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T616 Run Away as fast as you can


Sep 14, 2004 by theelysium

This is by far the worst phone I have ever used!!!


1. Horrible reception! If I am standing next to a user on the same network I have like 2 or no bars and they have like 4 or max.

2. You can’t hear the ring tones you can pick any tone for text messages only the 6 lame factory defaulted ones.

3. You can't see it in the light or sun.

4. Spotty pixilated camera

5. Bluetooth, Yeah if you can get it to synch up. It's a joke.

6. Try to change the face plate to customize your phone and spend a year trying to find the tool to take out the custom screws!!

7. If you have big hands you will have cramps in your hands trying to text mesg.

8. "Hello... What I can't hear you... Hello... What…..HUH? …no wait... I can't turn my phone up anymore.... what?" Damn Dropped the call!!

9. Screen saver only runs for one cycle. You never get to see it!!!

10. No speaker phone (Wouldn't matter cuz you'd drop the call anyway!! Or low signal!)

11. Not detailed enough of a phone book, no address, fax# so on. Do get this if you have your own business.

12. Did I mention Poor signal and dropped calls?

13. Text messages never get sent they default as an error and get put in your not sent folder. Then you have to hunt for the damn not sent folder and try to resend your text. By the way it doesn’t not beep or make a noise telling you it failed. So most of the time you don't know it.

14. This phone is HIDOUS


HUUM They made a T637.



Aug 22, 2004 by cobra165

I have owned this phone for 3 mouths now and it just sucks the reception is no good almost any where. The camera quality is just a joke and it is always dropping calls and asking me to update my time zone for some resone. The phone refuses to turn off some times and no matter what i press it will not shut down i have to take the battery out to get it to turn off.

PROS: Blue-tooth all in all this funcion works quit well it is small and does not bother you when you have it in your pocket the games are pretty cool.

CONS: Reception is no good, screen is hard to see in day light, camera is a joke the pics are horrible, it scratches very easily.

My advice is stay away from this phone it is not worth the time now the new v710 from verizon looks very promising

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An "oldie" but a goodie


Jul 23, 2004 by filburt

Venerable T616 came out about a year ago to replace criticized but beloved T68i. It represents a substantial upgrade from T68i: stylish metallic chassis, which many consider to be one of the best looking candy bar phones; improved RF reception (better than T610 over 1800/1900 MHz); polyphonic ring tones; higher resolution 16-bit LCD; redesigned and customizable UI; Java; and faster CPU. And T616 continues the tradition of reference Bluetooth implementation.

T616 functions well as a phone. Although there are phones with better RF reception (i.e., Nokia tends to be strong), T616 has stronger RF reception than average phones. Both inbound and outbound audio quality are solid, although not quite the reference. Don't use included wired earpiece. It sounds like a tin can with it. With a good Bluetooth headset or car kit, T616 really shines. Battery life is solid for such a tiny phone. I get about 3-4 days worth of standby WITH over 5 hours of talk time.

Phonebook is one of T616’s strong suits with excellent UI and good capacity (510 numbers total, 5 numbers per contact, and 4 text fields per contact). You can easily sync contacts and calendar with PC (e.g., Microsoft Outlook), Mac (e.g., Address Book and iCal), or PDAs.

What’s not to like? Built-in digital camera is a throwaway feature, which takes low contrast grainy pictures. Memory capacity is only 2 MB maximum. LCD is only passive matrix with poor visibility in direct sunlight. And slippery chassis collects fingerprints and dust (so much so, a cleaning cloth is included). It lacks features popular in many newer phones, such as speakerphone, MP3, FM radio tuner, and expandable memory.

Despite weaknesses, T616 is highly recommended to those looking for a stylish business-class candy bar phone. T616 is routinely available at virtually no cost from many online retailers. If you prefer more refined implementation, T637 refines T616 (improves LCD and RF reception; new fingerprint resistent chassis).

Decent Phone, but found better...


Jun 18, 2004 by anderman

I upgraded to this phone from a Nokia 6340i and changed my calling plan with Cingular recently. The T616 was available for $50 after rebate, so it was the one I chose. I kept it for a week, and thought that overall it was a good phone, but decided it just was not the one for me, so I took it back and got a Nokia 3600 instead (only $50 more, but well worth it).
As I saw it, the Pros for this phone were:
-good signal (though the display did not always reflect this). The 6340i was terrible for dropped calls in the house.
-nice display, good resolution and color.
-BT & IR, worked well with laptop and Clie.
-Camera was Ok for a cell phone
The Cons were:
-Too small for my taste
-Very small amount of internal memory for pictures
-No speakerphone
-Menus frequently froze while navigating
-Very small keys made text messaging slightly more difficult

Beware if you have lots of contacts & use SMS!


