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Apr 22, 2011 by mrfisk2010

I switched from the iphone 4 to the atrix and i must say that i am happy with my decision. Atrix tops iphone in so many ways and can do things iphone cant even do when it is jailbroken. Only thing that apple has on this phone is the selection of games and slightly better battery life.

*Screen-with it being bigger then the iphone 4's the retina display doesn't look better
*Speed-this thing fly's through websites uploading things very fast
*Size- This phone is very slim to pack so much inside im impressed
*Finger Print reader- a great feature to insure nobody can unlock your phone but you no longer a need to hide you pattern unlock from prying eyes
*Speaker- loud ringtones and speaker volume talking on speaker is a pleasure
*Camera- picture quality is great and it has a double flash for night time photos
*Memory- This phone already has 16GB of storage without a card and if you add one it opens up the possibility to have up to a total of 48GB of memory with a 32 GB Card. Great for movies or big music libraries
*Dual Cores for fast processing programs open up fast and web pages are rendered without many hickups
*Gorilla Glass Screen
*SD CARD position- you can swap them without taking out battery
*Light Weight but solid feel

*ONLY DECENT BATTERY LIFE not great but not bad
*Slippery when not in a case
*Lags at times for a sec
*only using software 2.2 not 2.3
*If you dont like blur this is a CON
*Android market is good but not as vast as APPLES APP store yet just not as polished in my opinion

OVERALL best phone available by far i love it. It is better then the iphone even when it is jailbroken.

Motorola Atrix 4G


Oct 5, 2011 by Dj Mesa

This phone can do it all. If you look at the features listed in the phone you'll notice that phonescoop doesn't say it can do data tethering, mobile hotspotting, PC sync, etc. But the fact is it can. i just compared this phone side by side with the new iphone 4s, and the only thing that iphone beats it in is the camera by 3 megapixles, and the display 540x960 vs 640x960.The atrix is nearing a year of release and its still my choice over the droid bionic and the iphone 4s. and the fact that the processor in the atrix is made by Nvidia is always icing on that cake

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Complete Powerhouse!


Sep 29, 2011 by psykirkland

This phone isn't lacking anything when it comes to power! Awesome battery life and beautiful display!

Dual Core 1GHZ Tegra 2!
Screen Resolution!
Very Loud!
Dual Flash!
Very Responsive!
Finger Print Scanner!
Battery Life is really good!

Higher resolution camera would have been great!
Battery seems to get a little warm at times.
Blur! Need I say more!

* I come from the iPhone world and I must say that both phones have their spotlights! I love iOS! I am absolutely insane about Android! I've never had a phone with this much power! Flash works great and it just out performs them all so far!

3 Atrix later


Sep 20, 2011 by OzzieDog

Coming from the iPhone 4 I figured this would be the phone for me. The Atrix 4G was replace 3 different times for various reasons listed in Pro/Cons. The 3 phones had the same problem the only difference is how many times the things happened.

Light Weight.
Able to remove battery when phone freezes.
Able to use media card.

Feels like cheap plastic.
Phone Freezes for no reason.
Random Restarts.
Shutting off all by itself without warning.
Screen hard to read outdoors or in bright lights.
Screen not as clear as iphone 4.
Drop calls when incoming text, emails, and other phones calls. (AT&T, Dallas, Texas).
Disconnects for the network and is always having to search for network.
Battery life.
Cannot use photos for home screen.
Cannot remove extra home screens.

