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Aug 25, 2011 by SWATLEY

cons; freezes a lot

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Forget MY OLD Iphone 3GS


Jul 9, 2011 by krystaljnw

Normally Don't do reviews however... I was very unsure with leaving the IPHONE world, BUT I did and LOVE IT! This phone is great and does everything the iphone does, plus more!!! Yes it is BIG, But it works! Camera has a great flash! unlike the iphone! Free Ringtones/music! unlike the iphone! Battery..same! I came to think that all smart-phones batteries aren't so great... you have to think you have a million things running all day..

Great Phone! Great BUY!!!!

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Absolutly amazing...


Jul 3, 2011 by norcalrockstar

Normally I'm a little to lazy to right reviews, however, I believe this phone deserves my feedback. I've had the iphone 3gs, iphone 4, droid charge, HTC Thunderbolt, Evo 4g,Motorola Atrix, ect. By far this one beats them all! 16gb of internal memory, 429mb of ram, very minimal bloatware, 1.2ghz processor, and an amazing super amoled 4.5inch screen, my expectations have been met. It's very suprising to my girlfriend because she knows I'm really picky, and since the g1, I've had a hard time finding the right device.

The experience I have with this phone I haven't had with any other phones since the g1. The battery life last me the entire day (8am to 11pm) with pretty moderate use without having to compromise the screen brightness. Maybe the battery last me that long because 8 hours of the day I'm working and I cannot use my phone at work, however, I use it a lot before work, during breaks, and after work and I still manage to have at least 30% battery life left at 11pm.

The only reason I rate the phone a 4.5 is because the external speaker quality could be better, and as nice as the screen is it is a little big, however there are to many pros that make up for it.

I live in Fargo, ND, the signal is very strong, and I average 3 to 4/mbps on the download, and 1.5 to 2/mbps on the upload. For 3g thats definately good for me, I can't wait till at&t upgrades the network to hspa+. I highly recommend this phone to anyone!!!!! Don't hesitate :)

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One of the best


Jun 29, 2011 by araimo427x

Now i will start off by saying i have had almost every phone under the sun. from the droid to the EVO too the inspire to the infuse. And this has got to be one of the best phones i have ever used . the screen is amazing . its big its extremely clear. the sound is wonderful. the battery i must say is not bad at all. now when i had the EVO my battery would die so fast . i had to get the extended battery which died as well. so i felt like no matter what i did for this phone it never lasted . i would take it off the charger at 8 am and by 11 it was dead and i never touched it . with this phone i had it of the charger all day and i am completely fine. this is the only one i can say that about .

The apps are amazing on it . ( angery birds )
. you can do so much with this phone that you cannot do with the iphone . which is nice . i am a huge music buff and the MP3 download is amazing because you can download the songs for free . the new andriod system is nicer . faster .

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My Best Phone So Far


Jun 20, 2011 by dcisive

I've been using cell phones since the Motorola Brick days. I've owned so many I've lost count. but I must say this is so far the finest phone bar none I've ever owned and used. I'm not a huge texting kind of guy, but thus far I've enjoyed the huge typing space as well as it's accuracy. The screen is outstanding and what captivated me at first. The contrast and sharpness is above reproach. I switched over from a Iphone 3Gs and was concerned about the Android interface. Well no more. It's more like a PC to me and I get it. I don't have a huge hand but especially with a fitted Case-Mate rubberized fitted case it is easy to grip and comfortable for long conversations. It has without question the finest fidelity of any earpiece I've had to listen to a call through. The speakerphone is just fine, especially when not overdriven. Clear and without the raspy sound from others I got before. I am on the AT&T 3G network in the Salt Lake City Utah area. I find the overall sound quality of calls outstanding with NO digital character nor hiss. I typically get 4 bars everywhere. Never a dropped call

* The finest sound quality I've ever had from a built in earpiece
* Unreal large AMOLED panel with the best contrast and brightness I've see so far
* NO lag on operation ever with a super zippy internet experience.
* All the applications I need with tons more available
* Battery life is leagues beyond my former Iphone 3Gs.
* Love the light weight and thin profile
* Shocking good camera and video performance

* Seems to take a long time to charge, but not a deal breaker for me as I'm used to plugging it in overnight.
* Not for those looking for a diminutive profile they can slip into a pants pocket and not notice it.
* Not a ton of case choices yet, but hope it improves which will allow for front screen protection as well like a flip case.

All in all after trying just about every phone in the AT&T store THIS was the winner and for a good reason. It just rocks.

