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Poor battery - dropped calls


Sep 3, 2011 by gmarcm

I like all of the "toys" on this phone but it doesn't overcome the issues I have. I upgraded from a 3GS because of the battery life and dropped calls. Well, doom on me. Battery life is no better. I keep BT off unless I use it, and I turn off everything that would be a battery drain. Still has to be charged a couple of times in a day. This is not acceptable. If I hold it a certain way it will either hang up, call someone else at random or mute the phone. Very strange.

Camera and video capture are nice. I paid AT&T extra for the hot spot feature and it works well. Keys are a tad small for me.

I guess it is the AT&T network but this thing drops calls ALL THE TIME. Brutal. Call quality is fine when it doesn't hang up on someone. Other guys in my company have the same phone and have the same issues, so it isn't just me. Web browsing is so-so. Not too fast but not bad.

I think I am going to give this back to my company and get an HTC Incredible 2 on Verizon. Give the Droid a try. As long as it syncs with Outlook, keeps a charge and doesn't drop calls, I will be fine with it. Adios to AT&T and all of the trouble they have caused me over the years, and adios to a phone that would be better than great if it weren't for two very important issues and a few strange bugs.

iPhone 4 Life


Jul 27, 2011 by iPhone4user

I've had my iPhone 4 about 8 months now and I still think it's one of the best, if not the best, smartphone in it's class. I mean the picture quality for the camera is superb, battery life is excellent, setting up my email account was a breeze as well. I really and truly don't have any cons whatsoever when it comes to this phone, it does what Apple says it does and more. My only issue is I can't make up my mind to keep it or go for the iPhone 5 whenever it comes out, either way it goes I will be a iPhone user for life!!!!!

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First time Apple user


Jun 7, 2011 by knuckleballer34

After owning several Blackberry, Android, and Windows phones, I have finally made my foray into Apple products with the iPhone 4. While it is not a perfect device as many claim, the iPhone 4 is a good phone for those who want a smaller, easy to use smartphone.

1. Contrary to what i'm told and have read, the phone gets above average reception. It's antenna is no more or less sensitive than any other phone i've used; holding it from the top or middle did not cause a fluctuation in signal.
2. Good call quality.
3. Easy to use interface.
4. Excellent multimedia capabilities, particularly its iPod function and camera.
5. Reasonably sized, especially as smartphones delve closer and closer to tablet size.

1. I'm not blown away by the screen. It's crisp and bright, but the carbon sheen coating makes it impossible to clean.
2. Regarding customization, the phone is underpowered. You cant resize icons, there is no dedicated app tray, and no widgets. This is subjective, but I definitely prefer Android in this regard, and even Windows Phone 7 offers more customization.

1. Soft speakerphone.
2. Two foot charger cable on a phone this expensive?
3. E-mail is a pain to set up in comparison to the other "Big Three" OS manufacturers.
4. There is a lot of wasted space on the phone that could be used to add .3-.5 inches to the screen.
5. Data speeds are slower than any other At&t 3G smartphone i've used. This isn't a deal breaker for me, but if you need to stream video over 3G all day, it could be a problem.

My initial impression of the iPhone 4 is positive. It is a great voice phone, is simple to use, and offers an excellent multimedia package. In comparison to Android and WP7, the iPhone 4's OS feels stale, email is difficult to set up, and it's app store isn't any more remarkable than Google's. Still, the iPhone 4 is a good smartphone, and Apple is likely to learn from Palm and RIM to address its few shortcomings while the brand is still in style.

Just as advertised!


Apr 14, 2011 by holdenmichael

Pros: see Apple website

- Needs an 'add to dictionary' feature
(there are certain words I use that the OS- operating system -automatically corrects EVERY time. Android & other OS' will learn those words)
- obtrusive notification system
(Every notification is displayed in a pop up located T the middle of the screen. You cant do anything else, including end a call, until you either view or dismiss the notification. Every other OS gives you the same info in the notification, but it goes away automatically)
- hide keyboard in messaging the same way the iPad allows you to hide the keyboard (I have to exit the message and re-enter in order to hide the keyboard & get a larger view of the messages)
- no most used contacts on home screen (unless jailbroken, you have to enter phone app & select 'Favorites' or use voice dialing)
- calendar needs option to view events on lock screen or even a home screen (only possible via jailbreak)
- calendar needs option for repeating event on specific days, multiple days, and every other day
- easy way to toggle radios (unless jailbroken, you have to go 2-3 steps deep into Settings in order to turn wifi/bluetooth/3G on or off
- build quality vs replaceable batteries [the only top dollar phone that feels top dollar (other devices feel better in hand because of this), but I can't keep a spare battery on hand; have to use battery pack instead]
- customization of icons (it's easy to do on OS X, why not iOS?)
- poor service inside stores like Costco, Target, etc. (I need service to look up reviews before making a purchase, but I can't do it while in store; I'm using AT&T in the Inland Empire)
- calendar needs colored dots so I know what kind of appointment I have on specific dates

