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Thing's a tank!


Apr 25, 2005 by spnglr

First off, this might be the most durable phone I've ever come across. I've given this thing a beating during my 8 months with it. Most recently, I left it in a pair of shorts, and it got run through the washer and dryer, but it still works fine, only doesn't vibrate anymore. Impressive.
Everything else is great about it, just a basic phone for not much money at all. Call quality and reception are good on AT&T's service around the southeast. Works most everywhere, has no reception when my friend's phones (on a variety of carriers) don't either.
If you don't need freatures like a color screen, camera, or other bells & whistles, this is a great phone. And I often get comments on how small it is.

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Great basic/spare phone


Mar 23, 2005 by gx3r

If all you need a phone for is talking, than this is perfect. Its very small and thin. There isn't a color screen, camera, or many games on it, but that makes the battery last fairly long for talk. Its easy to flip open and use. Call quality and volume is OK. The only problems I have with it is the headset jack is located too close to the hinge making it a little difficult sometimes for me to insert the headset without the screen in my way and you cant turn off keypad sounds in the "vibrate only" profile. I had a USB cable but I couldn't find any compatible software. Other than that, this phone is great for people who just need something basic or a spare phone.

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Excellent Cell !!!


Feb 17, 2005 by Spooky

I have used this phone for 1 year and I absolutely love it. This is my 3rd cell and I would recommend this phone to anyone who needs a quality but basic phone that does what you need it to. It has some essential features such as side buttons for toggling between vibrate and ring, large spaced buttons, easy to use menu. T9 texting is a breeze, the ringer is loud enough to be obnoxious if you like and it has a strong vibe ring. I have dropped this phone 4 times onto cement and it never even shut off or came apart. The signal strength is awesome (Rogers service/Kelowna B.C) Talk time is about 100 minutes. 2 of my friends have the same model of phone and have never had problems either. You simply can't go wrong with this phone. It doesn't have alot of other fancy features, but hey it's a phone - what do you expect??

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Terrible phone


Jan 29, 2005 by Phatnomo

The only thing good I have to say about this phone is that it's light and easy to carry in my pocket. It drops calls EVERYWHERE--even in my house. My carrier is Cingular and I can be staring at a cell tower in the middle of my home town and I'm on EXTENDED! Hellooo! My display is all whacked out--letters upside down and backward or worse yet, NO display at all. This is the 2nd phone of this model I've had. The 1st one wouldn't hold a charge more than about 3 hours even in my pocket and unused. I want a PHONE not a gameboy so I don't really care about the display or games but I do like having caller ID and when this phone is in one of it's moods, I don't have it! I'll never get an LG again!

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Worst Phone I ever used


Dec 11, 2004 by mzurek1

My cell phone is my only phone. Consequently I am a heavy user and have been for over ten years. This has to be the worst phone I have ever used. I have used Nokia, Sony, Motorola phones with little or no problems. It has an annoying habit of responding "Emergency Only" at various times refusing the user the option to place a call. I have not found a pattern and neither has my provider - Cingular. I have used several phones with Cingular with out this problem so I know it is not a system problem. Cingular has replaced the phone three times and I still have the same problem. I am avoiding LG from now on.

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Piece of Garbage.


Sep 24, 2004 by martinfrenchjr

This phone is garbage! No color screen, cheap plastic, and darn ugly. Bad reception, bad battery life, and crappy games. Everything you would not want in a phone. There are so many free phones out there that are so much better than this. Do not get tricked by salesmen to get this worthless piece of junk.

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Middle of the Road


Sep 8, 2004 by blevins1

My wife and I used the LG 4010 for about 9 months now. She had to return hers twice, however mine has worked flawlessly. I'm not sure if my poor reception is the phone responsibility or Cingulars. I'm leaning toward Cingular, but thats a totally different topic. Otherwise the phone is easy to navigate and use. I would recommend if all you want is a middle of the road cell phone with none of the fancy stuff

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Mixed feelings


Jul 22, 2004 by tclifton

While I like the design, I'm frustrated with several things. My carrier is ATT and the downloaded ringtones don't work. LG and ATT are pointing the finger at each other. Secondly, the Desktop program that is downloaded from the LG web site that moves ringtones from the PC to the phone doesn't work. It crashes ALWAYS. Again, LG says they are fixing it (AS OF 7-20-04). The address and phone book program works just fine, however. Finally, after being on the a 25+ minute call, the battery heats up and the call is dropped. I immediately redial and the same thing happens. This is a big issue for me as I spend a lot of time on the phone. When the phone cools down, everything is fine. In my area, Los Angeles, reception is mostly good. I plan to trade out before my 30-day window with ATT expires, if nothing is fixed by then.

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Jul 13, 2004 by tiger12

I absolutely HATE this phone! I had one that did not work and they told me that the phones had been programmed wrong so TWICE i got a new one! They still don't work...my ringtones dont work, it will randomly shut down, i never have service! i suggest that you DO NOT get this phone!!!!

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What A Total Piece Of Crap


Jun 13, 2004 by mlhed

I have owned 2 of these in less than 6 months. Both broke. Signal is ok at times.

Signal ok, doesn't drop calls.

Ringtones (downloaded) are ok.

Lights up good on those 2am trips to the john, so you don't trip over the cat.
Very poor sound quality.

Using a headset on this thing is not fun and sounds crappy.

Very cheap materials, falls apart too easy.

Gotta keep hitting buttons to keep the light on, doesn't light up automatic when a new page comes up on the GPRS (unlike the nokia I have now, or the Siemens my girlfriend uses)

GPRS seems a LOT slower on this phone.

In closing, the signal is great, but get insurance if you own this model.

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