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love love love this phone


Jun 11, 2011 by mbooth

This phone is the best I haven't had any problems with it. (Expect for my 3 yr old opening all her 7 games without closing any with is understandable) The signal is great, the sound is great, and its quick. I listen to music almost all day at work while texting and making calls and some web surfing. That's going from about 6 to 8 or so. SO YES GREAT BATTERY LIFE. The picture is clear and the sound is unbelievable you can even set the equalizer. I luv playing it through USB in my truck. I couldn't ask for a better phone. I got it just 2 days after release so yes I was hesitant but I definitely have no regrets.

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Best phone I've ever had


May 31, 2011 by DMA

After a visit to an AT&T store in late April, I almost bought the HTC Inspire (which seemed to be a really good phone), but it was perched next to a Samsung Captivate, which really made me think, "Wow, look how nice that screen is!" I had heard of the upcoming Infuse, which would possess the newer version of this screen, and I decided to wait a few weeks and see how it compared to the Inspire.

I am SO glad I waited! This phone is absolutely amazing!


+ The gorgeous, gorgeous screen! You really have to see it in person to appreciate how nice it is - rich, saturated colors against an ink-black background, which means incredible contrast. It's like a little plasma TV in your hand. Yes, it's big, to be sure, it's still comfy in the hand.

+ Speed - this phone's 1.2GHz processor makes for snappy response and with the graphics controller, the scrolling is very smooth. Apps are peppy, too.

+ Sound quality - it very good, very loud, both through the earpiece and the speaker. I did note a bit of a "mechanized" quality to some caller's voices (which I've seen mentioned in some pro reviews), but I don't seem to notice it all how. Everyone is loud and clear.

+ Network speed - good, as far as I can tell. I'm not really into the "is it really 4G" battle, but when I go to the internet, pages load quickly, and that's really all I care about.


Honestly, for what this phone is, I can't really think of any cons! Other than the fact that I'm having a little trouble finding a holster large enough to accommodate the Infuse with the AT&T Case-Mate shell on it, I can't really fault this phone for anything. The battery could last longer, sure, but it seems to get a little better every day, which I saw with my last phone, the Samsung Jack. If I shut off the GPS when I'm not using it, I find I'm getting better battery life.

Overall, this is definitely the best phone I've ever owned, as it's worked beautifully right out of the box, and it's an absolute joy to use.

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infuse battery life


May 26, 2011 by tomaloma

I would like to comment on the people who complain about their batty after having their phone for a day or two...having been in the cellular industry for 21 years I have found most new batteries need to "learn" how to be used(including li-Ion) First of all new batteries need to be charged 20-24 hours the first time -not the usual 3-5 hours then it takes at least 5-7 times charging it before it learns how to hold a charge properly..THIS IS THE BREAKING IN PERIOD

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Excellent phone overall


May 24, 2011 by detsept988

I got this phone last Friday and I was hesitant to get it so close to it being released because there is usually bugs that have to be worked out but so far, I'm very happy with it. Only a few minor glitches but no deal breakers.

-HUGE, bright display. Very pleasing to the eye. Makes it easy to browse on the internet.
-Swyping is pretty accurate and makes it kinda fun to text once you get used to it.
-lots of android apps.
-you can speak to text. this is REALLY helpful when driving. just say what you want to be sent. although, it's for short and quick texts and make sure you talk clearly and semi-slow. it is a work in progress but still nice.
-good call quality.
-amazing camera with flash. front facing camera is good too but make sure you're in a well lit area for it.

-the speaker in the back isn't that great. I was expecting something bigger and/or better for such a nice phone.
-it's only happened like 2-3 times but sometimes the order of sent/recieved texts get mixed up in a conversation. but that might have just been because we were sending things quickly back and forth.
-the only major downfall: the battery is pretty bad. the day after I got it, it was telling me to plug it in around 2 oclock when I had only just taken it off the charger (after fully charging) around 8am. I was able to find an app, "juice defender", that turns on the the 3G/4G data connection when the phone is locked so this definitely helps a lot but it's still a necessity to plug it in every night. the display is huge though so that's what sucks most of the battery.

overall, I would recommend this phone. Very nice and cutting edge technology. Just be careful with that battery.

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Upgraded From Captivate


May 24, 2011 by kdjjmorin

I had a captivate and there were a few things that I said could be improved. This phone actually does a couple of them.

Camera has been improved (included a flash this time)
Screen is absolutely beautiful
Faster processor
Slim design
Slightly improved battery life

A case makes it larger than it needs to be (don't get the Ballistic HC case)
Battery life (it is a smart phone so life is short, but improved over my Captivate)

Over all this is a great improvement and I love the phone. I did not give it a five because I feel there is always room for improvement (did the same for my Captivate review,) and the site won't let me do a 4.75. I would recommend this phone to anyone, especially anyone who wants an upgrade from a Captivate.

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