

-motorola blur

- screen size is not as big as i thought.

all in all the atrix is a pretty solid phone, definitley one of the best android phones that att has.

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