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What was I thinking!!!


Nov 5, 2004 by citybeat4me

I have carried the same cell phone number for 15 years, been thru the transitions of Centel to 360 to Altel and then Bell Atlantic took over and became Verizon. I always carried Motorola or Nokia equipment. Family members have carried LG phones and had no problem. When my V-60 bit the dust I visited the Verizon store and ungraded to a Camera phone. First was a Samsung A-670 which lacked the flexibility my v-60 had. Whats wrong with this picture? The sales rep pushed me toward the VX-6000. OK I agree it looks nice, but once you've used it there are things that begin to irritate. The phone feels cheap, its not easy to hold, and the front display is kinda glitzy/cheezy. There is no illumination if you have the phone plugged into a travel charger so if you want to dial at night forget it. If you live in the country or go there- don't even think about this phone, no Analog service. I don't pull as good a signal as I did with my Motorola units. Volume is way to loud- shrill thats a better way to describe it, and the camera is junk.
For my 15 years of patronage to Verizon I get its been 15 days sorry the phone is yours for 2 years. I think its time to shop wireless carriers.

Great Phone !


Nov 1, 2004 by rukshanw

Excellent phone. Dropped it on my driveway face first and cracked the glass in front of the camera. LG replaced the phone with a refurb - but still not a bad deal. Lack of AMPS (analog) is a draw back. Anyone know if you can add words to the predictive text portion ? Manual says yes, I have had no luck. LG could have added a flash to the phone and it would be awesome.

I was able to successfully add MP3 files as ringers. They sound pretty good. If anyone is interested in doing this, (LG Does not recommend it as this is a good way you can wreck your ringer), please send me an email to webmaster@rukshan.com and I will send you the details. Again, this is NOT recommended by LG - but it is possible.

I am able to sync with my pc using the USB cable (separate purchase) and a freely available mobile data extraction software. You will need the drivers for the phone though. Again, email me if you need specific instructions on that one. With the sync cable, I am able to download the photos I take with the camera, add pictures that are on my PC to the phone, add,delete, edit phonebook entries, add,delete ringers etc.

Overall, I love the phone. Reception is decent - with the exception of when I get into a fringe area. I have a second TDMA/AMPS phone built into my vehicle that I use in bad areas.

Oh, the belt holster can wear out VERY EASILY. This was the the cause for the phone to fall in the first place - although I have decided to live with it.

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No Other Choice


Oct 22, 2004 by molenw

I bought this phone for my daughter over a year ago and it has been reliable, durable, easy to use, and a lot of fun. When I became eligible to upgrade, I researched the phones out there, read the reviews, and hands down, this is the phone I wanted and the price had dropped considerably (obviously because newer techno versions are on the way). I've learned from past mistakes that newer isn't necessarily better. My Samsung was a great phone, but the ringers were never loud enough. I love to play with the camera and I realize it is not intended to replace a quality digital camera. LG beats Motorola by a long shot. Great phone, great deal, and Verizon, as always, the best service out there.

OK Phone... BUT


Oct 11, 2004 by hornist

This phone has an ear-piece volume that is way too loud. The setting must be down on low in order not to burst one's ear drum. When the ear-piece volume is above the low setting, I also hear a very distrubing buzz which distracts from the conversation.



Oct 11, 2004 by babiixxlauren

this phone was truley an amazing phone for the full year that i have had it. although it was my first cell phone. hte camera was exceptional. the screen [inside] was easy to see night and day. but the outside could hardly be seen in the sun. the only reason i am gegtting rid of this phone is because it was dropped and now when i make a phone call there is no sound coming through. people can hear me but i cannot hear them. also because i never got my phone wet even though the battary color indicates that i did. the inside turns pink. wierd? but other then that, the phone was an amazingly fab. phone. it lasted days with out having to be charged. i went on a cruise over the sumemr of 2004 and i accidentaly left my phone at home, on and off the charger [it was fully charged]. this cruise was 8-days and when i came home, my phone had 2 out of 4 bars left. i could have gone on another cruise with no worries.

so... this phone is a very good and worthy phone.

