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The Only Phone


Nov 29, 2010 by netmanz

Can't say more than the only phone to have.
Pros: everything iphone 4
Cons: haven't found any, except it doesn't do dishes.

Some bumps but good phone


Nov 15, 2010 by dory1031

I had a few problems upon first receiving this phone. I had a 3Gs and I plugged in a 4 to iTunes which asked if I wanted to restore the data from the previous phone. I said yes, and that screwed it up. Everything worked except it dropped every call. I bring it back, they give me another phone...same thing happens. Third phone later, I start from scratch and this one works fine.

Pro's: Tons of great utilities, Battery is better then the 3Gs, screen is very clear, facetime works decently on a wireless connection, voice command works perfect,

Con's: Cant change the notification sound for emails, the multitask turns on when you dont want it, there is no need for a Game Center, camera could be better resolution

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Well Now...A TRUE Review


Sep 28, 2010 by BroJim

An Apple "Fanboy" I am not...so here we go.

This is the second iPhone I have owned - first was a 3G (2009). This is BY and FAR the finest smart phone on the market both from a HARDWARE and SOFTWARE perspective. Of all the reviews here, 90% of those who complain about the iPhone do not understand that their beef is NOT with Apple - it is with the carrier AT&T. If I were rating AT&T, this would not be a five star rating. It would be Far FROM five starts...

So...here we go:

1) Well built - especially when compared to the Blackberry my girlfriend owns and the Motorola Droid X my best friend owns. The Apple is superior in every way!
2) Solid OS! The iOS is now stable - even though there was some quirkiness when the phone first hit the streets (which would have been a ding to 4.5 stars), those quirks are now gone.
3) An APP for everything. You name it - you can find and APP. Most are free.
4) Easy to carry.

1) Battery Life. Can't ding points here - battery life SUCKS for all smart phones when you turn on all the bells and whistles. But if you MANAGE your phone smartly (which most of the whiners here don't), you can get a full day's use out of the system. Additionally, battery life is slurped up quickly in fringe coverage areas - again - this is a fault of AT&T, not Apple.
2) Prima Donna Syndrome. Every Droid user in the world has a smart-butt remark to make about the iPhone. And I am just SICK of hearing them!

Overall - if you live in a good 3G coverage area, this IS the best phone in the world. AT&T needs to step up to the plate and get with the rest of the world on 3G. They may over 97% of North America, but less than 25% of that is 3G...again, not Apple's fault!

Second time and still not an apple customer


Sep 25, 2010 by tony8768

I got the iphone 4 and returned it 15 days later. This phone is a good phone for people that like apps and don’t really call alot. I had a blackberry tour with At&t and had no drop calls and could use it indoors. When I got the iphone 4 I had to buy the At&t indoors signal booster and still had drop calls. Went to the At&t store and got a new sim card and the representative was telling me that it is there network not the phone that drop the calls.


Drop calls

iPhone 4 - not totally satisfied


Sep 15, 2010 by bigfoot

I was an early adopter of the iPhone 4. This was my first iPhone. I was evaluating this device for my company. There are many cool features, some not so cool. I'm least impressed with Apple and their ownership of the faults.

- In General, call quality is pretty good. Few dropped calls. Sound quality is good.
- Applications - lots to choose from.
- iPod - yes, it does music very well.
- Data speed/connectivity - It works very well if you are using it with 3G or wireless.

- Apple Support - if you have a problem... it's the first time they have EVER heard of your issue.
- Bluetooth - 60 Days in... Still doesn't work. If you need bluetooth, this is a reason NOT to buy this device. They state no bluetooth issues... They have been saying that this is NOT an iPhone issue. I need to replace my 9 month old bluetooth. Read the Apple (Apple.com) discussion board... I'm not alone.
- Time - Doesn't always switch between timezones. You may have the wrong time when traveling.
- Apple Care - If you need support past 90 days... be prepared to pay more $$$.
- Antenna - Without a bumper/case, you may receive more dropped calls. I "purchased" a bumper before the bumper program to fix Apples problem... Now, they don't want to "give" me a bumper.

With all of the hype... Knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased this phone. I miss my bluetooth. Does your area have handsfree laws?

I have to admit... If they were to fix my bluetooth issue, help me with my bumper, I would feel pretty good. The device does have some cool feature. Most of which exist on other smartphones. This isn't the only cool phone on the market.