I'd give this 4.5 stars if I didn't have the reception issue in stores OR they update the OS. the Verizon iPhone might be a 4.5 stars as I never had an issue using Sprint indoors (they use the same tech-CDMA).

I'd give it 5 stars if they could do both.

iphone 4 is a dud


Apr 5, 2011 by cyrusthevirus

I am on my second iphone 4 in two weeks. Same issues with the dropped call and poor signal reception from the first to the second iphone. Will be returning it soon for the HTC inspire 4g.



Mar 23, 2011 by jsoto32384

I've purchased many smart phones in the past including the first iphone, and none come close to the iphone 4, the design the ease of use, it's all there for you to enjoy a good piece of tech. Theres other phones out there, but none come close to an Iphone.

IPhone 4 not worth the upgrade


Feb 27, 2011 by huskyone

I have an IPhone4 & a 3 Gs. I upgraded the 3Gs to the OS 4. Then I was talked into buying an
IPhone 4. I still have spotty coverage w AT&T. I am
Under 30 days and will return the IPhone 4 and go back to my 3 Gs. While I have 32 Kg of storage I ran out of memory on both phones and cannot install more apps. It must be in the OS as I have lots of free storage. I may wait til June when the newer Win 7 phones come out.



Jan 22, 2011 by johnnyb0810

This phone did not live up to the hype. I've watched friends for years upgrade to the coveted iPhone. Waited a long time to get the opportunity to upgrade. Even paid the extra $200 to upgrade early. Here is a small list of pros and cons.

Pros - Display is amazing, never had a complaint.
- Battery life couldn't be better for the amount of use.
- Sleek design is visually appealing.
- Apps are accessible and easily used.
Cons - Texts don't always make it to their destination in a timely manner.
- The over-hyped face-time leaves you stuck in place and is not a very usable feature unless you live on a college campus or the like.
- LAG... so many times I've been trying to scroll through my apps and can't do it in an effortless move.
- It is nearly impossible, (if possible I don't know how to do it) to change or customize the text tones, and for someone who almost exclusively texts, this is a pain.

Maybe I've just been jaded by people before me. Maybe being customer service for cell phones has made me expect unrealistic things from phones. I just want a device that, with it's own functions, works like it is advertised to.

Best smartphone to date!


Jan 17, 2011 by cellgeek82

I've had lots of phones over the years but the iPhone 4 is currently the best one so far. The last smartphone I had was the Motorola Droid. It was great at first but the updates ruined it. Android doesn't retain quality like the iPhone. The iPhone works great, does what it's supposed to, has lots of features, wonderful OS, easy to use.

+Great call quality and reception
+Fast and reliable OS
+Seamless with other Apple products
+Video Calls
+Great battery life (for a smartphone)
+Lots of high quality Apps
+Retina display
+Best web experience
+Easy to use
+High quality product
+Now on multiple carriers

-Doesn't support Flash (this isn't a big deal to me but would be nice)
-Glass, more breakable so you need a case.
-Antenna, not an issue with a case but it shouldn't have been made that way.

The iPhone 4 I'm reviewing is for AT&T.

Love the iPhone 4, the review not so much


Dec 14, 2010 by Kane83

This is my second iPhone, and it's still, in my opinion the best all around smart phone on the market. I thought this review, especially on the hardware side, was overly critical though. I've been using phonescoop for years and it really seemed like they were just reaching for something to complain about on this one. First, the screen isn't any smaller, it just appears that way with the slightly taller form. Second, awkward to hold in your hand and difficult to press the lock button? Give me a break. Even with a bumper that has all the buttons recessed, it is still sits perfectly natural in my hand and I can easily press the lock button with the same hand.

As far as the complaint about the iOS not having social networking fully imbedded in it, I understand why some would complain about this, but I still prefer the app driven route apple has taken. The simple beauty of everything being app driven is that it only runs the apps, or social networks, I want and nothing else.

Anyways, it's a great phone. There are others that do some things better, but none that does everything as well as the iPhone.

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