Very disappointed!!


Sep 30, 2004 by Dani5102

I purchased the LG VX6000 phone in May 2004. I am on my second phone, having replaced it once already in June and I am now attempting to have the phone fixed or get another phone through my insurance because the second phone is already malfunctioning.

PROS: The camera quality is better than any phone that I've seen in person so far. That being said, I'll start with the cons...

CONS: The phone is either poor quality or it is made of glass!! After replacing the phone once I have tried to be as careful as possible so as not to have to replace it again. Other than the normal wear and tear on a phone, it has not been dropped or abused yet the keypad has stopped working, the screen frequently goes blank and at times I can not make or receive calls. Prior to this phone I had an old Nokia for three years that I could depend on regardless of how good or bad I treated the phone. Now that I am trying to get a new phone, I was told by the insurance company that it is not being made anymore and they can offer me a comparable phone (Audiovox 8900) and it is possible that they may get an LG VX6000 in stock, but not likely. The accessories that I purchased for the VX6000 were expensive and are now junk considering I won't be able to get the new phone. The other problem with the phone is that unless you use the earpiece, it is difficult to hear the person you are speaking to and the high setting on the volume is not helpful.

I suggest not purchasing this model and I also suggest avoiding the insurance offered by Verizon because there is a $50.00 deductable for each claim that you file and you can get a refurbished phone from Verizon for the same amount of money without paying the monthly insurance fee.

Love the phone....but....


Sep 10, 2004 by stevewu06

I have had the phone for about a year now and the only real downside I have seen is the battery life, I don't know if its cause the phone life is that old. But a battery life isn't going to be the end of a great phone.

This phone has taken quite a beating from me and all I got to say is wow, I'm very surprised the phone is in one piece and still works properly. The picture quality isn't the best but at least it gets the job done. The feel of the phone and just all the little things about it are awesome, menu is very easy to use.


- Durable like no phone I have ever had before
- Picture phone was more then I expected, will never go back to those old fashion phones without one
- Outside LCD screen is an eye catcher, all my friends love the display on my phone then theres


- Battery life is starting to decrease everyday, it just keeps getting worse as time progresses
- Picture quality could be a little better but it still works, anyways this is a phone not a top of the line camera


This phone is great, if I wasn't having the little problem with the battery I would keep this thing forever, but its time for the next new phone for me, V710 here I come, that phone just looks too cool and the bluetooth, well I just cant wait to see how good/bad it is, I've heard good and bad things but only one way to know for sure, try it.

Decent Phone, But Not For Me


Sep 10, 2004 by cmsxqt

I tried this phone through Verizon for a little over a week and just wasn’t happy with it. I exchanged it for a non-camera phone (LG-VX4500) and am completely satisfied. Here is a recap of my experience with the 6000:

PROS: Style (lights, color, flashy), camera takes nice pictures, ring tones are awesome.

CONS: My fingers never felt comfortable dialing (too small?). No speakerphone. Base required for charging. Voice dialing capabilities are limited. Battery life is average. Reception isn’t as good as the 4500.

Don’t get me wrong; the 6000 is a nice phone. The phone just wasn’t for me. My wife loves her 6000. I am much more at home with the 4500 because of the speakerphone, voice dialing, and the reception. The bigger keys help too.

Great phone


Sep 3, 2004 by greenlupeez

This phone is really nice. Much better than the 3 Motorola v120c's that I had. The color is crisp along with call clarity. I haven't dropped a call yet!

The OLED screen on the outside is phenomenal also.

Thumbs up!

Good Stuff


Sep 2, 2004 by BigSexySW1

I love this phone. I have been a die hard LG fan since the 510. A flash, speakerphone, and voice dialing (like the 4500) would put this phone at the top of everyone's list. I have not had a single problem with it. If you are crafty enough, you will also figure out how to record your own ringtones.

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