Good phone


Aug 25, 2011 by FloDiesel

I have had it since 02/23/11 . I had no problem with it . since the gingerbread it been even faster and nicer. call quality is good ,battery life for a smart phone is good unlike the Evo. easy operation. Love the new gallery and face book features that evo does not have as well able to make groups for your apps if you do not want them on the screen . I like the fingerprint scanner don't know why they took it off the next generation atrix and photon for sprint.
Don't know why when u make a call it stays on with no way to erase it that I found in the favorite section . Over all a good phone not a perfect one . The gingerbread improve the phone a lot . Motorola has a hit final . it no Iphone killer but close . there is not like the other androids the same this is really a step up .

jury is still out


Aug 4, 2011 by the old guy

I switched to AT&T planning on continuing to use my Nexus One. When I saw the Atrix I was really impressed with the specs and decided to lay down the $100 and try it. I gotta be fair and say that I've only had it less than a week but I'm really having a hard time getting my arms around it. I've used my Nexus One for 2 years now and thought it was better than sliced bread. This one has advantages like the dual core processor which makes it fly. The screen size is a little bigger and that's nice. Organizing pictures and creating MP3 ringtones SUCKS!!!! I haven't found a way to organize pictures in individual folders, it dumps all the pics on one screen and that is a pain to deal with. The feel of the phone is cheap compared to the N-1 or for that matter any of the HTC smartphones. The back cover snaps on and as you are taking it off you gotta bend it. I would think for a $600 phone Motorola would have made it more solid. I'm really trying to like it but I'm not getting that warm, fuzzy feeling I have for the N-1.

PROS: Fast, nice screen, decent battery life
CONS: cheap plastic construction. Folders?? (may be me)
OVERALL: good phone but not the best

Iphone killer


Jul 25, 2011 by stevoe101

This is one amazing phone, just upgraded to Gingerbread and its working beautiful, so smooth, battery is much better,Gingerbread is a BIG improvment, this phone is FAST, the dual core processor is the reason along with 16 gigs of memory.If you want an all around nice phone this is the one.

Pros, too many to list
Dual core
Lots of memory
Front facing camera
Great battery life with huge battery
Beautiful bright screen easily seen outdoors.
Gingerbread update is great,is much better then 2.2 Froyo

None i can think of

Moto Atrix 4G


Jul 24, 2011 by BarnettJr2

Did not like phone when 1st played with @ AT&T store. Then they had upgrade to Android 2.2.1, which helped considerably. They've had another upgrade that actually hurt the usage of the fingerprint scanner, so I no longer use it,(no biggie). The Tegra 2 is fast & smooth. Of course vidio is excellent.
Has the clearest & loudest sound of any phone I've had, from iphone to Captivate. GPS works flawlessly & Google keeps upgrading & makes it even better.
Cons; Only ones I can come up with screen is not as bright & crisp as Captivate.(No phones are). Cannot turn 3/4G off when unnecessary to conserve batt. like iphones. Which means batt. bearly last a whole day.
Conclusion: Excellent High Powered phone. Also nice to have Android 2.3.4 now.

i'm starting to like


Jul 24, 2011 by regalqueen75

I've been an iphone user for 3 yrs, so I wasn't open for change. I tried using the Samsung Captivate a few months back and was ready to run it over with my car...way to slow and battery life sucked!! Because I use alot of apps, SPEED is really important to me. I must say, the Atrix has stepped up to the plate!!

The battery is amazing!!!
fast, fast, fast!
Android has a ton of free apps
love the finger print swipe to unlock phone..
front facing camera
better call usage in areas that my iphone wouldn't perform well.

front facing camera is a bit granny :(
doesn't charge as quick as the iphone

... This is phone is definently worth trying out. Enjoy!

Antutu Benchmark 3400 after Root/ROM, Dual Core Killer


Jun 15, 2011 by Mosnet82

Best phone out when it launched and as I been tracking upcoming phones it looks like it will hold its own weight against those also. With a ton of features and a CPU comparable to a Boss 429 engine in the 70s, this thing is my best phone purchase so far.

Processor speed.
Not too big, 4" is perfect for me.
Touch scrren highly responsive.
1GB DDR2 ram
Battery Life, I went 11 hours of moderate use.

Build could be stronger with some metal or harder plastics.
Camera should have been AT least 8 MP.

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