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Just as good as the Iphone


Jul 15, 2010 by mariothebarber

I received this phone the day before it was to be sold to the public.I just switched from AT&T back to T-Mobile. This phone does everything that I need and more.I did research on the my touch slide,HTC HD2, and the Samsung Vibrant before buying to see what people was saying about the devices. Im glad that I chose this device for my money.

The PRO's:
Android system(customizable everything)
screen size(4" AMOLED screen)
2 diffrent back color covers
AVATAR the movie
Sims 3 exclusively for T-Mobile
16 million colors
puzzle unlock screen when having a missed call or text
Live wallpaper(cant do that with the Iphone )
1 ghz hummingbird processer makes the phone FAST!!!

The Con's:
No flash for the camera

The Pro's to me outweigh the phone not having a flash with T-Mobile. I'm very happy for switching and my choice of this phone. Im happy to have submitted the first review.Cant wait to hear and see what others have experienced with this device.

I'd wait it out this time.


Jul 27, 2010 by justfinethanku

With all of the hype, I expected an absolutely dynamite phone. I wanted an amazing display, a fast processor and a smooth experience.

This phone is crippled by Touch-Wiz, Samsungs proprietary phone layout. It is un-appealing and difficult to use. And as a company who's bread and butter is displays, this has a LONG way to go.

It's a cheaply produced phone and it feels like one. I simply cannot get over the fact that this phone feels and acts like a child's toy.

Let me just get to the "list"


-This is the fastest processor in the T-Mobile Android line-up, and it shows. The phone is fast. Not lightning fast as advertised, but fast.

- briefing" App is pre-installed, it should be on the home-screen, but you can find it in the app tray, its pretty nice!

-Scrolling web-pages is pretty fast. No lag at all. Zooming in and out is quick (and necessary due to the comparatively low-res screen)


-Right off the bat, The first chance Samsung has to impress you they fail horribly. The lock-screen is annoying and gimmicky. I just don't understand why they did it.

-Mobile website view automatically selected? This doesn't happen on any other Android handset I know of, this is a confusing trait of a "cutting-edge" Smart-phone. **someone just reminded me you can download SkyFire, thats a fix!**

-No movie preview or labels in gallery, just a black box with a "play" button. This can get annoying.

-The screen is maddeningly low-res. It's unacceptable from a company like Samsung.

-Movies do not start off where you left off. This is a phone for crying out loud! I'm going to get interrupted!

-The camera is quick, but not as fast as I'd expect from this phone. Multiple quick shots are impossible. Take your point and shoot with you!

-The screen turns off FAST no matter what you are doing. I adjusted the settings but it still timed out waaaay before the 1-minute. This is especially annoying if I am trying to read something.

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Truly Vibrant Amongst Phones...


Jan 26, 2012 by thenewvessel

The Galaxy line has been one of the most monumental and consistant amongst Android phones since first being released along side of Nexus phones. If you are looking to purchase a Galaxy in general, I would HIGHLY recommend this phone to users new and old alike.

- Light weight but sturdy feel
- Flawless fit in hand
- Vibrant, clear, and Large display
- Android 2.1 (soon to be 2.2)
- 16GB of Internal Storage PLUS SD Storage
- Snappy and responsive 1GHz processor
- Excellent multitasking skills
- Stellar Battery Life
- Can be easily Rooted

- No Front Facing Camera
- USB port on top (harder docking)
- No LED Flash
- Android 2.1 (Would be 5/5 with 2.3 Gingerbread)

This phone is a must have... No other way to put it.

A vibrant choice.


Aug 29, 2011 by Guitarkid316

This phone is amazing. I had one before and traded it for a tmobile htc g2. Oh man,did I regret it. I have a new one now and thrashed the g2. This phone does it all. Its fast,clean and reliable although it may feel like a credit card its the best phone ive had or got to work with. The only thing better might be the 4g galaxy. Theres a reason why tmobile still has not discontinued it.

Ӣ Fast 1ghz processor
ӢNice huge amoled screen makes even navigating through the menu fun.
Ӣ16gb internal memory

ӢNo flash for camera

Blackberry Bold vs Galaxy S4G


Apr 4, 2011 by John IDMS

Ok - this was REALLY hard to write.

My profile...
* age - 50, technology savvy with a career selling in high tech.

* I've been a BB user for more than 8 years and I loved my current BB Bold 9700.

* I owned the first T-Mobile PocketPC/touch screen cell phone back in 2001.

It was time for a change. At first I returned the MyTouch...too small for touch screen typing (I didn't realize how easy Swype was). When I tried the Galaxy S4G it fit like Little Red Riding Hood's story...just right.

I was afraid of losing the keyboard...The Swype keyboard (while taking about 2 days to get used to) is Wayyyy better than the BB keyboard...and less thumb stress for sure. Don't be afraid, just try it!

Sooo many Android apps, the large "easy on the eyes screen", tethering, hotspot for up to 5 others and more have made me a convert.

