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A fine product


Jun 29, 2010 by PlayboyPenguin

I am a huge Apple fan. I currently have no less that a dozen Apple products in my home (including three computers). This product is the perfect example of why I am such a fan. Sure, if you compare it to some phones it is a bit behind the curve technology wise, but it is still one of the most polished pieces of hardware available.


Camera- This is easily the best camera on any cell phone. It is as good as most stand alone cameras as far as pics go and almost as good as a MinoHD as far as video goes.

Interface- Apple is the master of smooth and seamless integration of hardware and software. This machine is like silk.

Screen- I would have never believed a cell phone screen could look this good. It is a marvel.

Materials- This is the mack-daddy of cell phones when it comes to build quality. It feels like a finely crafted Rolex.


Screen size- An extra 1/2" would make this phone unbeatable

Customization- As always, it is Apple's way or the highway.

Speed- The phone is FAST, but it is consistently beat by my EVO 4G even on regular 3G and WiFi.

Carrier- The only reason I left my iPhone for the EVO 4G is frustration with AT&T. When the iPhone comes to other carriers I will come back to it.

iPhone 4 rules the world!!!!


Jul 1, 2010 by kiloboy76

This phone is so sweet, I'm writing this review on it right now. It has a very classy look and feel to it. And everything works super smoothly. The iPhone is hands down the best SMARTER phone on the market. Who waits in line for an android phone made out of cheap plastic?

Lightening fast
Good battery life
Retna display is awesome.
Camera is only 5mp but takes very super clear pics
Video is super clear HD
Classy classy classy!!

Email could be better
needs more customizing options

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Best Phone Ever So Far


Jan 6, 2011 by jeyssonm

I have had all 3 versions of iPhone and I must say this is the best one..

Love the HD recording and long life battery. Ive had a driod global and I must say the battery is really bad and you can never compare the app store the the iTunes store.

If you are looking for a long life battery, HD recording and wonderful app store, get the iPhone. I would say wait until the iPhone 4G LTE network to top things off.



Nov 16, 2010 by iPhone 4

This is the best phone I've ever owned. People think the droid is better, but I've heard complaints on how it's slow and how it locks up. Also Apple is suing HTC for copied patented ideas. I like Apple because they make up their own ideas. They come up with the most brilliant devices. This iPhone 4 out rates any other phone on the market. Can't wait for the iPhone 5. The good part is is that this comment is from my iPhone 4.

The apple falls from the tree 1x, 2x, 3x, and even a 4th time.


Aug 20, 2010 by Mr.Mystery

This phone has a very user friendly OS, dont get me wrong, I loved the games and apps, Very sleek design and its fast. I has a decent camera (could be better for all the craze about this phone). But, it misses a little detail, the basic phone capabilities! I owned this phone for two weeks and the dropped calls were ridiculous, I had over 20 dropped calls one day.It was not a problem of the carrier (I've had pretty much every carrier out there) since I've used other phones in the same area and I had no problems.
I would have given this phone a 4 if it only was a few dropped calls, and if it wasn't for the cool apps and ease of use I would of give it a 1.
-It just misses something too important in my opinion.

-Good Loking Interface
-User friendly OS
-Sleek and Elegant Desing (So much better looking than previous IPhone in my opinion, and even smartphones in general)
-Good gaming experience (for being a phone)
-Fast processor
-Quick internet speed

-5 megapixels camera (nothing special, plenty of other smarphones with pretty much the same camera)
-Facetime (phone video conferencing has existed in europe for almost a decade) VGA is sort of a lousy job.
-Better resolution when it comes to comparing with previous IPhones (still it does not even get close to Super AMOLED or Super LCD)
-App Store (Same ol' thing)

-Dropped Calls!!!
-Battery Life (I know battery life on smartphones isn't the greatest, but I've seen other smartphones last up to 1.5/2 days on regular usage)
-Not a sturdy phone at all. Durability is important (I know its a touchscreen phone but they could have done better after previous mistakes)
-Everyone has one

The reception problems kills this phone so badly!!! It had the potential for being the best phone up to date.

Poor iphone 4


Sep 19, 2010 by smartphoneuser0122

the iphone 4 review ive owned the iphone 4 about a month here are pro's and con's below.

Screen Display

Camera 5MP and 2nd Camera in front even those its falling behind in the market with nokia launching a 12MP phone.

App.Store( free apps)

Movie Playback.

Body design and materials used.


Internet surfing.


Drop Calls.

Body design Defect causing poor Wifi, Bluetooth,Calls

Att and Apples policy on exchange and return

Freeze up on calls.

Battery life.

iphone OS nothing really new from you would get with an upgrade on 3Gs.

Speaker sound cuts off have to restart phone.

To many bugs.

Very Disappointed.


Jul 17, 2010 by rednecknitup

Worst phone I have ever owned. I had the Iphone since it was released back in 07 for personal and Verizon for work. Since getting the Iphone4 I can no longer use it in my home and the sensor when I put it close to my head always leaves the screen black when I pull it away from my face. I do not understand what apple is doing here. I returned my phone and went back to my 3gs, I am debating on just canceling AT&T altogether and just use my Verizon HTC Incredible, which I was really surprised that I actually really like that phone. Let me start out by saying that I am an Apple fanboy and I think this is the first phone I feel comfortable with ditching my Iphone and just having one phone. Hopefully Apple fixes these issues.

No way this is a 4+ star phone.


Jul 12, 2010 by fizler

I have owned this phone since the day it came out. I travel full time for work and have been in 40 cities and all over the USA since its release. I have also owned every single iphone since the 2nd generation.

Without a doubt the phone as a whole is great but the whole signal thing just terrible. I'm not going into detail because its been beat to death. I will say I have never dropped as many calls hands down and haven't changed the way I have done anything from previous phones.

Apple fails for not trying to rectify the problem by offering users a replacement phone after this one is fixed. I will be returning mine tomorrow.

The whole phone is a major date, much faster
great camera
nice ios4

battery still sucks
scratches easy
I like the 3gs as far as holding it goes. I feel much more likely to drop it with this new medal case.

good phone with improvements to come


Jun 26, 2010 by elpatron

I like to be short. Having already previous iphones and recently playing around with my brothers evo 4g i was really expecting this phone to knock me of my feet. not!!! as the review on the site the screen knocked me off but different than that i wasnt as amazed with the camera and something in the os4 that could make me go insane. ive had all iphones before and this one makes me go through the day happier but not at all happy.

camera auto-focus

hate to have it in my hand doesn't feel nice
looks cheap
no social networking integration
att sucks for changing the price rate on there data plans

never had an iPhone? jump to this one, already had it, look somewhere else cause the market has a lot of options now finally. droid 2.2 coming out soon will definitely beat os4 to my opinion.

Great phone Poor call quality


Aug 14, 2010 by rocky123

First iphone. Great phone but poor call quality and voice quality. Drops calls.
returned after a week.

Speed, screen, size, user friendly OS.

Cannot use for basic function - Phone calls.

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