Jun 4, 2004 by nickmancini

Let me get straight to the point: If you have many entries in your phone book, as I do (I have about 300 and, of course, I synch w/ Outlook) this phone will give you trouble. It slows to a crawl, freezes up, and becomes pretty useless.

This is my second T616 (I thought it was a defect in the 1st one) and my 3rd S/E. I loved my T68i but finally wore it down after 2 years of heavy use. It did NOT display this odd feature of getting bogged down if a few hundred entries were in the phone book.

I'm a HUGE fan of this brand. please PLEASE fix this problem!

Otherwise, this phone is great.

As good as it gets


May 10, 2004 by glick2

I was amazed that sony ericsson got so much in such a small device!
Bluetooth is great! The interface is simple to learn and the screen beautiful!


screen resolution and size( can you relly see any color screen in direct bright sunlight)
Battery life
RF ( much better than 2 previous nokias and 1 siemens)
sound (crystal clear with plenty of volume if needed)
design- its a beatiful thing
camera- lots of fun ( not digital quality or resolution but then again its a phone.

looks like it would scratch easily ( a krusell case is the only way to go)

This is a quality phone with great sound an lots of toys......whats there not to like!

Slick - not so good sound


May 10, 2004 by bennybass

I have to agree, this phone has some very cool features, but the sounds quality is not very good. Call me crazy, but I think the sound quality is the most important part of phone service, not the camera or how many ringtones I can download or what games I can play...

The phone is an important part of how I do business, and when I start getting lots of comments like "Where are you, in a wind tunnel?" or "What's up with your phone, I can't hear you" or "God, get a new phone, would you?", it rather alarms me. I hardly ever got complaints like that with my old cheap-o LG (on Sprint, I'm on AT&T now).

Also, way more dropouts than with aforementioned LG, but I can't say if it's AT&T service or just the phone's reception. I'll have to try another phone to find out.

Interface a bit kludgy, but okay. Functions are a bit too "spead out" (i.e. too many button pushes, not enough lateral movement allowed between function "trees") Search function not very smart in the "Call Contact" list.

A little too tiny to do a lot of text input with one hand, but that depends on how you like to work.

Camera is okay, not as good as my girlfriend's Sanyo.

Nice graphics, though.

Bluetooth functionality is a plus, but that's because Bluetooth is cool in general and has nothing to do with the phone. It's like saying a car is really cool because it has automatic transmission.

I live and work in New York City, and travel extensively as part of my job.

Best of the bunch!


Apr 12, 2004 by klaraoma

Recently, I upgraded from the T300 to the T616 but tried the latest Samsung with camera (Sprint) and the LG6000 (Verizon) on the way. I read the reviews here and the carriers seem to be the major problem with the T616. I live 7 miles from Boulder and both Verizon and Sprint either don't receive or roam only on any phone. AT&T is sketchy/scratchy at best. T-Mobile has provided great service globally (Mexico and Europe) which is the primary reason I need a tri-band.

The T616 is great! It's small, the accessories are small, the camera is much improved over the T300 add-on, BLUETOOTH, ringer is louder than the T300 (great improvement) and the do-it-all phone is extremely easy and fast to manuever. Key lock is essential but easy and no accidental calling. Smudging? Use a case or pocket and wash your hands. I've dropped it several times and it always works. I had a minor problem with the T300 and T-Mobile replaced the phone free next day. I'm confident T-Mobile will continue to provide great service with this dandy little phone. Also, 12 month contract is nice and T-Mobile upgraded my phone FREE! Next year I'll upgrade to the best FREE again.

T616 - Sleek but sounds like junk


Mar 1, 2004 by zr2guy

Quote from my sister. I was talking to her while driving:

Her: "What kind of phone are you using?"
Me: "Heh, the Sony Ericsson T616 - it's one of the best"
Her: "Ya well I can't hear you worth s---t! It sounds very cheap!"
I've used countless GSM phones on the same network - I know what a quality GSM phone conversation should sound like.
Folks, to me voice quality and RF performance are paramount. I agree with another post here and I can't believe where this market is going with consumers like you. A phone is supposed to work like a phone first. If you want a PDA get one. If you want a digital camera get one. Please oh please give me a phone that sounds as good as a Nokia 3600 and you've got my attention Sony... this one's going ot be traded away.

"Best Ericcson Phone To Date"


Feb 22, 2004 by fOnEfReAkZ

This phone, all in all, is solid performing phone!!! Excellent features, UI is outstanding, Bluetooth, and with the latest firmware available for this phone, Sony is giving Nokia a run for it's money as far as reception is concerned. Excellent reception in my D.C. Metro Area, Overall Excellent phone, I recommend it a 100%!!!! Go get it!!!

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