I gave my wife the Curve I last had and told her she would be getting the 9700 Bold and she said "No way"...I want what you have. Ok, for $200 she stays happy...I stay happy. :-)

Good luck to all Blackberry users willing to try the change. It's totally worth it!



Feb 23, 2011 by AJSPENCER92

Great Phone & I Love It!

No Flash
Theme Customization

Battery Life

I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, and at first I thought my coverage was going to be worse, but actually it is just the same. :) I gotta say this phone really put T-Mobile really high on my list, for wireless phone service.

Excellent Android phone


Feb 11, 2011 by Cha7520

I recently upgraded from a Samsung Intercept with Virgin Mobile and decided to go with T-Mobile. The Samsung Vibrant was a phone that always fascinated me because of the look and the 4" super amoled display, so I finally went to Radio Shack and got it. WOW....where do I start? I just upgraded it to Froyo 2.2 and the phone is super fast! No lag, no bugginess that I got with the intercept. The 800x400 pixel display with the Amoled display is just amazing!! Colors are so deep and crisp! Its basically like having a small computer in my hand! Games like Angry Birds that use to freeze up on my intercept play completley fluidly with no lag,etc. I'm 100% satisfied with this phone. Who really cares if it doesn't have a front facing camera or and LED flash! LOL I mean how important is that really? Sure going with Virgin was cheaper monthly, but the experience I get with T-mobile with a high end Android phone is just awesome! Also the call quality is just amazing!! No static, no echoing...nothing! Its very clear! If you are looking for a 3G phone, go with this one!

This phone has taken off and passed the iPhone 4


Feb 10, 2011 by Svtfocus85

I have been struggling with my phone decision for quite some time now and I can easily say that the samsung vibrant is the best phone I have used in the past year. ( I'm writing my review with one now.) I have looked high and low for something to give me the joy that my iPhone 3G gave me and it was time for a change.

This past calender year I have owned personally and tested the Blackberry Storm, 9700 Bold, ( went back for a little bit ) the iphone 3gs unlocked, Mytouch, Mytouch 3G slide, Htc Hd2, and then I got to her. The crem dell crem herself. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. This phone has surpass all the rest and with Super AMOLED colors I may add. No if your wondering the Vibrant wasn't even my final choice. Being an avid gamer I like my keyboard and was working my way to a G2.

Now to the phone where to start ? First off the camera while could be a higher resolution I think 5 MP is great. And the video is amazing. With the phone now having Android 2.2 there isn't much more you can ask for, for starters the Mobile AP and USB Tethering no longer require an application. The battery has doubled from what was already amazing life. The new cursor for navigation in text editing. And Adobe 10.1 so move over Evo and X there is a new iPhone killer abroad.

Cons : Phone is a little lite ( but better then the brick heavy EVO ) , No led flash ( for camera or daily use ) No front facing camera ( but came out after all of the video chat hype up ) and final complaint NO 4G but if you are looking for a super fast phone with a dedicated graphics card and 1 ghz processor Grab a Vibrant and have fun.

Powerful Phone with a few flaws.


Jan 22, 2011 by NelsonJingles

-Extremely fast and responsive hardware
-Pictures from camera were quite good in well lit areas
-amazingly brilliant screen
-Great call quality
-Reconnects to network very quickly after losing signal in subways
-16gb of onboard memory expandable sdcard up to 32gb.
-comes with two back covers
-wonderful web browsing experience due to the large pixel density/screen resolution
-great deal of software development at xda forums

-terrible lock button, difficult to press
-lack of flash and dedicated camera button
-poor battery life due to the large brilliant screen, and there is no official extended battery. However there are non official batteries which are risky to use and adds an enormous bulge on the back.
-long delayed 2.2 upgrade, courtesy of samsung's slow development team.
-samsung's touchwiz UI is annoying and ugly

Conclusion: I've owned the phone for about 4 months, and yes the phone is very powerful and you can do a great many things very well. However, the enormous drain of the battery from the screen, even at the lowest brightness, can keep you tethered to a charger more than once or twice a day. The lack of dedicated camera button makes taking self portraits difficult, and the lack of a flash for the camera makes it less versatile. If you're looking for something relatively cheap and powerful, this is it. If you actually use your phone for anything besides achieving a high quadrant score, then i would look elsewhere.

Sweet Phone


Jan 10, 2011 by renejreyes1

The Vibrant is a great quality phone. It has features that all high end smart phones should have and more. There are only a couple things that nag on it's a well made handset and the best 3G phone on T-Mobile.

-super AMOLED screen (super high contrast)
-Extremely light and thin
-Gorilla Glass very durable
-Samsung Android tweaks (touch-wiz)
-all share (DLNA)
-Great 5.0MP camera 720P record
-On board 16GB memory
-Built in Task manager
-Call quality and Speaker loudness
-T-Mobile HSPA 7.2

-Battery life is short on Android 2.1 is fixed on 2.2 but most have 2.1
-GPS location issues
-No flash
-No front facing camera

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