Awesome Mobile


Sep 10, 2010 by Drew1983

-The display is incredibly clear and sharp. My friends have EVO's and there is no comparison in quality. It's like compaing 1080p to Standard definition.
-The pictures and video are so nice that I no longer carry my point and shoot camera with me. And my point and shoot doesn't even record in HD! 4th of July fireworks were impressive on this phones video.Pros:
-Processor - Lightning fast, never seen anything like it on anyone's phone
-Camera (pic quality, very fast taking a shot, easy to use)
-Display - Absolutely amazing
-iPod integration - If you use iTunes there is no reason to look at any other phone than this one
-Browser - Although I hate Apple I've never seen a browser work better on any phone
-Maps - Easy to use, plus the ability to search your photos by location on the map is so convenient and cool!
-Easy to use - With all the features this phone packs, it is amazing how easy it is to use
-Touch Screen - Unlike the Androids, you absolutely don't need a physical keyboard because this touch screen is perfect
-Build - It's beautiful

Cons: None



Sep 3, 2010 by narn3049

I had opportunities to play with many iPhones. This has to be the best. I've personally just seen it on display and played with it. It was an awesome phone, but too bad I'm with Verizon.

This phone is all glass though, so one akward drop and your phone is jacked up. So invest in a case and your phone is awesomely amazing and INTACT. lol

The phone has a facechat application. It has a camera on the front I believe and of course the one on the back. It is available in Black or white, and with the 4.0 update on your 3g 2g 3gs makes them an IP4 but not really. I'd still consider this.

Pros: Honestly everything. I'm glad there is solutions to the antennae problems as well . It's good that iPhone users have figured it out to use their phones to the full extent. Although I may not have an Iphone at the moment, I have the iPod Touch 16GB and thats basically the same thing without a phone or camera. I've had that since launch date, its been through all upgrades. then again this is the IP4 review.

The phone has a really good look to it. Sorta like WHOA!! I'm a professional kind of look. I like the way the screen is flat down instead of curved and u could see the glass on some other iphones. I believe this may lead to chipping? But I may be wrong. This phone should be bought, But keep in mind if your phone is dropped a lot, you may want full protection with a screen protector on front and back and a bumper.

Too Many Dropped Calls..


Sep 2, 2010 by somia25

Previously phones 3G & 3Gs..

Past Phones did everything that they published and voice quality offered the best that AT&T could squeeze out of their network..

Love apple products.. Have one of everything they make just about..

Upgraded to iPhone 4 a week ago..

Just shocked on the dropped calls..

Night and Day difference from the previous..

I have read the negative publicity.. Many people complaining about the signal quality, but honestly I thought people were just haters or just out for something for free..


I’m not talking how many it drops per day but how many it drops per phone call...

I have to admit that the phone is used in the South Miami-Coral Gables-Coconut Grove area and don’t travel outside of that bubble..

But in that very same location..

Apples for Apples..

The new iPhone 4 is not an Apple but a Lemon.

Other than that if you don’t care to talk on this phone but use it for its many other features..
It’s the Swiss Army Knife of personal Devices that is a leader not a follower...

What a rude awakening!!!


Sep 1, 2010 by jiggaman2g

Was a long time blacberry user and swore that I would not leave RIMS side. lol Boy was that a dumb thing to think!!! I just 5 days ago left RIM and sold my BB storm 2 and upgraded to an iphone 4.

I will never go back to RIM again! This phone is leaps n bounds above them, BB is so dated and old compared to apple, it was a rude awakening when I got this thing set up to assist with my needs to run my staffing business. It's ultra fast and a joy to do work on, the app store is incredible the screen is sharp as a double edged sword, I complete tasks in half the time and guess what? No battery pulls and Hybrids needed for this type of performance. Not to bash bb but they really need to step up to the plate or get ran over.

Size & Weight
able to keep up with present times (apps)

I'm still looking, cause no phone can be perfect! results inconclusive

iPhone 4 continues Apple dominance


Aug 29, 2010 by mdembski

I finally switch to the iPhone with the 3GS and have never regretted it. Previously I have a Nokia e71 (great phone, but worthless for anything else) and a Motorola Q9 (good phone, mixed other software but confusing menu and constantly rebooting to release memory.

The iPhone may not be best in class in every category, but its no lower than #2. Has the most complete, easiest app store, can do everything without ever looking at instructions From the 3GS its speedy, with multitasking need to manually stop apps, but no need to reboot like with the Q9, Sound quality is excellent.

Apple still weak with actually phone reception part, but can get and hold a signal in place the 3GS failed, drops more calls than the top phone (Motorola and Nokia), but is miles ahead of Samsubng, Pantech and LG.

Personally I liked the shape of the 3GS more. It was easier, more comfortable to hold, but the 4 is a work of art. Phone heavy though but much more solid than other phones

The camera better than any other cell phone camera, Not the highest resolution, but it has a decent flash and the pictures look better than any other I've seen. Add in the ability to use either front or rear facing camera and it had me sold. Face time is a great idea but still has a few bugs. Hard to switch to speaker phone to headset and vice verse, but its fantastic as long as you leave that along.

The new mail system with the 4 OS is great. You can put all mail in one box choose just one and view subfolders, and it keeps email with the same subject together.

ATT coverage is not as good as Verizon, but I think it gets a bum rap. I travel for work and have a Verizon BB. There are only a few times Verizon has better coverage than ATT and are times when ATT works and no Verizon.

Add in the consistent best selection of accessories and it has me sold

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